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wet type dust collector - Cricketfilter® series

The Cricketfilter® is a specifically designed pressure filter that has a greater filtration space owing to its design of the filter elements than the conventional circular style filter cartridges...

grinding dust and chip dust collector - max. 1 400 m³/h | SmartOne

The Plymovent SmartOne is a dry dust and smoke extractor that integrates a self-cleaning...

laser dust collector - Atmos

Atmos heralds the next Trotec generation, setting new standards in terms of user-friendly handling, efficiency and running costs.

o Active environmental protection
Efficient filtering...

wet type dust collector - AQUALINE®

The Aqualine® R wet scrubber is...

dust collection system central - 500 - 3 000 m³/h | NEUMATIC® JE, JR

The Neumatic® series of dust extraction systems are designed for assimilation in centralized vacuum cleaning systems, to deliver excellent dust elimination in an array of applications. A centralized vacuum cleaning system is a versatile and super-efficient method of cleansing the environment as well as getting rid of potentially harmful...

explosive dust dust collector - S 11000/11000 EX

The S 11000/11000 EX is of modular construction and is flexible to application. The inlet module can for example be both rotated and reversed. The S 11000/11000 EX is either floor or wall...

explosive dust dust collector - S 21000/21000 EX

The S 21000/21000 EX is constructed of modules and is therefore very flexible. The inlet modules can for example be both rotated and reversed.

The S 21000/21000...

explosive dust dust collector - S 34000/34000 EX

The S 34000/34000 EX is constructed of modules and is therefore very flexible. The inlet modules can for example be both rotated and reversed.

The S 34000/34000...

dust collector pre-filter - DC HEPAbox

The DC HEPAbox is intended to be used as a police filter between the filter unit and vacuum...

mobile dust collector - max. 45 cmm, 4.5 kPa | DC-TB series

DC series, a new design high efficiency dust collector, both cyclone & suction design were adopted.

mobile dust collector - max. 12 cmm, 33 kPa | DC-RB series

DC series, a new design high efficiency dust collector, both cyclone & suction design were adopted.

mobile dust collector - max. 15 cmm, 10.5 kPa | DC-HTB series

Chuan Fan Electric presents DC series of dust collectors. These latest design dust collectors offer excellent performance. They adopt...

mobile dust collector - max. 4.2 cmm, 23 kPa | DCS-RB series

The DC series dust extraction units are inventively designed machines, geared to score high on the efficiency quotient. The dust extractor is equipped with both, a suctioning assembly...

mobile dust collector - max. 37 m³/min | SF-001HF, SF-001K, SF-001

Designed especially for small working environment suitable for coarse dust or chips.

dust collector pre-filter - 471A

Nederman's 471 Industrial Vacuum has a dual container system for fixed installation with built in frame. Grit and granulate discharge for splitting blasting grit from...

self-cleaning dust collector - 710A

For blasting shot recovery
This robust and extremely powerful system is designed for the recovery of blasting shot. Equipped with automatic pneumatic pinch valve...

air blasting dust collector - 600 - 2000 m³/h, 0.55 - 2.20 kW | NIC series

The dust created in the blasting cabinets is extracted through a primary separator equipped with special cartridge filters. Our powerful NIC series filtration equipment meets all the requirements of...

compact dust collector - Salon-Air™

The Salon-Air™ was specifically designed as a manicure dust collector for the nail salon industry with the client and technician...

ceiling-mount dust collector - Models SCA / SCB

Ensure effective dust collection even when floor space is limited with SCA/SCB ceiling-mount cartridge dust collectors. The SCA provides ambient air cleaning, enabling workers to move about freely, while the SCB...

air blasting dust collector - 4 000 - 48 000 Nm³/h | A Series

High performance automatic collectors. Specifically designed to be integrated into centralized systems, they are divided into distinct families specialising in the treatment of different types and concentrations of air pollution and in specific plant requirements.
Different models available with air flow rates ranging from 4000 Am3/h up to 48000Am3/h.


laser dust collector - min. 0.3 µ | SK-250-DS

The SK-250AT-DS collector is designed for non clogging fine particulates and odours generated...

low-pressure dust collector / compact - min. 0.3 µ | CKU-080AT-HC-CE

- Size: 337x260x275
- Dust is easily processed thanks to a polyester 5-layer High Performance pre-filter.
- Clean...

compact dust collector - CKU-240AT-HC-CE

- This machine is both compact and powerful, with a voltage of 250 Watts, which in reality is nearly 400 W. Its small size and large absorption volume make it a remarkable...

mobile dust collector - max. 0.3 µ | CKU-400AT-HC-V1-CE

This model has a powerful suction force for large-scale dust extraction.
Its technical parameters can be modified.

low-pressure dust collector / compact - 7 m³/min | CKU-450AT-HC-CE

The compact low pressure dust collector represents the most powerful range with 2.9 kPa for an airflow of 7.0 m3/min. The filter features a combination of polyester...

mobile dust collector - 215 m³/h, 37 l, 1 400 W | EASY1 series

Mobile unit for dust and sanding extraction,...

mobile dust collector - 7 kg, 2 000 W | EASY2 series

Mobile unit for extracting and filtering dry sanding dust through our Telecontrol...

mobile dust collector - 210 m³/h | GINGO-M series

High performance, trolley mounted sanding dust extraction and filtration unit. GINGO is equipped with side channel blowers that keep noise...

high-pressure dust collector / mobile - HS

The HS series dust extraction system is geared to deliver excellent versatility and portability in dust collection operations. The extraction unit is equipped with an advanced, VHB type, side...

high-pressure dust collector / mobile - HS

Removal of sticky particulate (e.g. tar) and aerosols
CTPs prefilters are filled with high temperature-proof ceramic saddles which generate a turbulent flow...

high-pressure dust collector / mobile - HS

The operating principle of the Idromix abatement filter is based on centrifugation elements fastened to an aerodynamic profile. The depression generated by the aspirator slows down the aeriform substance as it is forcefully dragged by the water flow and mixed in the water; the pollutants then sediment in the collection tank below. This is the first filtration stage.A second treatment takes place when...

dust collection system central - AIRTECH

AIRTECH Central suction and filter unit is used in industrial plants / welding shops where it is difficult to exhaust the polluted air from a production hall. It is a good tool to prevent air pollution....

compact dust collector - max. 21 600 m³/h | ECB-xPx series

What are some of the technological solutions inspiring the users of EcoCompact?

The ROTATRONIC system for filter monitoring and cleaning that ensures optimum cleaning of filters at a minimum level of...

explosive dust dust collector - Atex

The Atex EcoCompact is the explosion-proof version of this product and can be efficiently used for both...

compact dust collector - max. 1 500  m³/h | ECM series

The ECM dust collector series are suitable for the extraction of dry dust particles created in various industrial production processes. The small and compact design enables numerous setups, which can be installed also very close to the source of dust.

Housing and options
Modular design offers...

compact dust collector - max. 1 500  m³/h | ECS series

Ecocompact presents the ECS series dust collectors ideal for use in industrial dust extraction units of up to 2000 m3/h. The dust collectors’ robust design and structure enable them to be used under extreme conditions such as high under-pressure and/or explosion.
The dust...

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