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voltage detector - 10 - 50 V

The super-lite digital volmeter from Success is designed to measure the voltage of all kinds of batteries that has output DC voltage between 10V and 50V. It has a fast...

battery tester - 6, 12 V | BT-101, BT202, DC-12

The SUPER-LITE 6V & 12V Battery Tester is highly designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality...

battery tester - 12 - 16 V

This Mobile Automotive Power Checker is high-tech, low cost intelligent checker which can determine low electrolyte level , poor contact caused by terminal oxidation, loose terminal, deteriorated Plate /Cell and unstable charging system due to under...

battery tester - 30 - 75 Ah | VBC - 45, VBC - 75

The QPS® Battery and Alternator Checker from Success is used to determine the functional state...

battery tester - 5.75 - 19.99 V | Chek-A-Cell™

The Triplett Chek-A-Cell™ is a reliable multi-battery tester with a large, bright LED display. It can load test...

voltage tester - 110 - 125 V AC | Plug-Bug™ 2

The Triplett Plug-Bug™ 2 is an accurate GFCI Receptacle Tester. With its simple...

AC voltage detector - 30 - 600 V | Sniff-It™

The Triplett Sniff-It™ is a rugged AC Voltage detector with a built-in flashlight. It offers high...

AC voltage detector - 5 - 600 V | Sniff-It™ 2

The Triplett Sniff-It™ 2 is a high performance AC Voltage detector with adjustable sensitivity....

AC voltage detector - 5 - 600 V | Sniff-It™ 2

Analogue Meters

Square switch panel meters compliant with DIN 43700
Edgewise and slim-line meters
Measuring meters with front-mounted, rear-mounted or panel-mounted housings
Miniature indicators
Square switch panel meters compliant with DIN 43700


AC voltage detector - 5 - 600 V | Sniff-It™ 2

Front frame dimensions: 48x24 mm, 72x24 mm, 96x24 mm,...

AC voltage detector - 5 - 600 V | Sniff-It™ 2

Voltage safety probe


AC voltage detector - 5 - 600 V | Sniff-It™ 2

The Entes Voltmeter is made for measuring...

electric measuring device / analog - 5 - 5 000 A, 2 000 V

Analog Panelmeter
Sigma Analog Panelmeters are produced according to TS 5590 EN 60051-2 standards for measuring AC current and Voltage in 96x96 mm and 72x72 sizes. Analog Type Ammeters are suitable for...

voltmeter digital / high-voltage - 20 - 70 kV | 4600B series

4600B Series Precision High Voltage Meter
The Vitrek 4600 Hi-Voltage DVM is a highly accurate instrument designed for high voltage measurements and calibration of high voltage power supplies, HV hipot testers, meggers, HV Probes, TV’s and other high...

voltmeter digital / high-voltage - 4700

The new Vitrek 4700 Precision High Voltage Meter offers the highest level of measurement accuracy, yet with its color touch screen - is surprisingly easy to use. Vitrek has harnessed DSP technology to provide outstanding AC &DC voltage accuracy, stability and resolution. Performance that rivals traditional HV reference dividers, yet unlike the delicate...

voltmeter analog / AC - 1 - 800 V  | KA-241

Rugged Westinghouse Designs
Switchboard and Panel Styles
High Accuracy, Full View...

voltmeter analog / DC - 1 - 750 V | K-221 series

Rugged Westinghouse Designs
Switchboard and Panel Styles
High Accuracy, Full View Construction

voltmeter analog / DC - 1 - 800 V | UX-251 series

Type K-251 instruments are an updated version of the conventional 100 degree switchboard instruments which have set the standards of performance. They have capabilities in performance, sensitivity and flexibility which cannot be...

voltmeter analog / AC - 150 - 600 V | E251 series

Type E-251 instruments provide a Convenient, economical means of monitoring
electrical power at the point of use. The
instruments plug into standard watt/hour
meter sockets which...

voltmeter analog / AC - 1.5 - 600 V | GA series

20/20 instruments have neat, clean
lines which harmonize with highly
styled electronic components....

voltage tester / non-contact - 90 - 1000 V AC | HP-700B

Measure Range : 50~1000 ACV.
Frequency range:50Hz~500Hz

voltmeter digital - max. 999 A | 7KT1

These devices are designed for measuring voltages and currents and can be used for monitoring input and output currents or device currents in electric...

voltmeter digital - max. 999 A | 7KT1

The Siemens UHV DC voltage divider offers the DC control system a DC voltage gauging signal. This is based on innovations utilized in high...

voltmeter digital - max. 999 A | 7KT1

The Non-Loading kV Metering Kit from Nordson measures real time output voltages of most liquid and powder coating applications with immense precision...

voltage tester - 913-T

VDE 0105-12l measures the flow of electrical current by placing an electrical...

voltage tester - 10554

EURO voltage tester screwdriver is made according to the new EN standard,...

voltage tester - 1498

The 2-Pole Voltage Testers is a tool used for creating and assessing voltage...

voltage tester - 247 UL

The WERA 247 UL is a single pole voltage tester. The instrument is crafted...

battery tester - 100 Ah | TBP 100

The TBP 100 Series, manufactured by GYS, is a battery tester suitable to use for lead...

battery tester - TBP 500

The TBP 500 is suitable for use in testing the starting capacity, and charge level...

battery diagnostic tester / digital - 20 - 150 Ah | BT 111 DHC

The BT111 DHC tester from GYS is ideally used for applications that are concerned with checking lead battery status...

battery diagnostic tester / digital - 20 - 150 Ah | BT 222 DHC

The BT 222 DHC by GYS is a digital battery diagnostic tester which is designed to test all type of led battery such as liquid, gel...

battery diagnostic tester / digital - 4 - 150 Ah | BT 280 DHC

The BT280 DHC tester from GYS is ideally used for applications that are concerned with checking lead battery status. It deals...

electric field measuring device / voltage - Meech 984v2 Ion Sensor

The 984v2 Ion Sensor is suitable for checking the performance of both the AC and DC powered eliminator...

high-voltage detector - 3.3 - 30 kV | TensION

The TensION, manufactured by SimcoIon, is a high-voltage detector which is used to check AC/DC Simco-Ion discharging and charging device....

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