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peristaltic pump / heavy-duty - Envirotech® RP2

The Envirotech RP2 peristaltic hose pump has a fully reversible flow, is valveless and gland- free, provides accurate metering capability and has a dry running capability. It features high volumetric efficiency and has an exceptional self-priming ability. The rugged hose pump has...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - max. 170 ml/min | 114DV

The 120 DV series is equipped with a 114DV flip-top pump head capable of functioning with 1.6mm-wall thick tubes....

peristaltic pump / transfer - 2.8 - 1 200 l/h | APEX

Bredel brings with it decades of experience and the satisfaction of hundreds of customers, whose valuable feedback has helped in the creation of the three new hose pumps - APEX10, APEX15 and APEX20.


peristaltic pump / laboratory - max. 54 ml/min | 102R series

The Watson-Marlow 120U/R, 120S/R and 120F/R compose a 102R quick-change pumphead. This machine is powered by a 120 fixed speed may it be on variable...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - max. 120 ml/min | 400D1 series

The Watson Marlow 120S/D1 and 120U/D1 series of pumps have a standard 400D1 single-channel pumphead powered by a 120 variable speed or automated...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - max. 36 ml/min | 400DM2 series

The Watson-Marlow 120S/DM2 and 12OU/DM2 pumps constitute a 400DM2 twin channel pumphead that is powered by a 120 automatic or variable speed drive. The pumphead can handle manifold tubing with a 0.8mm wall and 3-bridge...

peristaltic pump / for abrasive fluids / for viscous fluids / for corrosive fluid - 4.4 l/min, 13.8 bar | EP2™

The Graco EP2 Series is a hose pump that is used for industrial metering and transfer. The EP2 Series is made up of epoxy sealants...

peristaltic pump / for abrasive fluids / for viscous fluids / for corrosive fluid - max. 23.6 l/min | EP3™ Pump

Developed by Graco, the EP3 series of hose pumps are designed with an oversized...

peristaltic pump / electrical - 23.6 - 73.8 l/min, 13.8 bar | EP4™

The EP4 series hose pump is a peristaltic system that uses an oversized roller gear which integrates low...

peristaltic pump / compact - max. 2.4 l/h, 1.5 bar | DULCO®flex DF2a

The DulcoFlex DF2a can operate with a maximum speed of 2.4 l/h, while producing minimal...

peristaltic pump / compact - max. 2.4 l/h | DULCO®flex DF3a

Specifically developed for dosing fragrances in wellness facilities, the DULCOflex DF3a peristaltic pump is able...

peristaltic pump / compact - max. 12 l/h | DULCO®flex DF4a

The DULCO®flex DF4a, which is manufactured by Prominent, is a peristaltic pump that is ideal to use in...

peristaltic pump / compact - 5 - 50 ml/min | SR 18 series

The SR 18 Series features peristaltic pumps designed for dry and maintenance-free operation in various industry applications.

This provides its users with units that are capable...

peristaltic pump / compact - 0.26 - 80 ml/min | SR 10, 30 series

SR 10/30 series liquid pump is designed in compact architecture that allows convenient modification of its cassette fitting. It permits...

peristaltic pump / compact - 75 - 220 ml/min | SR 10, 50 series

SR 10/50 Series features a peristaltic liquid pump built in a compact design suitable for various applications.

It operates...

peristaltic pump / compact - 0.1 - 746 ml/min | SR 25 series

Features & Benefits
- Compact design
- Quick change of tubing
- Self priming
- Safe to run dry
- Maintenance free


peristaltic pump / compact - 1 300 - 3 000 ml/min | SR 10, 100 series

The SR 10/100 peristaltic liquid pump features a lightweight structure with a fast cassette adjustment. It generates a 1,300-3m000ml/min...

peristaltic pump / transfer - max. 100 m³/h, max. 10 bar | LPP-T

LPP-T transfer pumps incorporate advanced rolling design which eliminates friction and lowers energy consumption. The roller is mounted on a crankshaft creating eccentric rotation during the 360 degree operating cycle.

The World's Largest Hose Pump


peristaltic pump / high-pressure / medium-flow - 12 000 l/hr, max. 16 bar | Dura 45

The Verderflex Dura 45 is the pathfinder in a new generation of medium flow, industrial hose pumps. A product of intensive engineering investigation, with genuine class-leading performance, the Verderflex Dura 45 combines a close-coupled pumps compactness with a long coupled pumps easy serviceability. Additionally, its innovative,...

peristaltic pump / high-pressure / low-flow - <1 l/h - 39 l/h, 8 bar | Dura 7

The Dura 5 & Dura 7 HPLV High Pressure Low Volume Dosing Pumps are the latest addition to Verderflex Industrial Hose Pump range.

