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chemical scrubber - 800 - 120 000 Bm³/h | WFK

You are looking for a compact, powerful absorption washer? Then HANDTE WFK is the right solution for you. The absorption washer with its corrosion-resistant design absorbs harmful gases from production processes, mostly inorganic compounds like ammonia, hydrogen sulfides, hydrochloric acid, sulfur...

chemical scrubber - 800 - 120 000 Bm³/h | WFK

Possible constructions are available:


chemical scrubber - 800 - 120 000 Bm³/h | WFK

Design and principle of operation

Gas scrubbers operate like jet pumps. They are designed in a way, that at low pressure differences the gas to treat is mixed with the scrubbing liquid turbulently and then it separates from it.
The liquid driving medium is transformed...

dry scrubber / carbon dioxide srcubbing - A2000

The CO2-Scrubber Dräger A2000 is equipped with 6 soda lime cartridges that absorbs...

spray scrubber / wet type - 8 kg/h | SR-100

The Techne SR-100 Fume Scrubber is designed to remove water soluble constituents in the effluent gasses from Techne Industrial Fluidised Baths which would not be removed in the optional AB-100 Afterburner.
The unit is designed to reduce concentrations of Hydrogen Halides (Chloride and Fluoride) produced by the decomposition of Halogenated polymers such as PVC and PTFE.

The SR-100...

jet scrubber / wet type - K-415

Safety in the laboratory is of the utmost importance, hence the Scrubber...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - max. 30 MW | LMB-EGS

This is a completely new system for SOx and the removal of solid particles occurring in exhaust gases from diesel engines and boiler operations. The...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - max. 30 MW | LMB-EGS

Fives has developed Eolios, a system that optimizes the combination of:

A dry scrubber (DS) based on the adsorption...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - max. 30 MW | LMB-EGS

In wet flue gas desulfurization systems, limestone (calcium carbonate) is ground to a powder in a wet ball mill. Krebs cyclones are used to classify the ball mill discharge, returning coarse particles to the ball mill for further grinding. Finely ground limestone (typically 90% passing 45 micron) reports to the cyclone overflow and is...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - LGD

Our LGD gas scrubbers are designed to protect the environment from the products of hydrocarbon combustion generated by machines running on fossil fuels, e.g. steam generators, furnaces,...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - SMS

Designed to neutralize corrosive and toxic fumes produced during oxidative mineralizations or similar processes.

The SMS Scrubber is designed to neutralize corrosive and toxic fumes produced during oxidative mineralizations...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - SMS

Standard Range

Primary use is for acid storage tanks to eliminate fume during deliveries and remove fume on day-to-day...

biological scrubber - SULFURIX™

SULFURIX™ is GWEs proprietary maintenance free scrubber system for continuous removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from biogas. This is typically needed before using biogas for power generation in CHP...

biological scrubber - BIO-SULFURIX™

The system consists of a Bio-Sulfurix™ scrubber tower, a non-clogging inlet distribution system and a layer of non-clogging random packed media. In the Bio-Sulfurix™...

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