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bulk material flow meter - 3 - 200 t/h, max. 65 °C | SITRANS WF100

SITRANS WF100 flowmeter is a low to medium capacity flowmeter meant to be used in various product sizes, densities and fluidity in constricted areas. Hence, it can easily handle fine...

bulk material flow meter - 200 - 900 t/h, max. 100 °C | SITRANS WF200, 250

SITRANS WF200 and WF250 flowmeters are medium to high capacity flowmeters for various product sizes, densities, and fluidities.
Operating with a microprocessor based integrator package, the WF200 series flowmeters display flow rate, totalized...

bulk material flow meter - 0.2 - 300 t/h, max. 232 °C | SITRANS WF300 series

The SITRANS WF300 Series has weighing mechanics where solids flow meters that cannot be affected by corrosive, abrasive and materials with high temperatures. It has low to medium capacity flow meters for wide...

bulk material flow meter - 0.5 - 8 in. | Ramsey™ Granucor

The Ramsey™ Granucor Solids Flow Measurement System offers real-time flow measurement, providing...

fuel flow meter - max. 400 l/h | FUEL-VIEW series

This dense fuel flow meter is used for monitoring fuel consumption. The FUEL-VIEW series of fuel flow meters delivers compact, featherweight in addition to a cost-effective...

compressed air flow meter - max. 700 Nm³/h, 16 bar, IP65 | SD series

This compressed air meter with display and totalizer function helps you save money. It detects the standard volume flow according to ISO 2533 and DIN 1343....

compressed air flow meter - max. 700 Nm/h, IP65 | SD series

Compressed air meter with display and totalizer function.

Now also with different accuracy grades.
For compressed air in industrial use, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen.
Large measuring range up to 700 Nm3/h. Larger measuring ranges on request.
Fast response time...

hood measurement air flow - 10 - 750 m³/h, ø 100 mm

Hotwire anemometer cones : Cone K35 : 10 à 400 m³/h - 200 x 200...

hood measurement air flow - 40 - 3 500 m³/h, 610 x 610 mm | DBM 610

KIMO DBM 610 air flow meter is ideal for checking air volume of diffusers and grills. It is a perfect solution for balancing...

poppet flow meter - SDA

The flap-type flowmeter uses an SDA style for metering many products. Perfect for many mounting...

fuel flow meter - 1 - 50 l/h | DFM-50A-K

The 50 L/H Fuel Flow Meter is a one of a kind product offered by Fuel View. It boasts of it's compact and lightweight design accompanied by economical...

fuel flow meter - 1 - 50 l/h | DFM-50C

This 50 L/H fuel flow meter has the following extended functionality: it has an engine operating time, an engine working time in both "ïdling and optimal" mode and consumption in overload...

fuel flow meter - 1 - 50 l/h | DFM-50C-K

This 50 L/H Fuel Flow Meter provides indication of engine operating time, engine working time in "idling" mode and engine working time in "optimal"...

fuel flow meter - 2 - 100 l/h | DFM-100A-K

Pulse output for remote readout
Led indication for actual flow
Strong metal moulded case
Flow meter design provides a fuel flow even...

fuel flow meter - 2 - 100 l/h | DFM-100C

Extended Functionality
Engine operating time
Engine working time in "idling" mode
Engine working time in "optimal" mode
Measuring chamber temperature
Consumption in overload mode
Features of Fuel Flow...

ga flow regulator / manual - Model VCD-1000

The Porter Model VCD 1000 flow controller has been specifically designed for controlling low gas flows at constant mass flow rates, irrespective of any downstream pressure changes.