The Dura 5 & Dura 7 deliver stable sub-litre per hour flows at either 5 or 8 Bar in a...

peristaltic pump / high-pressure / high-flow - 90 000 l/hr, max. 16 bar | VF series

Verderflex Industrial hose and tube pumps provide the solution to the most demanding jobs. The VF range includes the worlds largest hose pump and is capable of flow rates up to 90m3/hr or 390 US GPM....

peristaltic pump / compact - max. 12 000 l/h | Dura series

The Verderflex Dura is the first real advance in hose...

peristaltic pump / heavy-duty - max. 230 l/hr, IP55 | Rapide R3

The Rapide R3 belongs to the Verderflex® Rapide family of simple to operate industrial tube pumps that are perfect for heavy duty applications, where viscous mediums are being pumped.

These industrial peristaltic tube pumps have a compact footprint, deliver high output, are available as dual head pump and offer...

peristaltic pump / for abrasive fluids / for viscous fluids / for corrosive fluid - max. 77 m³/h | Abaque series

Abaque Peristaltic Hose Pumps are specifically designed to be used in abrasive products that contain suspended particles. This hose pump is capable...

peristaltic micro pump - 30 kPa | RP-TX series


The worlds lowest level of flow for a peristaltic...

peristaltic micro pump - max. 0.45 ml/min | RP-Q1 series

This is peristaltic pump so compact that it can...

peristaltic pump / condensate - 0.8 l/min | Blue Diamond series

Product Type: Air
Pump Type: Blue Diamond
Flow: 0.8
Option: 110V...

peristaltic pump / condensate - max. 0.14 l/min | MiniBlue series

Product Type: Air
Pump Type: Condensate Pump
Flow: 0.14...

peristaltic pump / high-flow - 0.33 - 40 gpm, max. 45 psig  | Flex-I-Liner series

Vanton FLEX-I-LINER® peristaltic type rotary pumps transfer, sample or meter acids, caustics, solvents, salts, chlorides and reagent grade chemicals even viscous fluids and slurries containing soft solids and abrasives.

Only two non-metallic parts contact fluid the rugged thermoplastic...

peristaltic pump / multi-channel - peRISYS-S

The pump head of the peRISYS-S peristaltic pump consists of 12 rollers with an easily adjustable pressure mechanism. This 12-rollers pump head ensures...

peristaltic pump / multi-channel - peRISYS-I

The peRISYS-I pump combines the well proven principle of a peristaltic pump with the modular and extendable neMESYS drive and bus technology. The pump head is available with 3 or 6 channels. The...

peristaltic pump / electrical - Boxer 9700

Boxer 9700 Bench Top Peristaltic Pump Dispensor
Variable Speed, Reversable, Liquid Flow to 180 LPM

Boxer 9700 pump dispenser...

peristaltic pump / electrical - Boxer 15000

Boxer 15000 Peristaltic Pump
DC, AC or Stepper Motor, Liquid Flow From 1.0 to 700 ml/min

The Boxer 15000 peristaltic...

peristaltic pump / compact - max. 60 ml/min | M045 series

Model M045 is a versatile peristaltic pump ideal for a wide range of intermittent or continuous slow feed...

peristaltic pump / adjustable-flow - 700 ml/min | M500

M500 Peristaltic Pump
Flow Rate To 700 ml/min

Model M500 is a versatile peristaltic...

peristaltic pump / adjustable-flow - 60 ml/min | EV045

EV045 Bench Top Peristaltic Pumps
Flow to 60 ml/min


peristaltic pump / adjustable-flow - max. 6 l/h, max. 3 bar | B series

The Dosing Pump is ideally designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - 0.65 - 861 ml/min, 10 - 120 rpm | PD 5001

The PD 5001, which is manufactured by Heidolph, is a pump drive that is suitable for use in applications such as transferring of fluids. The unit...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - 3.0 - 4 151 ml/min, 50 - 600 rpm | PD 5006

Pump Drive 5006 is a single-channel equipment that obtains optimal flow rate of 3.0 - 4.151 ml/min. It is constructed...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - 0.36 - 813 ml/min, 5 - 120 rpm | PD 5101

For reproducible results and liquid transfer

Control speed (rpm), direction and On/Off function
via analog interface for 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA

Adjust the variable speed from 5 - 120 rpm on
the analog control knob. Your speed is held
constant even under...

peristaltic pump / laboratory - 1.0 - 4 056 ml / min, 24 - 600 rpm | PD 5106

The Heidolph pump drive of the PD 5106 series features a 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA analog interface that enables the control of the speed (via analog control knob), from 24 to 600 RPM, with the...

peristaltic pump / compact / multi-channel - 5 µl,  3 ml/min

Modular Microliter Pump

The basic model with max. five flow channels can be extended up to 10 channels.

In every channel a defined volume can be conveyed independently of pressure fluctuations in neighbouring...

peristaltic pump / for abrasive fluids / for viscous fluids / for corrosive fluid - max. 66 000 l/h | ALH 10 - ALH 125

The ALH 10 - ALH 125 from Albin Pump AB, is a peristaltic pump for viscous, corrosive, abrasive, and high-purity fluids....

peristaltic pump / low-pressure - max. 10 m³/h | ALP09 - ALH 45

ALP low pressure peristaltic pump series is a set of industrial solution that operates functions for pumping...

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