Refrigeration compressors

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piston refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - max. 1 592 m³/h | Grasso V

The modern GEA Grasso V series is a piston compressor that features a maintenance monitor...

piston refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - max. 580 m³/h | Grasso 10 series

The GEA Grasso 10 series is a piston compressor featuring steel constructed compressor housing contributing to the composite valve material for high reliability and...

piston refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - max. 202 m³/h | Grasso 5HP

This GEA Grasso 5HP compressor is a 50bar compressor developed for the industrial refrigeration market. It’s ideal for use in CO2 cascade freezing application, and has a very low volume flow...

piston refrigeration compressor / open - max. 1 592 m³/h | Grasso 12 series

The GEA Grasso 12 compressors have a reputation of reliability in the most demanding circumstances at affordable prices. The GEA is specifically aimed at reduction of maintenance cost and serviceability.


screw refrigeration compressor / stationary / for industrial refrigeration - max. 372 m³/h, max. 52 bar | SH series

The GEA Grasso screw compressor SH series is a screw compressor that is available in four sizes that can cover swept volumes raingrin from 231 up to 372 m3/h. Its simple, yet compact design is an integration...

piston refrigeration compressor / hermetic - 220 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz | R134a series

These Danfoss compressors employ F, N, P, and T compressor series products. These are for R134a...

scroll refrigeration compressor / hermetic - 380 - 460 V, 50 - 60 Hz | SM, SY series

SM and SY Scroll compressors with R22 are tandem units designed for heat pump and air conditioning uses. These...

hermetic refrigeration compressor / scroll - 3.4 - 30 kW | MLZ, MLM, LFZ, MFZ

The MLZ and MLM series refrigeration scroll compressors of Danfoss are steadfast for light commercial and commercial refrigeration applications with refrigerants R404A, R507, R134a and R22. Each unit is very efficient, dependable,...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - DELTA series

The DELTA hermetic compressor series, manufactured by Secop, features a compact design with its low height, an innovative fixation system, a preassembled start equipment and a superior...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - KAPPA series

KAPPA compressors from KAPPA series are released as a core product from Secop and are very popular in the household market. Kappa compressors are designed specifically for household appliances, hence...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - ALPHA series

Secop presents high efficiency ALPHA compressors for household refrigeration. The advance dynamic compressor operates at high minimum speed and is capable to run continuously over longer periods...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - XV-KX series

The XV Compressor for R600A is the new variable capacity compressor introduced by Secop that offers excellent function with minimized noise of...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - DLX-KK.1 series

The new Secop DLX-KK.1 series of household compressors has been developed for use in conjunction with numerous household appliances. The unit...

refrigeration compressor - HCDB


compressor refrigeration compressor - CPDB

Material:SUS 316 or SUS 304

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - SmartPac™

The SMARTPAC™ HEATPUMP is a compressed package that controls the heat exchangers, screw...

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - RWF II

The Frick® RWF II is a line of compressor packages featuring 13 models, designed for use with halocarbon, ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigerants, and ranging in capacities from 592CFM to...

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - RXF

The Frick® RXF Compressor Package line includes 11 models ranging in capacity from 71 CFM through 569 CFM, designed for use with ammonia, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon refrigerants.


screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 700 - 10 000 m³/h | VMY

The Oil injected screw compressor VMY.36 by Aerzen is designed for processing gas...

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 444 - 2 700 m³/h  | VMY 56

The Aerzen Screw Compressors VMY are designed with oil injected compression and volume control functions for refrigeration...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - H series

Dorin’s line of semi-hermetic compressors is designed to be compatible with the technologies of new refrigerants and to meet the demands of today’s...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - HEX series

HEX compressors are designed in accordance with the safety requirements defined in ATEX 94-9-CE for use in flammable risky environments, including...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - HEP series

ECO PREMIUM DORIN has produced another reliable product in the HEP Series that includes their ECOM PREMIUM range, usually used in R134a...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - HI series

There are many INVERTER SYSTEM ADVANTAGES. INVERTER systems are used in tandem with refrigeration compressions. Leading manufacturers of refrigeration systems in the world as well as research institutes are studying ways and means to use this technology in appliances....

semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor - SCC series

Dorin SCC range is a complete range of subcritical semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors specifically developed for running with CO2. The compressors incorporate Dorin's vast experience in CO2 technology and are suitable for...

hermetic refrigeration compressor / scroll - 2 - 5 HP

Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor
With the broadest product line in the industry, Copeland Scroll compressors range from 1 to 60 HP and are installed in more than 100 million installations around the world. They have become the compressor of choice to lead the industry through...

hermetic refrigeration compressor / scroll - 145 °F

The latest generation of Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressors has been modified to include improvements in quality and performance. The modified Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor has...

