Acoustic transducers

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This range of audible alarm components (both buzzer and siren types) is designed as enhancements...


The bells and buzzers, manufactured by Siemens, are built to be utilized in residential and non-residential...


Mounting cut-out Ø 22.5 mm
Design raised

Mounting cut-out Ø 16 mm
Design raised

Mounting cut-out 21.2...


The BM is an extremely small design, with two buzzer sounds, that is ideal for installation on control panels...


Weatherproof buzzer for outdoor applications

The weatherproof buzzer is used as warning device in rail-bound vehicles.

The device is sealed to IP65....


Buzzer OKJNSG+SG-24V
operating voltage: 12 ... 24V AC/DC
operating current: max. 30mA
signal frequency:...


LED permanent beacon with additional continuous tone for two-stage...

LED permanent beacon with switchable continuous tone for two-stage signalling

Maintenance-free operation with life duration of up...

Maintenance-free operation with life duration of up to 50,000 hrs

Application-specific setting of continuous...


The F100T Electronic Waterproof Horn is powerful (100 dB @ 1 m), robust (IP65) and compact.


3 alarm tones
Wide voltage range
Volume Control
High degree of Ingress protection (IP65)

Technical characteristics

Product name : Electronic...

The O50BE is a buzzer with a mounting hole of diameter 22 mm. It consumes very low energy and has a pulsating tone.


Very low energy consumption
Panel mount Buzzer

107 - Waterproof Buzzer IP65

A mini buzzer with a pre-drilled Ø22, 5 mm hole for installation. It is waterproof (IP65), consumes very low energy and has a pulsating tone.


Waterproof Buzzer (IP65)
Easy installation (removable...

This Panel mount buzzer 95 dB, IP 66 has dual built-in tones, continuous and intermittent.


Wide voltage ranges
High degree of Ingress protection (IP66)
Integrated panel mount buzzer
Cable lugs

Technical characteristics

Product name : Waterproof panel...

High output panel mount Buzzer 105dB
Casing: Black ABS

Technical characteristics

Product name : High output panel mount Buzzer IP30
Sound pressure level : 105 dB
Number of...


- Medium duty mechanical actuator

- AC Buzzer
- Easy screw mount


MG-3530 Mounting Base c/w Buzzer is designed for indoor use.


Xenon Lamp Strobe type of integrated product with a built-in strong sound buzzer
Possible to transmit both visual and audible...

Small sized product with beautiful appearance and can be easily installed in a limited...


The trumpet horn has been designed to provide an effective penetrating low frequency buzzer sound which is generated electronically, replacing the traditional electro-mechanical generator.
They produce...

Signalling Horns with Trumpets

H100T & H110T are very high output electronic signal horns capable of generating a traditional 'buzzer' warning tone traditionally associated with electro-mechanical signals - H100T up to 100dB(A)...

H100BX Signal Horn & Xenon Strobe Beacon

Rated for continuous use the H100 series is a compact, high output signal suitable for a variety of...

H100B Signalling Horn

The H100 series contains two variants of signalling horn, the H100T with trumpet horn and the compact H100B without trumpet horn. Both electronic...

IS-pA1 Panel Mount Sounder

The IS-pA1 is a compact, panel mount 90dB(A) intrinsically safe alarm buzzer.

Producing a high frequency continuous tone, the IS-pA1 can be pulsed...


BUZZER (ADP16B series)
‧ Multi design to fit with different panel ;easy With...


Piezoelectric Buzzer is a self drive type piezoelectric sounder with built-in...


The RO: Buzzers sre designed for maximum control and command of electrical circuits,...


MEMS microphones can review all audio needs where size and quality are important. This is based off of Omrons sensor controls and uses price points created by electret condenser microphones to...


comprehensive range of visual-audible signalling products with dominant beacon and additional buzzer indicator
for most different visual-audible signalling requirements in the industry, process...

# modular system with bayonet locking system
# complete range of visual-audible options

universally useable panel mount buzzer with LED control light
sizes 65 mm - 45 mm diameter
panel mount buzzer - LED control light
sound and light...

# loud universally useable panel mount buzzers
# sizes 65 - 45 - 30 mm diameter

# panel mount buzzers with wide voltage range
# ~ 90 dB sound pressure for universal...


Monoblock buzzers are used as sound indicators in


acoustic signaling device for 22.5 mm and 28.6 mm mounting holes

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