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PEPPERL & FUCHS SC2 - SC4 series
control unit SC2 - SC4 series PEPPERL & FUCHS

The SC2/ SC4 is a control unit for a safety light curtain system with 1 or 2 single direction light curtains (consisting of a sender and receiver) of category 2 or 4 (EN...

SIEMENS Sensors and Communication 96 x 96 mm | SIPART DR 19
process regulator 96 x 96 mm | SIPART DR 19 SIEMENS Sensors and Communication

Siemens SIPART DR 19 process controller in 96x96 mm format is designed...

SIEMENS Sensors and Communication 72 x 144 mm | SIPART DR 24
process regulator 72 x 144 mm | SIPART DR 24 SIEMENS Sensors and Communication

This is one of the finest all-round process controllers, suitable for various process specific...

1 products WAGO
WAGO IP20 | 750 series
fieldbus controller IP20 | 750 series WAGO

Depending on the application, it is possible to choose between fieldbus controllers for different protocols. The wide variety...

1 products OMRON
OMRON CompoWay/F, 50 ms | E5AR/E5ER
digital controller CompoWay/F, 50 ms | E5AR/E5ER OMRON

A short sampling period of 50 ms enables use in applications requiring high-speed response. PV, SP, and MV data is displayed simultaneously in a 3-row, negative LCD display...

Bosch Rexroth - Industrial Hydraulics VT-HNC100-3X
4-axis digital controller VT-HNC100-3X Bosch Rexroth - Industrial Hydraulics

With its HNC100-3X product family Rexroth consequently pursues and improves its proven bundled-I/O strategy to provide you with the optimum variety of interfaces for your specific application. This offers...

ABB Control Systems
process controller ABB Control Systems

This real-time process database is offered and distributed in all-in-one package. The device comes in complete with smart applications such as regulatory control,...

1 products ADVANTECH
ADVANTECH ADAM-4500 series
modular controller ADAM-4500 series ADVANTECH

This advanced controller module is an extension on previous models, with newer, more advanced technologies....

4 products ifm electronic
ifm electronic max. 32 V | CR0421
modular mobile machine controller max. 32 V | CR0421 ifm electronic

Easy installation thanks to a well-coordinated mechanical concept. Connection of sensors and actuators without further external wiring. Indication of system messages and visualisation of machine...

ifm electronic 32 bit | CR7032, CR7132
modular mobile machine controller 32 bit | CR7032, CR7132 ifm electronic

This safety controller is designed to suit demanding and complex control functions. However, the unique technology that the EN 13849 PL d, IEC...

video ifm electronic 32 bit, max. 32 V, IP67 | CR0033
modular mobile machine controller 32 bit, max. 32 V, IP67 | CR0033 ifm electronic

SmartController available with analog and digital I/Os, has a high protection rating and mobile applications benefit from diagnostic functions. Use it as an intelligent I/O module and...

ifm electronic 32 bit, max. 32 V | CR0232
modular mobile machine controller 32 bit, max. 32 V | CR0232 ifm electronic

Analogue and digital I/Os with diagnostic function for mobile applications. Usable for complex control functions in mobile vehicles. 4 CAN interfaces with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocol....

3 products OMEGA
OMEGA CNiS32 & DPiS32 Series
process controller CNiS32 & DPiS32 Series OMEGA

GBP 121.00 DPiS32 is a high quality product with a 5 year warranty. It is remarkably...

process controller UWPC-2A-NEMA OMEGA

The new UWPC wireless process transmitter converts standard process signals (0 to 1V, 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V and 4 to 20 mA) into a wireless signal that can be transmitted up to 120 m (400’), eliminating...

process controller CN2300 OMEGA

The CN2300 Series 1/4 DIN profile controller has advanced functionality, such as options for datalogging, a USB interface and a graphic/text LCD display. Armed with the process controller, efficiency...

