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multifunction data logger / handheld - 16 bit, 4 Gb | ZR-RX25 series

The Omron ZR-RX25 advanced data logger is equipped with individually isolated circuit channels...

multifunction data logger - max. ± 500 V | ZR-RX70 series

The ZR-RX70 model manufactured by Omron, is a data logger that is suitable for measurement of equipment...

universal data logger / handheld / with screen - RS232C, USB | OM-2041

The OM-2041 is a portable handheld data logger that comes with a USB or an RS232 Interface....

multifunction data logger - 24 bit | OMB-DAQ-2416

The GBP 735 (OMB-DAQ-2416 and OMB-DAQ-2416-4AO) are multi-function measurement and control modules for the Universal Series Bus. The device has eight digital I/O lines...

universal data logger - 24 bit, 100 Hz | OM-SQ2040 series

The OM-SO2040 is a portable 16 true differential or 32 single-ended universal analogue channel data logger that records voltage, current or resistance measurements. Its...

multifunction data logger / handheld - 16 MB |XL120

The XL120 Portable Data Logger- Datum Y is a pioneer data logging device designed to build an integrated PC-based data acquisition system. Being lightweight and small,...

universal data logger - CX1000/CX2000

The CX2000 by Yokogawa has a control panel which is easy to operate through one-touch operations using the function keys,...

universal data logger - DEWE-501

DEWETRON presents DEWE-501 mainframe. It is battery powered with DC input, and features hot-swappable batteries. Operation time is indefinite with approximately 2 hrs per battery set. It provides high accuracy and resolution of 16, 22 or 24 bits. The device offers quick sampling of between 100 kS/s...

universal data logger - ±150mV - ±100V, -200°C ... 2000°C, 0 - 1000M pulse | 8423


Fast 10-ms Sampling. Up to 600 Channels Data Logging


multifunction data logger - 10 mV - 100 V, 1-5 V f.s., -200°C - 2000°C | LR8400-20

The LR8400-20 Series of Multi-Function Data Logger, manufactured by HIOKI E.E. Corporation, is specifically designed as...

universal data logger / bluetooth - 105 channels | LR8410-20

The Wireless Logging Station Series LR8410-20 is manufactured by HIOKI, is a wireless multi-channel data logger that captures data points that goes...

universal data logger / cordless - -200 - 400 °C | SPY RF® U

Universal recorder (1 or 2 channels)

Measurement range: from -200°C to +400°C/4-20mA/0-1V/ dry contact
Measurement precision: ± 0,2°C from -20 to +50°C with probe and ±0.5°C out of the range
Type of sensor: external (PT100....

universal data logger - NivuLog H2S, H2S Mini

Nivus' NivuLog H2S/H2S Mini Devices are compact, portable measurement apparatuses, generally utilized for data collection operations of H2S concentration...

universal data logger - NivuLog

Nivus' Nivulog is a GPRS Data Logger equipped with GPRS transmission to D2W Internet portal. The tool allows stand-alone operation of measurement places, such as for level and tank monitoring,...

smart data logger - GPRS, RS232, RS485 | NivuLog S8

GPRS data logger for online monitoring and efficiency control for installation in control cabinets

NivuLog S8 is the ideal multifunctional tool for measurement and control tasks....

universal data logger / cordless - LOG-HC2-P1, LOG-HC2-RO1 Series

The rugged and compact data logger measures and records temperature, humidity, air pressure, illuminance and 3-axis acceleration...

universal data logger / programmable modules - MultiCon CMC-99

MultiCon CMC has been designed for use in industrial automatic control engineering. The series include advanced controllers and recorders which have good potential...

universal data logger / programmable modules - MultiCon CMC-141

The Multicon CMC are powerful and versatile compact-multichannel-controllers with a capability to record data, if the recording function is requested and activated. MultiCon CMC‑141 is our new project and it is CMC-99's bigger brother. It has all features included in CMC-99, but in addition it has a bigger display, more inputs/outputs and even more logic channels. Casing depth is still only...