A preset...

hood measurement air flow - max. 2 000 m³/h | AFH2 Series

The specially designed Model AFH2 Air Flow Hood measure volumetric air flow from diffusers, grilles and registers. AFH2 Air Flow Hood helps to maintain running average of measurements in the...

hood measurement air flow - max. 2 000 m³/h | AFH2 Series

The series 500 of sight windows shows contents or levels of pipelines and tanks, and...

glass flow indication sight glass - SFI-100 / SFI-300 series

Series 100 and 300 Sight Flow Indicators are known for their world-class engineering. They have been crafted of quality material and assure long and consistent performance within...

transit-time ultrasonic flow meter / for liquids / clamp-on / handheld - 50 - 3000 mm | PCO

PCO - Clamp-on is a clamp-on system for full pipes. A non-contacting pipe, running independently of pressure and temperature. It is possible to monitor the flow and pressure. The clamp-on system can be used in diameter with a diameter...

flow meter for hydraulic installation - DATAFLOW

Dataflow pulse output transmitters and Dataflow compact are flow meters and hydraulic system flow measuring...

compressed air flow meter - max. 600 scfm

Flowline is considered as one of the top when it comes to hydraulic system flowmeter...

hydraulic system tester / portable - 2 - 360 L/min

This hydraulic test device is created for fast diagnosis of hydraulic circuits...

hydraulic application flow indicator - 4 - 22 L/min | LOFLOW

These easy-to-read loflow flowmeters come with permanent...

glass flow indication sight glass - max 52 bar | SGP series

The SGP series of sight glasses are designed for high pressure applications. Their maximum working...

glass flow indication sight glass - max. 35 bar | SG series

These Danfos sight glasses of types SGR, SGI and SGN are intended for use in low pressure applications, as...

continuous-flow tester - 100 - 1 000 cm³.atm/h | G535

The G535 Leak Testers Series 5, manfuactured by ATEQ, features a continuous flow type...

continuous-flow tester - 100 - 1 000 cm³.atm/h | G520

The G520 Series manufactured by ATEQ is a leak tester that is capable...

laminar flow tester - 5 - 10 000 l/h | D570

The D570 Series of Laminar Flow Tester, manufactured by ATEQ, is specifically designed for testing...

laminar flow tester - 5 - 10 000 l/h | D535

The ATEQ D535 is a laminar flow tester that can deliver wide measuring range and accuracy of...

laminar flow tester - 5 - 10 000 l/h | D520

The Flow Tester by ATEQ is designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality...

flow monitor - max. 100 l/min, max. 90 °C | SDN 552, 4 series

The SDN 552/4 series by EGE is a flow monitor which can control heavy flow up to 100 l/min. This is the compatible model which suit to sensor's expert series that is space...

totalizers flow indicator / digital - RS-232, RS-485 | TIO

This device plays the role of two flow totalizers in a single construction. It is able to convert analog mass flow meter and controllers into digital units of a high precision using RS 485 or RS 232 interfaces. The product can be used as a...

open-channel flow meter - OCF 5.0

The Greyline OCF 5.0 includes built-in 2-million point Data Logger and flow reporting system. Connect a flash memory stick to the flowmeter's USB output to download log files and then view your...

flow monitor - OCF 5.1

In 1995 Greyline Open Channel Flow Monitors were installed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Long Sault, Ontario. After 16 years of service the components of the old flow monitors...

heat counter - ML311 ISONRG

The Ml311 is a BTU meter usable for any sort of flow meter with beat or simple output as, Turbines, Bulk, Woltmann, Impellers, Single or Multi jet, Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic meters. The new BTU meter has...

heat counter - ML211

The ML211 Electromagnetic Flow Meter Converter is specifically designed to provide an extremely high quality performance for very specific purposes...

swing beam flow meter - 160 - 16 000, max. 120 °C | DOG-1

The DOG-1 from KOBOLD is used for non-contact flow measurement of gases. The medium flows though an opening in a tube....

pallet flow transmitter / for liquids - 360 - 3600 m³/h | DWD

The new KOBOLD measuring instrument sort DWD is a flow rate transmitter with computerized evidence of the real flow rate, analog output and two movable all-or-nothing transfers...

swing beam flow meter - 160 - 16000 m3/h, max. 120 °C | DOG-1

Oscillation Flowmeter Model DOG-1,
DOG-3 :
Areas of Application
Compressed air
Natural gas, biogas, fermentation gas

pallet flow transmitter / for liquids - 360 - 3600 m³/h | DWD

Baffle Plate System Flow Transmitter for Liquids Model DWD
The new KOBOLD measuring instrument type DWD is a flow
rate transmitter with digital indication of the actual flow rate,

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