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part counting scale - 120 - 12 000 g, 0.01 - 1 g | EK-i/EW-i series

Hygienic and chemically resistant stainless steel (SUS304) weighing pan
Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
Multiple weighing...

digital counting scale - 0.5 - 50 kg, 0.00005 - 0.05 g | FC-i/FC-Si series

Beginner-friendly, Unit Weight Registering Navigator
Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function
Large memory for 500 items
High internal resolution...

digital counting scale - 3 - 30 kg, 0.005 - 0.05 g | HC-i series

Beginner-friendly, Unit Weight Registering Navigator
Audible Weighing Assist (AWA) beeping function
Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function

digital counting scale - 12 - 60 kg, 0.1 - 0.5 g | HD series

Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function improves counting accuracy
Choice of simple operation (HD-A) or 10 keypad...

platform counting scale - 30 - 150 kg, 0.002 - 0.01 g | FG series

High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilization
Display unit either on a column (FG-KAM/KAL) or attached directly to the platform (FG-KBM)

platform counting scale - 3 - 300 kg, max. 800 x 600 mm | C20 R1

The one of a kind and high quality C20 R1 industrial scale is available in 2 versions- hot zinc mild steel or stainless steel. Both versions boast of having indicator and weighing platforms...

platform counting scale - 3 - 300 kg, max. 600 x 450 mm | C20 R1A/R1A-S

The C 20 RIA/RIA-S Scale platform is a combination of an R1A Access wighing platform and an I20 indicator. It is available in stainless steel or hot zinc mild steel versions. A universal bracket for tabletop and wall installations is...

electronic counting scale - 3 - 15 kg, 290 x 220 mm | C 13 AB

The C 13 AB weigh scale is capable of simple weighing and counting functions...

electronic counting scale - max. 15 kg, 290 x 220 mm | C 131 AM


Weigh scales in the C 131 AM range are compact units designed for weighing applications...

platform counting scale - 60 - 150 kg, 520 x 420 mm | C 931 AM

Weigh scales in the C 931 AM range provide weighing solutions for applications such as inventories, packaging, production, mixing, inspections, etc...
The indicator is...

electronic counting scale - 1.5 - 30 kg | Ranger COUNT 3000 series

The multipurpose Ranger Count 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications....

counting scale with LCD display / battery-operated / piece counting function - 3 - 30 kg, 0.1 - 1 g | CK series

New CK. You can count on it.
Check function with sound indicator of two levels.

precision counting scale / compact / portable / with LCD display - 310 - 3 100 g, 0.001 - 0.01 g | SR series

Compact and portable scale, affordable for all budgets.
Very versatile and easy-to-use scale with various functions and clear LCD screen.
Equipped with the last generation load sensor RX3 which is ultra light, fast in response and with high impact resistance.
Possibility to connect with a computer or printer by output RS...

precision counting scale / with LCD display / piece counting function / stainless steel pan - 600 - 6 000 g, 0.1 g | SPX series

SPX Series, a small size and high accuracy scale.
Scale structure fully made of ABS.

part counting scale - 220 - 1 200 g, 0.01 - 0.1 g | EWB series

The very fast display is one of the first major advantages of this product. In addition, steady weight values are obtained within two seconds while, in order to make operation more intuitive, a bar lights up showing the amount of the...

part counting scale - 120 - 10 000 g, 0.001 - 0.1 g | KB series

The KB Series manufactured by KERN is an EC approved and high-precision balanced weighing plate. It is made up with a dimensional stainless steel material weighing...

part counting scale - 30 - 300 kg, 0.01 - 0.1 g | CCS series

With this highly-accurate counting system KERN CCS you can replace a large spectrum of individual counting scales

Reference scale KERN CFS:
This professional KERN CFS counting scale, which can also be used as a stand-alone scale, meets even the highest...

part counting scale - 8 - 100 kg, 0.05 - 0.2 g | CDS series

The CDS Series manufactured by KERN is an industrial counting scale that is used for heavy loads. It is made up with a dimensional stainless steel material weighing plate. This device...

