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clock GPS / electric network - MultiSync 100 1588

The MultiSync 100 1588 by GE is a GPS clock which is designed to synchronize the actions of different components of modernized power systems. These components inlcude protective relays, generator controllers,...

multifunctional counter / preselection - 10 - 260 V, IP65 | CTR48

Crouzet's electronic multifunction ratemeter counters are counters, batch counters, chronometers, tachometers, multi-totalizers, and preselection totalizers all in one. They...

multifunctional counter / preselection - 10 - 230 V, IP65 | CTR48E

This CTR48E chronometer has a maximum input frequency of 5kHz. It can be configured by text menus and it...

multi-function counter - 10 - 30 V | CTR24L series

High brightness display : 6-digit LED, height 8 mm
Maximum input frequency 50 k Hz
Programmable multifunction : Counter/Tachometer/Chronometer

digital totalizer counter - 4 - 260 V | CTR24 series

Display : 8-digit LCD, height 8 mm
Powered by a lithium battery
Counter inputs...

hour counter / digital - 10 - 260 V | CTR24 series

This Electronic counters without pre-selection has an 8-digit Liquid Crystal Display with a surface of 8 mm. For its electric pressure or voltage inputs,...

electromechanical counter - max. 25 Hz | KCM series

PEPPERL+FUCHS Counter KCM-70-C electro-mechanical summator seven decade devices with 10Hz counter frequency use a 24V...

counter - 32 bits, 80 MHz

Presenting a revolutionary new product, The Counter/Timer Devices by National Instruments. Truly a one of a kind and state of the art unit. It is designed to cater...

digital counter - DIN 72 x 72 mm | H7BX

DIN 72×72 mm Multifunction Counter with a Bright, Easy-to-view, Negative Transmissive LCD
Highly visible display with backlit transmissive LCD.

totalizer counter - max. 999 999.9, max. 1 kHz | H7E[]-N

Omron H7E[]-N compact economical totalizer has a big display with 8.6-mm character height and a dual operation mode.

H7E[]-N has a short body, with all models having a consistent depth of 48.5mm. A replaceable battery makes the totalizer reusable and eco-friendly. Faulty reset key operations...

counter - 700-HXM series

Bulletin 700-HXM Preset Counter/Timing Relays are some of the smallest, preset digital...

up-down counter - USB, 24 bit, 2ch | CNT24-2(USB)GY

CNT24-2(USB)GY is a 24-bit isolation type up-and-down counter module
that is equipped with an USB interface in order...

digital counter - 6 digit | tico 772

The Tico 772 Preset counter is a highly efficient tool that ensures very simple...

multi-function counter - 6 digit, USB | tico 773

The state of the art Tico 773 Multifunctional counter has several amazing characteristics...

multi-function counter - 6 digit, RS232 | tico 774

The Tico 774 Multifunctional counter is equipped with three presets, a prescaler from...

totalizer counter - 60 khz | signo 721

The Signo 721 is an electronic preset counter with a large and readable LCD display...

totalizer counter - 40 kHz | signo 727

Presenting the unique Signo 727 Totalizing counter is one the HENGSTLER's products...

digital counter - RC series

The RC series, manufactured by Keyence, is an LCD display electronic preset counter....

multi-function counter - -99 999 ... +999 999 | DPF5100

The DPF5100 model of the Multifunction meter created by Omega is best suited for...

totalizer counter - -99 999 ... +999 999 | DPF701, DPF702

The Six Digit Ratemeter or Totalizer can measure rates from 0.5 Hz to 30 kHz. It totalizes up or down from -99,999 to 999,999 or can act as an accumulating stopwatch. There is a 1/8 DIN case which...

preselection counter - 48 x 48 mm | RC series

The compact 48mm square display is composed...

pulse counter / digital - SICD

This remarkable SICD Counter device from Yokogawa Electric Corporation is designed...

totalizer counter - Zelio Count

The Zelio count counters can count and display with precision to the nearest...

totalizer counter - Zelio Count

DIN half-size total counters indicating large characters....

totalizer counter - Zelio Count

These are extremely reliable hour meters that count up and down, and feature a small synchronous...