hermetic refrigeration compressor / scroll - ZPK5

The Copeland Scroll™ ZPK5 Compressor draws its design from the proven Copeland Scroll platform and over 25 years of scroll technology development. It belongs to the next generation...

hermetic refrigeration compressor / scroll - ZRK5

The Copeland Scroll ZRK5 has been specifically designed for use in applications relating to residential and light commercial air conditioning....

hermetic refrigeration compressor / air conditioner - 7 - 15 HP

The 7-10 HP Compressor is a commercial compressor manufactured by Emerson. With the addition of the...

hermetic refrigeration compressor / variable-speed - 12 - 48 V | ASPEN

The most compact and light weight compressor comes in two designs of 1.4CC or...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - 2.4 - 4.03 cm³ | D series

With a very compact design, D range goes from 2,4 to 4,03 cc and...

air-cooled refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 4 - 9.9 cm³ | L series

With the most extended models and 3 levels of efficiency - Standard, High and Very High - using the optional run...

air-cooled refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 12 - 16 cm³ | P series

Together with the L range, our P models are the most used models offering 3 levels of efficiency - Standard, High, Very High - using...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - 16 - 23 cm³ | X series

The X range performs with high reliability and efficiency, with displacements from 16.0 to 23.0...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - 18 - 34.4 cm3 | S series

The S models are the top-capacity range of Cubigel Compressors® that goes from...

piston refrigeration compressor / hermetic - AJ series

The AJEK480TFZ (CAJ9480T) model of reciprocating compressors has an evaporating...

piston refrigeration compressor / hermetic - AH series

The series of reciprocating compressors from TECUMSEH are ideally used for applications...

piston refrigeration compressor / hermetic - CAJ series

The AJEK480TFZ is a reciprocating compressor manufactured by Tecumseh. It consists of a high start...

piston refrigeration compressor / hermetic - THG series

The THG1365YLS model of reciprocating compressors has an evaporating temperature range of -34.4°C...

piston refrigeration compressor / hermetic - 0.37 - 74 kW

Based on one technical concept, our semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors cover the entire spectrum of applications of conventional, chlorine-free HFC as well as natural refrigerants. They distinguish themselves by a robust...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 50 Hz | S series

We have developed these extremely economical reciprocating compressors which compress...

piston refrigeration compressor / open - 1450 - 1750 rpm

In the area of open type reciprocating compressors BITZER offers two series: One is specifically designed for all HFC refrigerants, the second series is designed...

open refrigeration compressor / for refrigerated transport - max. 970 cm³

Low weight and small dimensions are essential for mobile applications. These BITZER aluminum compressors are among the most compact of their kind...

screw refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - max. 963 m³/h, 50 - 90 Hz | HSK series

Our semi-hermetic screw compressors are designed for universal use in large commercial or industrial applications.

BITZER screw compressors excel through numerous benefits:

high cooling capacity and performance coefficient with and without economiser operation
integrated, efficient capacity control: 100 % – 75 % (nominal part...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 06D, 06E series

Carlyle's 06D Compressor
For more than three decades, our famous 06D and 06E semi-hermetic compressors...

two-stage refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - max. 30 Hp | 06CC series

In high-ambient environments, whether ongoing or during peak demand seasons, Carlyle Compound Cooling compressors offer serious performance advantages over single-stage compressors. Unlike single-stage compressors, Carlyle Compound Cooling...

piston refrigeration compressor / open - 5F, H series

Carlyle's 5F/H compressor is a workhorse when it comes to comfort cooling, industrial processes, low temperature food storage, and many other commercial...

twin-auger refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - Paragon series

Now you can have Carlyle efficiency, reliability and quality in one twin-screw compressor, the Paragon....

screw refrigeration compressor / open - 05T, 06T series

The Twin Screw was designed from the ground up to meet your needs now and in the years to come. It has no suction or discharge valves, so it handles liquid floodback...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 1 260 Btu/h | EG series

Ideal for domestic refrigeration, the Embraco EG range is a modern project...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 2 815 Btu/h | EM series

They are the best selling high-tech compressors sold in the world. They are...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 5 377 Btu/h | F series

The Embraco F series has three levels of efficiency (standard, medium and...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 715 Btu/h | VEG series

Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption in the same product: this is
the Embraco VEG series, compressors with...

hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 7 072 Btu/h | NE series

The Embraco NE series of compressors has two efficiency levels and...

single-stage refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - max. 281.3 m³/h | HG series

The HG model series consists of state-of-the-art classical suction gas-cooled compressor technology.

Special features:
- Outstanding running comfort
- Efficiency and reliability on the highest level of quality
- Service-friendly, e.g....

single-stage refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - max. 122.4  m³/h | HA series

The HA-system - the best solution for deep-freezing!

