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radio telemetry transceiver - X8100-XNET

X8100-XNET Telemetry Transceiver

The XNET Radio...

radio module - 420 - 470 MHz | TX6000

The TX6000 Radio Module is a long range credit card sized, half...

radio module - max. 470.00 MHz | RX6000

RX6000 Data Receiver

RX6000 Radio...

radio module - max. 20 km | X7000

The X7000 Synthesised Data Radio module can be easily integrated...

radio transceiver - Data Link 450

The Data Link 450 transceiver is a miniature high-quality module for data and telemetry transmission in the less-congested rural markets where distance of communication is the most important factor.

Combining sensitive receiver circuitry with a matching 500mW RF transmitter section, this module will find use in short-, medium- and long-range...

radio transceiver - CLASS1C 850

The CLASS1C 850 transceiver is designed to be a low-risk, cost-effective building block module for high-volume OEM applications requiring radio connection, including use in the 868-870MHz pan-European band.


radio transceiver - T series

The T Series modules provide a cost effective, high-quality radio transceiver to exceed North American and equivalent radio telemetry specifications.

Today’s crowded frequency spectrum creates increased potential for both in and out-of band...

radio telemetry transceiver - SX series

The SX range of transceivers are designed to be low-risk, cost-effective building block modules for high volume OEM applications requiring radio connection, including use in the 868-870MHz pan-European band.

Ideally suited for use in todays crowded radio telemetry bands, these resilient modules exceed...

radio telemetry transceiver - SXxxxG series

The SX series transceivers are miniature high-quality modules for data and telemetry transmission.

These resilient modules not only satisfy EN 300 220 but also the more demanding EN 300 086 specification. This enables the units to be sold throughout Europe for both licensed and unlicensed telemetry, data and voice applications. The modules conform to the RoHS (lead-free) directives.


GNSS receiver / high-performance / reference - Leica GR25

Leica GR25
GNSS Reference Server

The Leica GR25 is a next generation GNSS reference station platform going far beyond traditional Reference Station receivers, serving many purposes and applications.

With integrated...

GNSS receiver / reference station - Plug & Play | Leica GR10

LEICA's solution to the growing need in industrial automation, the Leica GR10 Plug and Play GNSS Reference Station Receiver. Designed as the next generation GNSS reference...

GNSS receiver / reference station - Plug & Play | Leica GR10

Honeywell's Limitless™ WDRR din-rail or panel-mountable receiver is designed to receive wireless signals...

LVDS receiver - FIN1532

LVDS give low power dissipation even when operating at high frequencies. This device is suitable for high-speed transfers of data and...

infrared receiver / remote control - SFH 5110

The IR receiver, SFH 5110 senses illumination from infrared distant power systems that comprise a photodiode, preamplifier, mechanical gain power, demodulator...

infrared receiver / remote control - SFH 5110

The RS485 standard (formally TIA-485) is used to specify differential data transmission over a terminated twisted pair. This operates at up to 10Mbps. It specifies electrical characteristics of a receiver and driver...

GPS receiver module - 200 Hz | EGPS-200

The EGPS-200 Precision GPS Receiver is designed for use in professional vehicle testing applications where non-contact speed measurements are required, such as acceleration, brake testing and...

radio transceiver / for touch probes - 2.4 - 2.483 GHz | RMI

The RMI unit has the ability to both transmit as well as receive with both RMP60 and RMP600. The new models...

radio transceiver / for touch probes - 2.4 GHz | RMI-Q

The RMI-Q is a combined transmitter and receiver unit. The device is used in combination with RTS, NEW RMP60, RMP60, RMP600,...

radio transceiver / for touch probes - 2.4 GHz | RMI-Q

Maxim is offering the best solutions that can resolve even the most complicated...

radio transceiver / multi-channel - I²RF™

Smart Connections by means of RF is a platform aiding wireless software connection over a I²RF™ single-chip option. The particular RF Part is a dedicational multi station transceiver model designed for the particular 2,4 GHz ISM band as well as features a wireless communications process. This...

radio module ZigBee - CC2x20 series

This is a CC2520 chip RF transceiver by Texas Instruments, a longstanding promoter and supplier of...

radio transceiver / GPRS / GSM - PLICSMOBILE series

At present, the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is undergoing betetr than average progress particularly in the international M2M communication market. This M2M (Machine-to-machine) communications...

radio transceiver / GPRS / GSM - PLICSMOBILE series

Mobile Machine Control Receivers

Our factory configurable receivers are designed to work...

radio transceiver / GPRS / GSM - PLICSMOBILE series

e2v has extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of high quality helix TWTs (travelling wave tubes), producing the first glass tube devices in the 1950s before progressing to the production of metal/ceramic tubes a decade later. These rugged and compact designs have since become the market leaders. e2v now supplies to both commercial and military markets.

We specialise in developing...

radio transceiver / GPRS / GSM - PLICSMOBILE series

The VSOP584.. is designed for use in an IR receiver
application together with a photo pin diode. It is a

WiFi transceiver module - 2.4 - 5.9 GHz | AWL series

Our WiFi power amplifiers deliver higher output power for better, wider wireless coverage, higher efficiency for longer
battery-life, and greater...

radio remote control receiver - CONNECT

868 MHz multi-protocol radio receiver. Allows for the...

telemetry receiver - IP67 | DRX series

The DRX series receivers are ideal for controlling pan, tilt and zoom Cameras for a wide range of applications.

Receivers are available as standard in IP67 enclosures or in PCB...

telemetry receiver - IP67 | DRX series

The ultra-low-power ZL70102 RF transceiver chip supports a very high data rate RF link for medical implantable communication applications. The chips unique design allows patient health and device performance data to be quickly transmitted, with little impact to the useful battery...

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