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compressor controller - BASIC, FOCUS

This is a code programmable unit with...

compressor controller - PRIME

Prime provides state of the air highly efficient BOGE control. The large scale, and back lit LC display has a clear text output that shows the fault and maintenance messages as...

multi-compressor system controller - trinity, airtelligence series

This is a compressor that works for saving money and making networks run. This is made with a connection in the compressor switch cabinet that can be prepared or retrofitted as needed. An outside wall mounting can...

compressor controller - MaestroXS

MaestroXS is a microprocessor control and protection system with the ability to adjust the compressor's operation for the specific requirements of the system it has been...

compressor controller - Concerto

The Concerto is the new, innovative compressed air management system by Mattei. It’s designed to meet any requirements of...

multi-compressor system controller - Multicomp II

Designed by Mattei, Multicomp II is the master controller that enables
optimization of compressed air installation with up to six compressors.
In order to meet the air demand the system performs optimization...

compressor controller - Xe series

This remote access compressor control facilitates access from anywhere. The LED indicators with high intensity helps read the status from a safe distance. It...

compressor controller - Xe

The Xe-Series of color displays is made with high-resolution images and works with a compressor setup that makes it easy to operate....

multi-compressor system controller - X4I series

The X41 has many helpful attributes that put it ahead of its competition. It boasts single-point pressure management, as well as sequencing that can be...

multi-compressor system controller - X8I series

The X8I is a compressed air control and automation unit that comes with a programmable sequence, pressure profile and schedule. The programming is in real time. Auto sequence selection...

multi-compressor system controller - X12I series

The X12I is a one of a kind product practically incomparable out in the market. It features...

multi-compressor system controller - X12I series

The Dresser-Rand axial compressors are highly efficient and reliable for high-volume applications. These include sewage treatments, CAES, wind tunnels and air separation. They are primarily...

breathing air compressor - 100 l/min | PE 100 series

Clean breathing air: Thanks to advanced filter technology from BAUER and the P 11 filter system developed specifically for the PE 100

Legendary reliability: Thanks to the world-proven compressor block of the PE 100

Very long maintenance intervals: They reduce compressor...

piston compressor / stationary / air / high-pressure - 85 - 610 l/min | VERTICUS 5 series

Compact dimensions: For installation wherever space is at a premium

Optimum free air delivery rates for your application: For the compression of non-aggressive...

piston compressor / stationary / air / air-cooled - 85 - 520 l/min | G series

Ultra-compact dimensions: For installation wherever space is at a premium

Optimum free air delivery rates for your application: For the compression of...

piston compressor / stationary / air / air-cooled - max. 1 800 l/min | G series

Very easy to maintain: Thanks to V-belt drive and proven BAUER system components

Cost-efficient: Low installation overhead combined with cost-effective operation


piston compressor / stationary / air / water-cooled - 90 - 350 bar | I series

Cooling of valve heads reduces thermal load: For minimum wear

Installation even under the most difficult ambient conditions: Thanks to dedicated water cooling of the compressor...

air compressor / mixed-flow - 25 bar, max. 900 000 m3/h

Axial compressors are designed for use in very high flow and low-pressure applications. Our product range are known...

compressor controller - ES series

The Atlas Copco ES central controller is designed to work with a fine compressed air network...

compressor controller - 230 VAC | GD Connect 4 series

The new GD Connect 4 is suitable regulatory solution for smaller compressed air stations. This product has the ability...

compressor controller - GD Connect 12 series

All GD Pilot/GD Pilot MK controlled compressors are easy to install. Direct connection can be made with a data cable without any need for additional communication...

compressor controller - GSC series

The Grasso system control (GSC) features a handy service and set up with an energy effective operation that reduces operating costs and an easy integration of new Grasso...

compressor controller - Sigma Control 2 series

Sigma Control 2 compressor controller incorporates a range of
maintenance-friendly and important information...

compressor controller - Sigma Control Basic

Sigma Control Basic, a PLC-based controller is a new product
from Kaeser. It features...

multi-compressor system controller - Sigma Air Manager Basic

SAM Basic provides simple operation and a fast and easy way to set all of the...

multi-compressor system controller - Sigma Air Manager series

The Sigma Air Manager (SAM) has combined the expertise of Kaeser with the latest industrial control...

compressor controller - SIGMA series

The SIGMA CONTROL BASIC comes with KAESER's SXC, SX, SM, SK, and ASK series rotary...

compressor controller - ES series

The Atlas Copco’s ES central controllers will allow monitoring as well as manage several compressors at once. The ES controller offers one...

mobile compressor station / air - 0.75 - 11 kW, max. 45 bar

Adicomp offers a broad variety of pumping stations of coaxial, single-stage and two-stage...

piston compressor / stationary / helium / nitrogen - 0.5 - 2.2 kW, 10 m³/h | SOG

The SOG range is used for recovery and secondary compression of gases such as helium, SF6, oxygen and nitrogen, as well as for secondary compression (boosting) of compressed air.
SOG compressors have the electric motor in the gas compartment. Power is supplied to the electric motor...

piston compressor / stationary / SF6 / helium - 20 - 100 bar, 30 m³/h | TUG

The TUG series is used for recovery and booster compression of gases such as helium, SF6, oxygen, nitrogen and Natural gas, as well as for booster compression (boosting) of compressed air.
TUG compressors have the electric motor in the gas compartment. Power is supplied to...

compressor controller - Air Control

Air Control control system

The "intelligent" Air Control built-in compressor control systems
compressor operation while providing

maximum economy
reliable compressed air supply
and planning maintenance with foresight

Air Control...

multi-compressor system controller - Multi Control 3

Almig multi control 3 provides the most economical compressed air supply with highest dependability. It provides control of consumption for up to 10 compressors. It allows the integration of speed-controlled compressors....

rotary lobe compressor / stationary - 110 - 5800 m³/h | Delta Hybrid

The innovative and latest rotary lobe compressor the Delta Hybrid by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH features its new and...

nitrogen compressor - 350 barg | HICOM series

The HICOM Series nitrogen compressor is utilized for the compression of nitrogen which is supplied from either...

nitrogen compressor - max. 500 bar | VP series, VH series

The gas and water assisted molding nitrogen compressor of VP and VH series are designed to provide full nitrogen compression for different applications. The compressor...

nitrogen compressor - 500 bar | VH series

Hydraulic driven compression unit - VH-Series



nitrogen compressor - 500 bar | VH series

These high-pressure compressors from MAXIMATOR are ideally used for professional and semi professional applications concerning breathing air and gas mixing....

stationary compressor / nitrogen / gas / high-pressure - 210 Nm³/h

Oxywise offers Bauer nitrogen HP compressors with discharge pressure up to 350 bar; higher pressure on request. Depending on pressure and required delivery,...

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