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rotary vane pump / hydraulic - V series

Incorporating an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design technology, Eaton V Series pumps provide long operating life,...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - V10, V20 series

Available with incorporated flow control valves that simplify system architecture and installation, the V10...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / high-pressure - VMQ series

Equipped with a bi-metallic wafer plate design, the VMQ Series of fixed displacement vane...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - VQ(H) series

The VQ and VQH Series of displacement vane pumps from Eaton all sport intra-vane cartridge designs. These designs enable the pumps longer operating lifespans, extensive...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - VQ(H) series

The Parker CK features a design characterized by a 10 vane to cope with the needed higher operating pressures and shaft speeds of mobile...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic - 320 bar

The vane pump, fixed displacement division of Parker are specifically designed fir low and high circuits. It integrates different cartridges in double and triple...

rotary vane pump / high-temperature - 5.9 - 7.2 l/min, max. 17 bar | V125X

Flojets new V-Jet pump heads are backed by almost 50 years of market experience from the technology leader in beverage dispensing.

Zero brass content
Motor driven, dropin replacement for existing clamp on rotary vane products
50% of the weight...

rotary vane pump / transfer / diesel / self-priming  - max. 110 m³/h | P series

Your solution for highly viscous products (Up to 110 m3/h) 12 bars.

P-series vane pumps cover a large range of applications,
from fluid to very viscous products, whether they are
non-lubricating, abrasive or corrosive.

rotary vane pump / transfer - max. 80 m³/h | CC8 series

Your solution for Petroleum product transfer on tanker
(Up to 80 m3/h) 8 bars.

Integrated By-pass avoiding any over pressure

rotary vane pump / transfer / rotary for bio-fuel / self-priming  - max. 25 l/min | VISCOTROLL AC

Viscotroll. Mobile transfer unit. Can be connected to any power socket without requiring compressed air.
Supplied with self-priming pump, to ensure constant silent delivery...

rotary vane pump / transfer / diesel / self-priming  - max. 85 l/min | BIPUMP

Fuel vane pumps. Displacement, rotary vane pumps for transferring diesel fuel, characterized...

rotary vane pump / transfer / diesel / self-priming  - max. 50 l/min | BP 3000 DC

BP 3000 DC series fuel transfer pump is optimized with improved displacement and self-priming functions. It is designed in a rotary electric vane layout, enabling the...

rotary vane pump / transfer / diesel / self-priming  - max. 70 l/min | CARRY

The PIUSI CARRY 3000 is a pump utilized for transferring diesel fuel....

rotary vane pump / transfer / diesel / self-priming  - max. 100 l/min | E80/E120

The E80 - E120 model engineered by Piusi, is a diesel transfer pump, consisting of a displacement and self priming...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - 16 - 150 cm³/rev, 210 - 300 bar | PFE series

There are three basic models of the Atos PFE vane pumps available. These fixed-displacement cartridge...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic - 1,5 - 269 cm³/rev | TDZ

TDZ vane pumps and motors are manufactured in a wide range of displacement, from 1,5c.c./rev. to 269 c.c./rev for single pumps.


rotary vane pump / self-priming  - 23 - 379 l/min | ProVane® series

Now higher speeds and greater capacities in a motor speed vane pump are available with the new Blackmer ProVane® Motor Speed Pump Series,...

rotary vane pump / self-priming  - max. 12.1 bar | GX, X series

Features and Benefits:
Integral head mounted gear reduction drive with oil lubricated, hardened helical gears.
Gear shafts are supported at both ends by ball bearings for smooth operation and long life.
Splined reducer and pump shafts with dowel mounted reducer case simplifies...

rotary vane pump / self-priming  - max. 17.2 bar | HXL series

Designed for high volume transfer of non-corrosive liquids ranging in viscosity from thin solvents to heavy oils and molasses. HXL pumps are specially suited for barge, ship and terminal operations where their self-priming and high suction lift capabilities enable them to strip tanks and barges...

rotary vane pump / magnetic-drive - 14 - 215 gpm | SMVP series

Blackmer has combined our proven sliding vane design with a seal-less magnetic coupling to meet...

rotary vane pump / stainless steel - max. 1 040 l/min, max. 13.79 bar | SNP series

Blackmer SNP pumps are typically used in handling a variety of corrosive or caustic fluids such as acids, brines and liquid foods such as sugars, syrups, beer, beet juice, cider and flavor extracts.

