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10 products SOLO Swiss Group
SOLO Swiss Group
degasser SOLO Swiss Group

Degaser purpose is to eliminate the water, air or gas traces present...

SOLO Swiss Group
gas distribution cabinet for heat treatments SOLO Swiss Group

Gas distribution cabinet (or panel) for the flow regulation of the...

SOLO Swiss Group
water, salt, oil quenching tank SOLO Swiss Group

The water/salt/oil quench tank is used for tempering parts to be treated Technical data Water quenching 0°C Salt quenching, max. 350/450/550°C Oil quenching, max. 100/200°C For tempering, the...

SOLO Swiss Group
manipulator for heat treatment furnace SOLO Swiss Group

Manipulator for the loading, unloading and the handling of loads Technical data Effective dimensions: 300/300 mm Height: 300-600 mm Weight max. of the load to transport: 50-80 kg Speed of vertical...

SOLO Swiss Group
graphic recorder for the heat treatment SOLO Swiss Group

Graphic recorders AXRON ECO3000 for heat treatment FEATURES Touchscreen LCD display 3.5’’, 5.7’’,12.1’’ or 15’’ Fanless & slim design RS485, TCP/IP and USB Possible connection of bar-code readers Custom...

SOLO Swiss Group
supervision system for conveyor belt furnace SOLO Swiss Group

Supervision and control of conveyor belt furnace for brazing or annealing under hydrogen Axron HYDROBELT FONCTIONALITIES Temperature controlled by PID (cascade) Conveyor belt’s speed control Flexible...

Borel Switzerland KG100
gas distribution cabinet for heat treatments KG100 Borel Switzerland

· Definition: Compact and secured control of protective gas for the metal muffle furnaces using flammable gas for the heat treatment. Ideal for the retrofitting and standardization of the old furnaces...

Borel Switzerland 90°C | BA 90
oil quenching tank 90°C | BA 90 Borel Switzerland

. Definition : quenching tank for stiring water, salt, oil quenching. · Construction : cover, portable basket...

Borel Switzerland 100°C | RE 100
rapid cooler for heat treatment 100°C | RE 100 Borel Switzerland

. Definition : Rapid cooling for refractory steel blade to cool items, treated under protective...

Borel Switzerland 950°C | GE 950
ammonia cracker 950°C | GE 950 Borel Switzerland

. Definition : cracked ammonia generator for heat treatment, brazing and welding (avoiding oxidation and discolouration). · Construction : mechanically-welded structure....

Borel Switzerland 200°C | BT 200
small quenching tank 200°C | BT 200 Borel Switzerland

· Definition : small quenching tank, 200 °C, for all applications. · Construction : double bodied exterior and interior vessel of stamped stainless...

1 products ELTI
Ipsen International GmbH HybridCarb
recycling system for process gas HybridCarb Ipsen International GmbH

Ipsen HybridCarb reduces process gas costs for gas carburisation by a factor of ten The costs of process gas and the preventable emissions when case hardening metallic components are reduced by a factor...

1 products Nabertherm
quenching tank Nabertherm

Subject to process, charge size and weight a customized quench tank will be designed...

Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited PAQ
air quenching system for aluminum heat treating PAQ Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited

Can-Eng’s new development in Precision Air Quenching technology is...

2 products SAFED
water, salt, oil quenching tank SAFED

Tank with parts removed by bucket elevator or conveyor belt, suitable for use with water, emulsion, oil between 50 and 200 °C...

controlled atmosphere system for tempering furnace SAFED

Measurement, calculation and control of...

Spooner Industries
control panel for furnaces and ovens Spooner Industries

PLC Oven Food Controls The heat level in each section can be individually controlled, allowing different temperature gradients, depending...

G-M Enterprises
heating chamber, hot zone for vacuum furnace G-M Enterprises

Customers all over the world are demanding the best. Thats why replacement or rebuilt hot zones from G-M Enterprises are preferred over any hot zones available in the market. Excellent...

4 products Mahler IGS
Mahler IGS max. 1 000 Nm³/h | HN/HNX-GAS
protective gas generator max. 1 000 Nm³/h | HN/HNX-GAS Mahler IGS

The Basic Process The process is based on the combustion of hydrocarbons with air. Ratio Control The ratio between combustion gas and air is kept constant by means of a fully automatic ratio control....

