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slot milling cutter - Multi-Cut, Jet-Cut

These milling cutters permit pocket and slot milling (2D) as well...

slot milling cutter - Multi-Cut, Jet-Cut

Whether in the steel industry or the automotive field – LMT's indexable inserts are demonstrating their capabilities in more and more new applications in the field of turning and rotary shaving. One example from the steel industry: using the new LC218E...

slot milling cutter - Multi-Cut, Jet-Cut

Large components, high feed rates and maximum cutting depths take machining tools to the very limit in heavy-duty cutting. In light of the extreme pressures involved it is crucial that the cutting material...

slot milling cutter - Multi-Cut, Jet-Cut

During hard turning the stiffness of the overall system is crucial in relation to the tool life that can be achieved. Here, above all, relative movement between...

slot milling cutter - Multi-Cut, Jet-Cut

Recently added to the Alberti portfolio available from Nikken are live tooling options for CNC Lathes and Multi-Axis machining centres.

The extensive range offers numerous driven output and chucking choices for machine...

grooving tool - GT series

The "Grooving Tool" is used for cutting circular grooves on...

turning tool - AC700G

AC900G new developed carbide grade for steel and cast iron
This new ACE-coated Premium-grade AC900G...

grooving tool - GWB

Our new double clamped toolholder and vertically mounted Sumiboron grooving inserts maximise rigidity when plunge and side...

turning tool - ANSI Combo

ANSI Combo Toolholders

- A multiple-clamp and lock pin design for NC/CNC...

turning tool - Pinlock

• Qualified holders that conform to ISO-ANSI standards and utilize TORX* holding...

turning tool - Swiss

• For conventional non-NC machines

turning tool - Ace-Fix

• Unique Sumitomo Standard multiple lock design.
• “Wedge...

grooving tool - GND

Featuring high rigidity bodies and single-piece special steel construction, the GND produces less chatter and eliminates vibration....

turning tool - Top Duty

For large part machining in the wind power, shipbuilding and power plant industries


machine tools turning tool - Top Feed

HF chipbreaker
For high feed machining

Maximum edge life for turning: Double sided and 6 cutting edges

turning tool - Top Mini

Back clamping holder
Quick change holder for swiss type lathes

Quick insert...

small part machining turning tool - Top Mini

ing bar and insert for small component machining
New range of inserts and boring bars suitable for the turning of small workpieces

Insert Features

turning tool with internal coolant - Modular Bar

Head exchangeable modular boring bar

Auto-centring and excellent...

turning tool - HSK-T

HSK-T interface was developed to maximize...

outdoor turning tool / indoor - TURNINGA series

Higher indexing accuracy and clamping rigidity with a double clamping...

turning tool - TURNFEED series

TAC Toolholders for Super High...

parting and grooving tool - TETRACUT

Ground insert with 4 cutting edges

small part machining turning tool - J series

New free-cutting chipbreakers for burrless machining.
●Sharp cutting edges just fit for low-feed machining inherent to small-lathe turning.

slot milling cutter - TECSLOT

Highly rigid cutter body

slot milling cutter - TECSLOT

Vargus, a pioneer in its field, developed the Vardex indexable laydown thread...

grooving tool - Mini-V

The all-in-one boring, grooving and threading tool for miniature...

micro grooving tool - micrOscope

Groovex solutions for micro grooving, boring and
threading in...

slot milling cutter - ø 1/4

Shank Diameter Same as Flute Diameter
Plain Shank, No Flats

slot milling cutter - ø 1/2

Medium Hardness Materials
Plunge, Slot and Ramp

swiss lathe grooving tool - WhizFix

WhizCut has the best solution to all indexing problems in Swiss type automatics. By making it easy to index the insert from the opposite side...

turning tool with internal coolant - WhizHip

WhizHip is a series of tool holders with high pressure coolant for Swiss type lathes. The high pressure coolant is lead through the tool holder and exits at an optimal angle between the cutting edge and chip to cool the insert and to cut off the building chips. Most tool holders use standard ⅛...

turning tool - J series

Tool holder with WhizFix clamping for straight turning, copy turning, groove turning and profile turning.

Tool holder with conventional center-lock screw for straight turning, copy turning, groove turning and profile turning.

WPJ Coolant Through...

parting and grooving tool - K series

Tool holder with WhizFix pin clamping for grooving, threading, parting off and back turning.

Tool holder with center-lock screw for grooving, threading, parting off and back turning.

WPK Coolant Through Tool Holder
Tool holder with WhizFix pin...

parting and grooving tool - K series

WhizCut offers a complete range of carbide cutting tools specially...

slot milling cutter - ø 25 - 50 mm | M16 series

Features and Benefits

turning tool - WMT™

WMT™ Grooving,...

grooving tool -  NS series

Perfect for shallow grooving operations, the WIDIA TopGroove clamping system provides a
complete line of grooving geometries and an extensive grade selection to meet even the most
demanding application requirements. For increased rigidity, versatility,...

grooving tool - ProGroove™

• Single-end grooving and cut-off inserts.

parting tool - HP Dura-Blade™

Wilson Tools HP Dura-Blade™ is designed specifically for parting applications to help maximize your productivity. Dura-Blade features a push button adjustment system and quick release stripper plate for fast and easy tool changes. Dura-Blade...

slot milling cutter - ø 0.093

Engineered with a solid carbide construction to
improve cutting action while minimizing vibration,

grooving tool - ø 0.017

Shank Diameter -.0001 to -.0003"
Minimum Hole Dia. +.000 -.005"

forehead grooving tool / for O-rings - ø 0.25

Shank Diameter:
-.0001" to-.0003"

indoor threading tool - ø 0.04

Shank Diameter:
-.0001 "-.0003"

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