part counting scale - 6 - 30 kg, 0.1 - 10 g | CPB series

The automatic optimization for reference weight is a major advantage of this product, gradually improving the average value of the piece weight. The unit can be programmed...

electronic counting scale - 620 - 12 000 kg, 0.001 - 0.02 g | CUXⅡ series

Counting is a result of calculation TOTAL WEIGHT / UNIT WEIGHT Bar-graph shows a remainder of the calculation result.

part counting scale - 0.01 - 40 kg


The versatile compact scale for counting, weighing, totalising and batching. Type tested for Europe for approved weighing operations (Precision Class III).

- Piece count...

platform counting scale - 6 - 50 kg

The professional counting scale calculates the piece count automatically
from a known or queried piece and quanitity weight.

part counting scale - 6 - 100 lb, max. 12 x 12 in | GSE 370 - GSE 375

The GSE 370 and GSE 375 counting scales are easy to use industrial scales for part counting and inventory control. These counting scales are highly accurate, with a very high resolution,...

part counting scale - max. 100 lb, 12 x 12 in | GSE 675

The GSE 675 counting scale features versatile communication protocols which allow complex part counting and integration into factory-wide inventory management systems.

The GSE 675 counting...

part counting scale - 10 - 100 lb, 12 x 14 in | PC-820

The PC820 counting scale is a highly accurate part counting scale which also has additional functionality to support more advanced inventory control.

The counting scales internal memory will store up to 2,000 individual records and can...

part counting scale - max. 100 lb, 12.6 x 14.08 in | PC-902

The PC902 and 905 Counting Scales are suitable for industrial part counting and inventory, especially when the parts are very light. These high precision scales digital counting scales can weigh parts as light as 0.0002g or 0.0000005lb with a high degree of accuracy, with an...

digital counting scale - 3 - 70 kg, 0.01 - 1 g | HZQ-A/B series

The HZQ-A/B series is made with a strong structure and shell in order to be used in harsh environments. The series has a dual weighing range and two adjustable weighing precision. The...

platform counting scale - max. 750 kg | LP7611 series

The LP7611, manufactured by Celmi, is a bench scale with a S.S 1-2 mm thick pan which is polished and brushed....

platform counting scale - max. 300 kg | CQJ2-CQK2 series

The CQJ2 and CQK2 series are counting platform scales. The series consist of indicators that show the charging status and low battery of the device....

digital counting scale - max. 30 kg | JCS-A series

The JCS-A series by Celmi is an electronic counting scale which features its low power consumption...

digital counting scale - max. 2 000 g | FGH series

The FGH Electronic Balance features an automatic shutoff and automatic zero function. Also, it is...

part counting scale - max. 30 kg | LACS-N series

The LACS-N series manufactured by Laumas Elettronica, is a part counting scale that features a...

part counting scale - 3 - 30 kg | BIL series

Laumas Elettronica presents BIL counting scales. They feature a stainless steel plate of 225 x 295 mm. The average unit weight of individual piece and the count and total weight...

part counting scale - 6 - 30 kg | BIL2B series

The Counting Scale by Laumas is ideally designed to provide a good quality functionality and performance for very specific purposes. The scale is made out of a stainless steel material to prevent the...

electronic counting scale - ISO9001,API/2 000 g | LT series

These scales from Rigchina are capable of weighing up to 2000 g with a readability of 0.01 g. Each unit is fitted with a flip top and detachable plastic cover which...

digital counting scale - API,ISO9001/Range:0.1-5.0g/cm³/200ml/1 000 g |YMS

Electronic balances is powered by an AC adapter.In these batteries,weighing functions are accessed...

part counting scale - max. 30 kg | KDC series

Solution for mono or multi scale, pieces or quantity (litres, metres, Newton etc) counting systems, suitable for the inventory checking and the quick and precise counting of high quantities of pieces.
It is possible to create your...

platform counting scale - BCSD series

Counting scale, CONNECTABLE TO A SECOND REMOTE PLATFORM, particularly suitable for taking inventories and for counting small parts. Weight or piece quantity check, weight and pieces' totalisation function, 100 PLU memory.

