Acoustic transducers

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digital microphone / MEMS - MP34DB series

MEMS microphones can review all audio needs where size and quality are important. This is based off of Omrons sensor controls and uses price points created by electret condenser microphones to...

digital microphone / MEMS - MP34DB series

Atksinson offers a microphone designed specifically to inhibit background noise up to...

wireless speaker-microphone - Ex-RSM Aurelis BT

The Ex-RSM Aurelis BT is a wireless speaker microphone, manufactured by ecom instruments GmbH. The device is a intrinsically safe remote speaker...

speaker-microphone - Ex-TRA 80* Aurelis

The Ex-TRA 80* Aurelis series is the first audio accessory,...

speaker-microphone - Ex-TRA 80* Aurelis


The VAP30 is a heavy-duty indoor microphone unit designed to allow public address/paging system. The VAP30 can be supplied certified to provide safe operation in potentially...

speaker-microphone - Legacy

Heavy-duty cable assembly with strain relief

speaker-microphone - Pro Series 50

Ideal for sporting, event planning, casino and hospitality industries

speaker-microphone - Pro Series 100

Ideal for basic security, maintenance, recreation and light-manufacturing industies

speaker-microphone - Pro Series 200

Field replaceable, heavy-duty cable assembly with quick disconnect RJ45 connector
Durable design and construction...

speaker-microphone - Evolution H20

Designed to withstand prolonged exposure to water and temperature extremes
Durable design and construction to meet MIL-STD-810...

speaker-microphone - max. 170 mA | MHPT

Microphone speaker

Dimensions (L x W x D): 90 x 55 x 24mm.

dynamic loudspeaker - 90 dB/10 cm | NDT-03C


Upper sound port
Flat frequency response...

dynamic loudspeaker - 93 dB/10 cm | SAE-20A


Upper sound port
Flat frequency...

dynamic loudspeaker - max. 86 dB/10 cm | SAC-30C


Wide-band speaker from 440Hz to 3KHz
Besides the usual playback...

dynamic loudspeaker - max. 90 dB/10 cm | SAG-40C


Rich sound output & flat frequency...

speaker-microphone - A4

The Weatherproof Telephone Sunder D15 is designed to help users create their own 10W IP speaker or intercom station. These are modifiable devices with an intercom module that helps to meet various needs for VoIP. The...

speaker-microphone - A4 L

The SIP speaker A4 is designed with HD audio quality for indoor and outdoor environments. It is engineered with a consistent noise cancellation and a 10W class D amplifier. This tool can work with a...

digital microphone / MEMS - 1x1 mm | AKU2002C

The AKU2002C/CH is a top-port digital-output microphone that integrates an acoustic transducer, analog output amplifier, and sigma-delta modulator on a single chip. With an industry standard 3.76mm x 4.72mm footprint, the AKU2002C/CH has been designed with enhanced robustness for improved...

digital microphone / MEMS / for PCs / embedded - AKU2002

Akustica's AKU2002 Digital Microphones enable computer manufacturers to simply and economically implement optimized microphone arrays that offer users a dramatically enhanced audio experience.

Acoustic microstructures...

digital microphone / MEMS / for micro camera modules - 750 μA | AKU2004

The AKU2004 is a top ported, surface mountable, digital output microphone
designed for microphone arrays integrated on camera modules. As a full Voice-to- Bits™ digital audio solution, the AKU2004 handles the analog voice signal arriving at the transducer through several levels of on chip processing until...

analog microphone / MEMS - 2x2x1.25 mm | AKU1126

The 2mm x 2mm AKU1126 CMOS MEMS analog output microphone is the world’s smallest microphone that uses standard semiconductor packaging and materials. Leveraging Akustica’s 1mm x 1mm CMOS MEMS microphone die, the AKU1126 is also the world’s first and only single chip MEMS microphone which integrates the transducer and associated circuitry on a single piece of silicon. In contrast...

dynamic headset - F/DHW 1

Sensitivity (dB) at µ24W, 1 kHz
99 +/-1
Impedance (Ώ) at 1kHz

dynamic headset - F-R-P37.8-01

Sensitivity (dB) at µ24W, 1 kHz
89 +/-2
Impedance (Ώ) at 1kHz

dynamic headset - F-R-P37.8HA-01

Sensitivity (dB) at µ24W, 1 kHz
96 +/-3
Impedance (Ώ) at 1kHz

dynamic headset - F-R-W-28

Sensitivity (dB) at 60mW, 1 kHz
91 +/-2
Impedance (Ώ) at 1kHz

dynamic headset - F-R-W-15-FD

Speaker Part

Impedance (Ώ) at 1,5kHz / 1V
8 +/-15%
Rated Power (W)
Max. Power (W)
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/10cm)

microphone - PTT

3M id. XH001654561


microphone - MT21E

Goose neck speech microphone

microphone - EX

EX approved adapters

Ex I M1 Ex ia I
Ex II 2G Ex...

speaker-microphone - PTT

Adapters for connecting 3M™ Peltor™ Ground Mechanic Headsets to aircraft.

Built into a functional, watertight,...

speaker-microphone - C-C500

SAVOX® C-C500 is a remote speaker microphone (lapel mic) that can be used with or without a headset. As a communication solution, it provides various optional functions...

speaker-microphone - PTT-250

A durable Push To Talk unit for versatile use. When...

microphone - T-M/T-C

A comfortable throat Mic for communication in...

wireless speaker-microphone - RSM-65

A wireless speaker microphone for rugged use....

wireless speaker-microphone - RSM-55

A wireless speaker microphone for use with mobile phones...

piezoelectric loudspeaker - ø 54 - 170 mm | ASXXXAW3PF1 series

Parametric speaker utilizing ultrasonic wave has very sharp directivity with the energy traveling...

buzzer - 6 - 230 V, 90 dB | 382 series

The 382 Series of Buzzers is built with a continuous type of tone...

buzzer - 6 - 230 V, 90 dB | 382 series

* This Universal Buzzer module is suitable for acoustic signalling in the most diverse applications. The tones are configured according...

vibrating loudspeaker - 84 dB | VS-A1630

The design of the vibration speaker is...

vibrating loudspeaker - 87 dB | VS-A1643

The design of the vibration speaker is...

buzzer - 725, 730 series

* Low voltage
* Attractive snap on covers
* Fully enclosed
* Satin aluminum finish
* Cat. No. 725 - enclosed binding posts

buzzer - 65 - 75 dB, 230 V | EM

AC buzzer for use in electrical appliances


buzzer - ø 25 - 66 mm | 256, 306, 606, 606N

256 / 306 / 606 / 606N
- Less power...

buzzer - ø 22 - 25 mm

226 (MD / MA) / 256 (MD / MA)
- Less power consuming

electret microphone - ø 4 - 9.7 mm, 2 - 4.5 V | CME, CMR, CMC, CMI, CMB, CMP

CME-1538-100LB 4.0 mm Electret Condenser Microphone, Omnidirectional, Wire Leads, 2.0 Vdc, IP67
CMR-2747PB-A 6.0 mm Electret Condenser Microphone, Noise Cancelling, PC Mount, 2.0 Vdc
CMR-5054TB-A 6.0 mm Electret Condenser Microphone, Noise Cancelling, Terminal Mount, 2.0 Vdc
CMC-2742WBL-25L 6.0 mm Electret Condenser Microphone, Omnidirectional, Lead Wires, 2.0...

dynamic loudspeaker - ø 10 - 305 mm

Low Profile: 10-29 mm
Low Profile: 30-39 mm
Low Profile: 40-49 mm
Low Profile:...

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