2 products SAMSON
process controller T 6412 SAMSON

The highly advance Microprocessor-controlled process control stations are designed...

digital controller T 6493 SAMSON

For panel mounting (front frame 48 x 96 mm/1.89 x 3.78 inch) Application Digital controller to automate...

1 products SIPOS Aktorik
SIPOS Aktorik 2SM2
digital controller for actuators 2SM2 SIPOS Aktorik

The Single Master Station and Hot-Standby support up to 247 actuators and easy interface to DCS: Modbus RTU and TCP. The field-bus systems...

YOKOGAWA Europe YS10000 series
single-loop multi-function controller YS10000 series YOKOGAWA Europe

This one of a kind YS1000 series Single-loop Controllers provide superior control performance...

digital indicator and controller UT75A YOKOGAWA Europe

From the leading innovative company comes UTAdvanced UT75A made by YOKOGAWA. It features Switching between 20 Recipes Increasing yield by managing a variety of recipes...

YOKOGAWA Europe US1000
digital indicator and controller US1000 YOKOGAWA Europe

With bright LED bar displays, and a selection of improved control and custom computation functions is the US1000 Digital Indicating Controller. With the use of its front panel keys or PC, operations and...

digital indicator and controller UT35A-L YOKOGAWA Europe

The UT35A-L is a Limit Control Type Digital Indicating Controller that can be configured either as a high limit or as a low limit controller by a user. The UT35A-L complies with FM approval. A 14-segment,...

6 products ASCON
ASCON 4 PID, RS485 | AC10
multi-loop controller 4 PID, RS485 | AC10 ASCON

ASCON has developed their newest in handy portable technology that is designed...

ASCON 8 I/O, RS485 | AC15
multi-loop multi-function controller 8 I/O, RS485 | AC15 ASCON

This unit works with up to four analog inputs and two analog outputs....

ASCON 8 I/O, RS485, LAN | AC20
multi-loop controller 8 I/O, RS485, LAN | AC20 ASCON

This unit is designed with eight analog inputs and outputs plus 32 digital inputs...

ASCON 8 I/O, RS485, LAN | AC30
multi-loop controller 8 I/O, RS485, LAN | AC30 ASCON

Controller/Programmer for continuous and discontinuous processes The programmable multiloop with Real Time Clock and Programmer to manage synchronized controls...

ASCON 48 x 24 mm, 1/32 DIN | C1
digital indicator and controller 48 x 24 mm, 1/32 DIN | C1 ASCON

This unit measures 1/32 DIN - 1.89inx0.94in (or 48mm x 24mm), and...

ASCON 32 bit,CANopen, RS232, RS485 | CU-02
control unit 32 bit,CANopen, RS232, RS485 | CU-02 ASCON

This controll unit is made to IEC61131-3 Open PCS with a 32-bit ARM processor, 16 MB RAM and 4 MB flash memory. It uses...

Beckhoff Automation IP54 | M63xx series
control unit IP54 | M63xx series Beckhoff Automation

The M63xx series models M6310, M6320, M6330, M6350 are Lightbus interfaced control units that uses the industrial PC, keyboard and machine operating panel combination for...

7 products JUMO
JUMO 48 x 24 ... 96 x 96 mm | JUMO iTRON
programmable digital process controller 48 x 24 ... 96 x 96 mm | JUMO iTRON JUMO

The controllers have an easy to ready seven segment display for actual values, set point values, or dialogs, with a height of 10mm or 20mm depending on the version. Only three keys are needed...

JUMO 22.5 mm | JUMO iTRON DR 100
programmable digital process controller 22.5 mm | JUMO iTRON DR 100 JUMO

The JUMO iTRON DR 100 is a micro-processor controller that works for many control functions. It can function with a relay or even two on an N/O contact system. This uses RTD temperature probes,...

JUMO 48 x 48 ... 96 x 96 mm | JUMO cTRON
programmable digital process controller 48 x 48 ... 96 x 96 mm | JUMO cTRON JUMO

The JUMO cTRON - Compact controller (702070) is a revolutionary, one of a kind device sought after out in the market. It features a red and a green 7-segment...