hydraulic system data logger - 16 Channels, CAN, Ethernet, USB | HPM6000

HPM6000 (SR / ID) (Hand-held readouts and dataloggers)
16 Analogue channels, 4 million readings per test

The HPM6000 series is a highly-versatile portable hydraulic data logger, ideal for diagnostic...

universal data logger / handheld / with screen - ALMEMO 2690-8

Multi functionally measuring instrument and data logger with 5 measuring inputs, 2 outputs, RS232, Ethernet, analog

Technical features
- Modern housing with rubberized impact protection and positioning clip; also moisture-proof thanks to new, injectionmolded connectors and sealing lips.
- 5 ALMEMO® input sockets, electrically isolated, for...

universal data logger / handheld / with screen - ALMEMO® 2470

 new: Segmented color display with bright, white illumination, Clear and easy-to-understand display of measuring and
programming values in 5 different colors. Alarm display against a red background

universal data logger / handheld / with screen - ALMEMO® 2890-9

9 ALMEMO® input sockets, electr. isol., for 9 ALMEMO®
sensors 36 sensor chann., 4 additional internal function chann.
 2 ALMEMO® output sockets for digital interfaces, analog
output, trigger input, alarm contacts, memory card.
 High-speed, high-resolution A/D converter, 24-bit, 50
measuring operations...

universal data logger - -200 ... 1 700 °C | OPUS 20E

Quality Assurance
- Machine and system monitoring
- Applications of Research and Development
- Help with Troubleshooting

event recorder - 0-5 V DC | L404

The Simple Logger® II Model L404 is a four channel event data logger. It is a cost effective, advance design data logger incorporating features and functions not found in data loggers costing 2 to 3 times its price. Event data is stored only as...

universal data logger - DL-1081

The 8-Channel Data Logger Model DL-1081 (with display) is a versatile, powerful and cost effective data logger handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. It offers high performance and is easy to configure...

offset data logger / universal - USB-500 Series

Key Highlights
Stand-alone, remote data loggers
Battery powered
Measure temperature, humidity, voltage, current, or event/state change
1 or...

universal data logger / with LCD graphic display - Unilog Light

The UnilogLight is a new addition to the Universal Logger range of products from Seba...

universal data logger / with LCD graphic display - UnilogLight R

The UnilogLight R of the new UnilogLight family is the successor of the RDS-2...

universal data logger / with LCD graphic display - UnilogLight ENC

The SEBA UnilogLight ENC is mainly designed to provide a good quality performance...

universal data logger - SlimLogCom

Groundwater Monitoring system with integrated...

universal data logger - USB, RS232, RS485 | MDS-5Com

MDS-5 Com

different operational registration modes: time-, dynamic- or event-controlled
Individual on/off controll of attached sensors
alarm management via...

multifunction data logger / handheld - Leonova Infinity

SPM has the organisation and the know-how to increase the availability and profitability of your production equipment. Knowing that your situation is special, we gave Leonova Infinity a comprehensive range of functions and developed a new system of financing condition monitoring.


rain gauge - ø 0.025 - 9.5 in

The rain gauge tipping bucket provides inexpensive and accurate rainfall measurement.

Precipitation is collected...

multifunction data logger - PT-104

The PT-104 is a fourchannel temperature measuring data logger. It offers the ultimate in resolution (0.001 °C) and accuracy...

universal data logger - LogMessage

LogMessage devices have been specially developed for use as universal data loggers. A complete package that includes a LogMessage device and the ProfiSignal Go software enables users to immediately begin their measurement and analysis tasks. Delphin customers are especially impressed by the system's...

modular data logger - LogMessage 5000

The new LogMessage 5000 data logger from Delphin Technology AG enables data acquisition from 16 differential analog inputs with galvanic isolation of up to 650 VDC. High-level isolation is particularly important when acquiring measurements from voltage-carrying components, such as in the product testing of household appliances or electric motors.
Each of the LogMessage 5000's analog...

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