Features and Benefits:
316 stainless steel construction with metallized carbon sleeve...

flexible rotary-vane pump - max. 55 l/min, max. 1 bar | F series

Multipurpose flexible bronze impeller pump for battery operated applications.

These impeller 12/24 V DC close-coupled...

flexible rotary-vane pump - max. 37.5 m³/h, max. 2.5 bar | FB series

The bronze series of flexible impeller pumps from Johnson Pump comprises two series of bronze pedestal pumps -8 and -3000. Both series...

flexible rotary-vane pump - max. 30 m³/h, max. 4 bar | FIP series

Industrial flexible impeller pump for standard and hygienic applications

Polished stainless steel for hygienic applications
Industrial stainless steel for standard, non-sanitary applications
Bronze for non-corrosive duties


flexible rotary-vane pump - 15 - 55 l/min | F series

F2P10-19, F3B-19, F4B-19, F5B-19 12V or 24V DC 12V & 24V DC

With their high level of flexibility, the DC driven pumps from SPX Johnson Pump can be used for a variety of different applications and are ideal as deck wash pumps. Not to be...

rotary vane pump / miniature - 4.5 - 12 VDC, max. 1 l/min | 140 FZ


power source [Vdc] 4.5 - 12
motor type skew wound...

flexible rotary-vane pump - max. 3.8 gpm, max. 10 psi | 3000 series

Features :

- Self priming to 7 1/2 vertical feet (2.3m)
- Maximum head of 23 feet (10 PSI) (.7 bar)
- Liquid temps from 40ºF (5ºC) to 185ºF (85ºC)

rotary vane pump / stainless steel - max. 36 m³/h, max. 14 bar | LVP series

High pressure and high efficiency with thin liquids.
Pump design offers ANSI or DIN flanges, and IEC or NEMA motor...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic - 40 MPa | PV series

There is a variety of vane pumps from low-noise low-
pulsation, small-capacity models to low-noise high...

rotary vane pump / direct-drive - TM series

Model TM Magnet Drive Rotary Vane Pump
Flow to 1250 LPH (330 GPH)

The principle of...

rotary vane pump / miniature - CA, MA series

The CA & MA series compact rotary vane pumps are the smallest of a family of positive displacement pumps. Capable of high performance despite their small...

flexible rotary-vane pump - max. 200 psi, max.144 gph | PA series

The PA series rotary vane pumps are available in 8 displacements to achieve the desired flow rate when close coupled to a motor and operated at the motor rpm. The pump housing is brass. The rotor is AISI 303 stainless...

rotary vane pump / magnetic-drive - 30 - 200 lph | TM

The principle of the magnet drive is the driving force of the pole-to-pole alignment of 2 magnets. The driven magnet is attached to the pump shaft within the pump, while the driving magnet is attached to the motor shaft and closely located...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - 4.7 - 61.5 l/min, 138 - 172 bar | HV10, HV20 series

HV10 / HV20 Series are fixed displacement and balanced type vane pumps. With compact sizes, they are available in single pumps and double pumps for both industrial and mobile application.
The vane design with self compensation for wear and clearances makes volumetric efficiency of pump nearly constant over the service life. (the vanes always...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - 4.7 - 61.5 l/min, 138 - 172 bar | HV2010, HV2020 series

The HV2010 and HV2020 series of double pumps are utilized in both industrial and mobile application. Possessing a vane design that reduces wear and clearances, the volumetric ability of the pump is constant...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / fixed-displacement - 11.3 - 363.4 l/min, 138 - 206 bar | HV, HVQ series

HVQ/HV Series are vane pumps of balanced type and fixed displacement. They are available for any industrial application with quiet 12-vane design and also for any mobile application (having wider speed range and higher pressure)...

rotary vane pump / high-pressure / high-flow - max. 240 bar | HT6C , HT6D, HT7E series

HT6C, HT6D and HT7E Series are fixed displacement and balanced type single vane pumps. The pump is designed for higher operating pressure and greater flow at the same housing size.

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / high-pressure - max. 280 bar | HT6GC series

The HT6GC range of sole vane pumps can be accompanied by a PTO. Through its...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / high-pressure - max. 280 bar | HT6GC series

This rotary vane pump from Eckerle engineered with a design that provides operators with an extended operational...

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