Mahler IGS max. 300 Nm³/h | EXO-GAS
protective gas generator max. 300 Nm³/h | EXO-GAS Mahler IGS

Capacities up to 300 Nm3/h Hydrogen content max. 11 % by vol. CO content...

Mahler IGS max. 100 Nm³/h | ENDO-GAS
protective gas generator max. 100 Nm³/h | ENDO-GAS Mahler IGS

Capacities up to Nm3/h Hydrogen content may. 40 % by...

Mahler IGS max. 300 Nm³/h | NH3 Cracker
ammonia cracker max. 300 Nm³/h | NH3 Cracker Mahler IGS

* Capacities up to 300 Nm3/h * Hydrogen content approx. 75 %...

1 products Somex
degasser Somex

Degassing carbonated beverages is an essential pre treatment for quality control...

L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc. QTS 124
small quenching tank QTS 124 L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc.

SMALL PORTABLE AGITATED QUENCH TANK The QTS 124 quench tank is used for the uniform quenching of hot steels. It may be used with water, light weight polymer, or oil. It is not designed for use with...

L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc. QT series
quenching tank QT series L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc.

AGITATED AND HEATED HEAVY DUTY PRODUCTION QUENCH TANKS The QT Series quench tanks are used for the uniform quenching of hot steels. They may be used with water, light weight polymer, or oil. They are...

12 products Pro-Tech
Pro-Tech B series
furnace tray B series Pro-Tech

Large inventory of cast tray patterns and designs used in all furnace types and hearth designs such as batch, continuous,...

Pro-Tech PGR series
heat treatment furnace grid PGR series Pro-Tech

Multiple designs and patterns to meet your loading requirements Stays flat and outperforms fabricated or one piece cast trays Holds up to heavy loads and...

heat treatment furnace fixture Pro-Tech

Pro-Tech specializes in designing cast loading fixtures that increase part loading capacity, improve part processing quality and increase...

Pro-Tech Power Stack™
heat treatment basket Power Stack™ Pro-Tech

Pro-Tech offers a variety of cast baskets that withstand the heavy duty loading requirements common in the heat treating and thermal processing industry. In 2006 Pro-Tech introduced the...

furnace rotary retort Pro-Tech

Pro-Tech casts several...

water-cooled roller for tunnel furnace Pro-Tech

Wet Rolls for Tunnel Furnace Our water cooled rolls have been performing in tunnel furnaces throughout the world...

PVA TePla America, Inc.
silicon thermal cracker PVA TePla America, Inc.

Silicon Thermal Cracker offers unique advantages to crack poly-Si rods and re-melt Si materials. Main features include: Proprietary designs allows for minimal contacts...

2 products thermcraft inc
1 products TPS
TPS Lindberg
quenching tank Lindberg TPS

Features / Benefits Choice of electric or gas-heated Propeller agitator(s) provides uniform quenching Easy top loading...

LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH
degasser LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH

Water treatment LIKUSTA desorption facilities are used as mechanical-physical deacidification facilities in waterworks for the reduction of CO2 , for adjusting...

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH
desulphurization system for exhaust gas AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH

Gypsum derived from the FGD process as a residue can be used as an economical material if it meets with the customer’s quality requirements. FGD-gypsum has to be separated and dewatered for the further...

1 products Wisconsin Oven
Wisconsin Oven
quenching tank Wisconsin Oven

Wisconsin Oven manufactures spray washers, dunk washers, rinse tanks, ambient quench tanks,...

new video AFRISO-EURO-INDEX FloCo-TOP-2 series
degasser FloCo-TOP-2 series AFRISO-EURO-INDEX

The Afriso FloCo-TOP-2 is an innovative multiple filtration system that is specially engineered...

AFRISO-EURO-INDEX Flow-Control 3/K-1
degasser Flow-Control 3/K-1 AFRISO-EURO-INDEX

The Flow-Control 3/K-1 manufactured by AFRISO is an automatic oil de-aerator that has been developed to provide...

degasser Flow-Control 3/M AFRISO-EURO-INDEX

The Flow-Control 3/M manufactured by AFRISO is an automatic fuel oil de-aerator that has been developed...


The FloCo-TOP-1K/1m which is manufactured by AFRISO is an automatic fuel oil de-aerator that has been...

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