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jet scrubber / wet type - I - II

The jet scrubber by GEA Wiegand® is capable for separating the particles and it is utilized to cleanse the glasses and streams. Jet scrubbers work as indicated by...

jet scrubber / wet type - I - II

The GEA Wiegand® submerged scrubber by is an optimal device that mixes the separation of particles with physical or chemical absorption. It is capable of providing an additional spray nozzles for dust separation and absorption....

jet scrubber / wet type - I - II

The GEA Wiegand Venturi principled scrubber is perfect for the separation of dust and aerosols from particularly fine particles, dusts and aerosols and is used to scrub gases and steams....

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - max. 1 300 °C

The Hot gas quench is designed for high temperatures with high concentrations of noxious substances, optimized liquid repumping and massive load range, has moderate part-load behaviour and lastly, it is sturdy...

chemical scrubber - 14 900 m³/h, max. 1 300 °C

Waste from production plants and chemical operations, and even sewage sludge are frequently eliminated...

wet type scrubber / packed bed - 1 000 - 67 000 cfm

Packed Tower Odor Control System is can deal with vast air volumes - up to 70,000 CFM. Evoqua...

wet type scrubber / packed bed - 1 000 - 67 000 cfm

The hot waste gas from the customer's process or upstream oxidizer is cooled in a quench and then directed...

scrubber - 25 mm | 63501437

Made from fibres

flue-gas desulfurization system - 1 000 - 6 000 ppm

Biogas and landfill gas are filled with hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the range of 1,000 to 6,000 ppm and may sometimes reach 2% Vol or more. It is crucial to frequently remove H2S from the gas for environmental protection concerns...

flue-gas desulfurization system - 100 - 2 500 Nm³/h | Sulfurex® series

This is a standard system that is suitable for removing H2S out of biogas and for various other similar applications. In addition to this, DMT, one of the leading manufacturers, has also developed the DMT Sulfurex gas desulphurization scrubber....

flue-gas desulfurization system - 250 - 5 000 Nm³/h | BioSulfurex®

These are standard systems to remove H2S( hydrogen sulphide) out of the biogas. Desulphurisation is carried out without use of any chemicals in Sulfurex® DMT. The BioSulfurex® is a unit using a biological system which does not require any chemicals...

wet type scrubber - 1000 - 75000 cfm

Vanguard® Scrubbers and Odor Control Systems are custom designed for air flow rates of 1,000cfm to 75,000cfm per column.

Wet Scrubbing is the industry standard...

wet type scrubber - 1000 - 75000 cfm

These intelligently designed Gas scrubbers are work like jet pumps. In low pressure differences the treated gas is combined under tubulance with the scrubbing liquid and then separated. The driving nozzle...

wet type scrubber - 1000 - 75000 cfm

The types are:


revolving scrubber / dry - 85 - 6 500 m³/h | DS

The DRUM SCRUBBER (DS) is a machine reasonably priced for low air flows, that without mist and grease pre filter, move from 85 to 6500 m3/h.

The DS system can be connected to a ventilation tube and be used like a passive system of smell or...

wet type scrubber / counter-current - 50 - 300 000 cfm | 5000 series

This scrubber design series can achieve removal efficiencies of over 99.9% on most gaseous contaminants at energy saving low pressure drop....

cross-flow scrubber - 500 - 50 000 cfm | 5500 series

The Series 5500 Crossflow Scrubber is the type to consider when less then 99% removal efficiency is acceptable on...

packed bed scrubber / wet type - 1 000 - 150 000 cfm | 6000 series

Extremely versatile scrubber series utilizes our special high performance sieve, valve or bubble cap tray designs in single or multiple stages to achieve high...

jet scrubber / wet type - 5 - 80 000 cfm | 6500 series

The ideal scrubber selection for low to moderate gas volumes when gaseous and or particulate contaminant removal is required. The Series 6500 Jet Scrubber creates its own draft to eliminate the...

wet type scrubber / Venturi - 500 - 460 000 cfm | 7000/8000 series

The extremely efficient gas atomized Series 7000 and 8000 Venturi Scrubbers are the best choice for applications requiring the removal of smaller micron and submicron size particulate down to 0.2 microns and meeting EPA classified PM 10 and PM 2.5 standards . Soluble or chemically reactive gaseous contaminants are easily removed with these highly efficient...

dry scrubber / deep bed - 510 - 18 351 m³/h | DAS


Odor and corrosion problems from various manufacturing processes are often the result of multiple airborne contaminants. Industries such as pulp and paper, oil and gas refineries and wastewater treatment generate contaminants such as hydrogen sulphide, an undesirable by-product which is malodorous, toxic and highly volatile.

In wastewater treatment facilities,...

dry scrubber / deep bed - 200 - 12 000 CFM | HDS FRP

The High Density Scrubber (HDS) removes corrosive, malodorous and toxic contaminants and is designed for applications requiring high removal efficiency and media life


Many manufacturing processes result in the release of multiple airborne...

corrosive gas scrubber / toxic - 476 - 10 625 m³/h | HDS

The High Density Scrubber (HDS) removes corrosive, malodorous and toxic contaminants and is designed for applications requiring high removal efficiency and media life


Many manufacturing processes result in the release of multiple...

swirl current srcubbing scrubber / wet type - 500 - 30 000 m³/h | BECOFLEX

Begg Cousland's specialization in the field of wet gas filtration has found many applications with a need for efficient solid/gas removal. Now following original research and development, we offer the efficient but simple 'Rotary Scrubbing System' under license. It can be used...

swirl current srcubbing scrubber / wet type - 500 - 30 000 m³/h | BECOFLEX

Begg, Cousland have designed and supplied many gas scrubbing and absorber...

swirl current srcubbing scrubber / wet type - Hydrotron series

Water Filter Dust Collector

Filter 1 Hydrotron Water Filter Dust Collectors purify air by a combination of centrifugal force and violent mixing of water and contaminated air. As the air stream passes the fixed baffles, particulate is separated by heavy, turbulent curtain of water created by high velocity air. The centrifugal force caused by the rapid changes in airflow direction forces...

wet type scrubber / spray - max. 18 m³/h | ESCAPE TWIN®

ESCAPE TWIN® is a system with one main and one back-up reactor. The main reactor can treat gas flows of up to 300 slm, induced through a maximum...

wet type scrubber / spray - max. 30 m³/h | AQUABATE EPI

AQUABATE EPI was especially developed to handle the gases of Epitaxie processes in the semiconductor industry. The main focus is the compliance with the high security standards...

wet type scrubber / spray - SC series

The removal of pollutants mainly occur by a process of impingement of wetted particles on collecting surfaces, followed by their removal from the surfaces by a countercurrent flush with a liquid...

wet type scrubber / spray - SC series

Damp retention scrubbers assist...

Venturi scrubber / wet type - Wetrex series

This wet scrubber is best used in highly explosive and reactive dust as well as oil mist applications. This unit effectively...

Venturi scrubber / wet type - Wetrex series

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