Special features:
- Direct intake with external ventilation

semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 48.2 m³/h | HGX series

Based on our current semi-hermetic product range, with its outstanding advantages and features, as well as the derived and long-used basic range, there is now a perfectly matched compressor series available for...

semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor - max. 30.2 m³/h | HGX series

Transcritical CO2 applications are still in the development phase
- They require a completely new kind of system and control
- They are not a general solution for the substitution of F-gases
- Therefore, we would specifically draw your attention to the fact that this information is presented according to our current...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - max. 33.1 m³/h, max. 35 bar  | HG R407C series

Based on our currents semi-hermetic product range, with its outstanding advantages and features, there is now a compressor series available for the use with the refrigerant R407C...

screw refrigeration compressor / hermetic - 80 - 800 kW

High efficiency refrigerant compressor of new generation.
Optimized design.
High reliability.
Complete models.
High performance.

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 30 - 260 kW

High efficiency refrigeration compressor.
For medium temperature refrigeration application.
Complete models.
High performance.

screw refrigeration compressor / hermetic - 37 - 75 kW

High efficiency refrigeration two-stage compressor of new generation.
For low temperature refrigeration application.
Complete models.

hermetic refrigeration compressor / scroll - 48 - 92 kW

High efficiency compressor for air-condition.
Low vibration, low noise and high reliability.

scroll refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 29 - 55 kW

High efficiency compressor for hot application of new generation.
For double effect application.

hermetic refrigeration compressor - 9,000 - 287,300 Btu/h | L, M,R series

VStar Variable Speed Compressor

Proven Benchmark Quality-Built on Solid H82J Platform

Infinite compressors capacity range
30-100% in cooling
30% boost in heating...

open refrigeration compressor - F, AM series

Hallmark offers two different models of open compressor, AM motor compressor and F open type compressor.

F Open type compressor

The F model series offers open compressors for external drive (via V-belt or clutch). The compressor design is...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - H series

The latest range from Hallmark is the Pluscom series, which are small-capacity compressors for shops and counter installation with extremely compact dimensions and quiet operation....

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - HG, HA series

Hallmark offers two different models of semi-hermetic compressor, HA air cooled and HG suction gas cooled which can be supplied as a compressor unit and air cooled condensing unit.

HG (Semi-hermetic Gas Cooled)
The semi-hermetic gas...

semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor / light - 50 Hz, max. 828 m³/h | HSM/L series

Designed for medium and low temperature applications

Developed for parallel multi compressor systems
Improved machine clearance control for maximum efficiency
Designed and...

screw refrigeration compressor / open - max. 2 486 m3/h | HSO series

Overview of HSO Open type compressors
Models available

HSO 3200 4 sizes: 3216, 3218, 3220 & 3221
Displacement at 50Hz: 286/343/415/469 m3/h

HSO 4200 4 sizes: 4221, 4222, 4223 & 4224

twin-auger refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 40 - 240 HP | SW series

Semi-hermetic twin screw compressors for installation with external oil separator.
Specifically design for refrigeration applications at medium and low evaporating temperatures.
Refrigerants: R22, R407C, R404A, R507.
40¸250 HP (MT) or 30¸230 HP (LT) for SW
40¸80 HP (MT) or 30¸50 HP (LT) for...

twin-auger refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 118 - 1100 m³/h, 40 - 390 HP | SRC-XS series

Semi-hermetic twin screw compressors with high efficiency integrated oil separator.
Air conditioning (AC) and medium evaporating temperature (MT) applications.
Refrigerants: R22, R407C, R404A-R507, R134a.
40¸390 HP for SRC-S screw compressors.
40¸60 HP for ultra-compact SRC-XS modular screw compressors.
Capacity control (SRC-S compressors)...

twin-auger refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 175 - 1100 m³/h, 40 - 300 HP | 134-XS series

Semi-hermetic twin screw compressors with high efficiency integrated oil separator.
Air conditioning (AC) and medium evaporating temperature (MT) applications.

twin-auger refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 378 - 1540 m³/h, 100 - 420 HP | 134-IS series

New compressor dedicated to R134a and with built-in VFD
Extremely limited dimensions
Easy installation
Cooling of the integrated VFD by refrigerant...

piston refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic - 203 - 324.5 m³/h | SRC-F series

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors
Air conditioning (AC) and medium evaporating temperature (MT) application. Marine application.
Replaceable cylinder sleeves, ring type...

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 37 kW | LCU-500KVSPJ

This series of products are mainly applied for food quick freezen,...

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 45 kW | LCU-600KVSPJ

Name: Inverter Screw Compressor Unit

Code: 91166620

Evaporating Temp.: -60℃ - -30℃

Ambient Temp.:...

screw refrigeration compressor / for industrial refrigeration - 180 kW | LCU-2401KVSMPJ

Name: Inverter Screw Compressor Unit

Code: 91158020

Evaporating Temp.: -60℃ - -30℃

Ambient Temp.:...

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