JUMO 48 x 48 ... 96 x 96 mm | JUMO dTRON 300 series
programmable digital process controller 48 x 48 ... 96 x 96 mm | JUMO dTRON 300 series JUMO

The JUMO dTRON 3xx controller series consists of four freely programmable devices in various DIN formats to control temperatures, pressures, and other process variables. The devices are used as temperature...

JUMO 96 × 96 mm | JUMO DICON 500
universal process controller 96 × 96 mm | JUMO DICON 500 JUMO

The four-digit seven-segment display, as well as the five or eight LEDs made available in the design of this product are two of the main attractions...

JUMO 96 × 96 mm | JUMO DICON 501
programmable digital process controller 96 × 96 mm | JUMO DICON 501 JUMO

The DICON 501 has two four-digit seven-segment displays, five or eight LEDs as switching and operating mode indicators, one eight-digit matrix display, as well as six keys for operation and configuration....

1 products Weidmüller
process controller Weidmüller

Weidmüller’s process instruments from the AR, UPI, R and DPA series are part of a wide-ranging line of innovative products designed for analogue signal processing....

2 products CHINO
CHINO max. ± 10 V, 20 mA, 96 x 96 mm | KP1000 series
programmable digital process controller max. ± 10 V, 20 mA, 96 x 96 mm | KP1000 series CHINO

The KP1000 series is a 96x96mm digital program controller with the indicating accuracy...

CHINO ±5 ... ±10 V, 20 mA, 96 x 96 mm | KP2000 series
programmable digital process controller ±5 ... ±10 V, 20 mA, 96 x 96 mm | KP2000 series CHINO

The KP2000 series is a 96x96mm digital program controller with the indicating accuracy of ±0.1%,...

1 products Ero Electronic
Ero Electronic max. 96 x 96 mm | MKS/TKS
multi-function controller max. 96 x 96 mm | MKS/TKS Ero Electronic


6 products GEFRAN
single-loop multi-function controller 2500 GEFRAN

Single-loop microprocessor controller, 96 x 96 (1/4 DIN) format, appropriate for processes with high variation speed. Thanks to its extended functions and configurable hardware and software, it provides...

GEFRAN 3.5 - 5.7
multi-loop controller 3.5 - 5.7" | GF_LOOPER GEFRAN

GF_LOOPER is an advanced series of multi-runner controllers offered in 16 zone configurations, with complete and easy to use functions for a variety of applications. The operator interface is based on...

multi-loop controller GFXTERMO4 GEFRAN

GFXTERMO4 is a multi-loop control system that controls four process loops in a completely independent manner. Configuration of I/O resources is very rapid and flexible thanks to a programming tool that...

GEFRAN 30 - 80 kW | GFX4
modular power controller 30 - 80 kW | GFX4 GEFRAN

GFX4 is a four independent loop controller, designed to manage electrical power. GFX4 is a compact unit bounding different technological elements like: • controller • solid state relay •...

GEFRAN 25 - 120 A | GFX series
modular power controller for temperature controlled zone 25 - 120 A | GFX series GEFRAN

An innovative, integrated system to control power and temperature, designed for industrial electric heating...

GEFRAN 40 - 250 A | GFW adv
modular power controller 40 - 250 A | GFW adv GEFRAN

GFW adv is more than a controller and more than a mono-bi-triphase solid state power unit: it integrates these functions in mechanical solutions that are modular, compact, and optimized to control any...

2 products SIMEX
video SIMEX MultiCon CMC-99
programmable digital process controller MultiCon CMC-99 SIMEX

MultiCon series includes advanced controllers and recorders with great potential closed in small casings. MultiCon CMC has been specifically designed for advanced applications in industrial automatic...

video SIMEX MultiCon CMC-141
programmable digital process controller MultiCon CMC-141 SIMEX

The Multicon CMC are powerful and versatile compact-multichannel-controllers with a capability to record data, if the recording function is requested and activated. MultiCon CMC‑141 is our new...

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