3 backlit...

electronic counting scale - 6 - 100 lb | Omega series

The Omega Counting Scale is a competitively priced, easy-to-use counting scale with many user-defined features. This scale is designed for...

part counting scale - EU-C

The EU-C “LCD” Lab Scale from Cachapuz is fitted with a digital LCD display...

part counting scale - CPZ-PTF

The CPZ-PTF, manufactured by Cachapuz, is a galvanized...

platform counting scale - 60 - 150 kg, 420 x 520 mm | IPS-C

The cost effective digital multifunctional counting scale, with cutting-edge weighing sensor technology , was designed for continuous professional use in industry and trade. Installation and weighing - it could not be easier. The...

part counting scale - 6 - 30 kg | CS series

The removable stainless steel platform (225x300 mm) of the table scale and the rugged plastic housing with the waterproof membrane keyboard guarantee a high level of protection in industrial environments.
Direct load transmission in a high precision strain gauge load cell provides reliable weight and counting results...

electronic counting scale - 6 - 30 kg, 0.1 - 0.5 g | WS series

Low-cost high-precision compact scale for internal checkweighing. This high-quality balance can be used anywhere in the non-approved use, the goods receipt, production, warehouse and inventory. Easy to use - even a little experienced staff will immediately...

digital counting scale - 3 - 30 kg, 0.2 - 5 g | KDC series

The KDC series is an electronic counting scale. This product is operated individually or connected to other platforms. Due to its modularity, it enables the connection up to 4 platforms of different sizes and capacities that...

part counting scale - 6 - 120 kg, max. 360 x 290 mm | WLY series

WLY counting scales are designed to count pieces with equal unit mass. Scales are connectable to label printers...

part counting scale - 0.6 - 300 kg, max. 500 x 700 mm | WPY series

WPY counting scales are designed for counting parts with equal mass. If connected to a label printer, system enables printing labels for matching goods weighed in industrial conditions. This line is the response for growing...

part counting scale - max. 45.4 kg | 2240 series

The American-made 2240′s dual LED displays simultaneously show weight and piece count, and a QuickCount feature that incorporates four brightly colored keys,...

electronic counting scale - max. 30 kg | CS series

Detecto’s CS series digital counting scales have a 0.75-inch/19 mm high LCD display and are available in 30 and 65 lb capacities and with 15,000 weight...

part counting scale - 66 lb, 0.002 lb, 12 x 9 in | PS-C30K

PS-C30K is the basic model counting scale with great performance. It also features 10 APW memory locations for fast pace usage.
30,000 external resolutions

electronic counting scale - 60 lb, 0.002 lb, 12 x 9 in | PS-C30KD

PS-C30KD is our revolutionary versatile scale with lots of functions such as counting, checkweighing etc. It can be connected with a second base, printer, bar code label printer, stack relay light tower and score boards.
30,000 external...

part counting scale - 66 lb, 0.002 lb, 12.5 x 9.5 in | PS-C30KN

Simple but powerful. PS-C30KN is an easy-to-use counting scale with a large platform. It also features 10 APW memory locations for fast pace usage.
30,000 external resolutions

high-resolution counting scale - 66 lb, 0.001 lb, RS-232 | PS-C60KD

PS-C60KD is a high resolution counting scale with dual channel counting. It also has connection with printer or computer through RS-232 port.
60,000 external resolutions

digital counting scale - 3 - 25 kg | CP 565

The 565 series SIPI electronic bench pieces counter scales are used to quantify small particulars...

digital counting scale - 2000 series

The 2000 series SIPI electronic pieces counter plant is destined to quantify particulars even with high unit weight and in large batches. It is used...

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