digital counter - -99 999 ... 999 999, 250 V, 5 A | LC4H

LCD digital counter type LC4H is compact with body size only 64.5mm that makes it easy to install in the smallest area and has a four-digit or six-digit display that fits...

digital counter - –9 999 999 ... 99 999 999 | LC2H

The digital total electronic counter has increased character height from 7mm to 8.7mm making it easy to read. There are plenty of digits. It is speed switchable between 2 kHz and 30 Hz. It offers...

hour counter / digital - max. 999 999.9 h | LH2H

Preset function equipped in half size (24x48 mm).
Display has backlight for instant recognition.
8.7 mm Character Height (previously 7 mm) Easy-to read character height increased...

hour counter / analog - 99 999.9 h | TH

High-performance compact synchronous motor The accurately turning motor is employed to provide for longer period of measurement.
Common for 50/60 Hz power...

digital counter - 12 - 250 V, IP66 | LC4H

The LC4H series of digital counters comes with various features and benefits that will be really useful for your application or project. In addition...

digital counter - 100 mA, 30 V | LC2H

Panasonic LC2H is the industry's first 2-color backlight preset type digital counter. The counter has 3 operation modes:...

digital counter - 100 mA, 240 V | LC4H-W

Introducing the new innovation LC4H – digital counter from Panasonic featuring Bright, two-color backlight LCD display, Operation modes: 5 input modes...

digital counter - 100 mA, 240 V | LC4H-S

Operation modes: 5 input modes (see data sheet)
Counter range: 4 digits or 6 digits
Counting speed: 30Hz or 5kHz
Operating voltage: 12V DC - 24V DC,...

hour counter / digital - KE2S / KC2S

This device is what you need in order to keep your machine safe and ensure it will last for a...

digital counter - LA8N series

Main features

● Voltage input and backlight model (New line-up)

● Subtraction...

digital counter - LA8N series

Counters and timers are essential devices that are widely utilized in the automation process of different industries. This...

digital counter - LA8N series

The pulse (rate) meters in this product series are commonly used for measurement of rpm/rps, as well as the speed of the rotating objects. The...

multi-function counter - CM03 series

The new programmable multi-function counters in the CM03 series are used everywhere where pulses are counted, paths are measured or...

pulse counter / digital - max. 5 kHz, 12 - 24 V | CI030110

Article No CI030110
Design 48x48x70
Material Kunststoff
Voltage 12-24V...

pulse counter / digital - 12 kHz, 4 - 30 V | CI090100

Article No CI090100
Design 48x24
Length LCD
Material Kunststoff
Voltage 3Vint,4-30V
Connection Klemme...

pulse counter / digital - 30 Hz, 10 - 260 V | CI095400

Article No CI095400
Design 48x24
Length LCD
Material Kunststoff
Voltage 10-260VAC/DC
Connection Klemme...

service time counter / pulse - 3 V | CZ090900

Article No CZ090900
Design 48x24
Length LCD
Material Kunststoff
Voltage 3V...

pulse counter / digital - 10 kHz | 190

This device can work with a counting frequency up to 10kHz. It is also built in seven-digit display...

pulse counter / digital - 12 kHz, IP65 | Codix 130

This device is designed with a minimal cost and has a high efficiency. It has a huge eight digit LCD display, and built in 8 mm or 0.315“ height....

pulse counter / digital / LED - 60 kHz, IP65 | Codix 520

• Fast count input
Input frequency max. 60 kHz
• Robust housing
IP 65 protection
• LED display
Very bright,...

pulse counter / digital / multifunctional - 60 kHz, IP65 | Codix 524

The LED multi-function counter Codix 524 is powerful with a fast count input and maximum input frequency of...

pulse counter / electromechanical - 10 Hz, IP65 | K46

• 6/7-digit micro adding counter
• Low cost
• High shock resistance
• Low power consumption; suitable for
battery operation
• Small...

pulse counter / electromechanical - 10 Hz, IP65 | K46

The Motrona offers an array of programmable process meters constructed in various housings, dimensions and functionality. They have signal inputs...

pulse counter / electromechanical - 10 Hz, IP65 | K46

The Digital Speed Indicators, Rate Meters, Tachometers are available in either single channel or dual channel versions. The single channel unit, on one hand, can...

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