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cooling system - 100 - 600 kW | Ecotech

The increasing demand to save energy has given a considerable...

cooling system - max. 300 kW | PK series

Plate-Exchanger Compact Blocks for galvanic bath cooling for anodize- and zinc-galvanic stations


cooling system - max. 300 kW | PK series

Once again, when it comes to cooling units, diversity is a hallmark of our products, as we are very flexible and not just limited to one...

cooling system - GRIT GXW

The Fein GRIT GWX is a high performance cooling lubricant module for various...

cooling system - GRIT GXW

When it comes to construction machines such as wheel loaders, rollers, excavators and chain excavators, a high-quality cooling system is essential. These machines are subjected to...

circuits filter system / cooling  - max. 10 bar, max. 175 l/min, max. 137 kW | FNK 051

The FNK 051 Inline Filter Cooling Units for Inline-Mounting has up to 137 kW cooling capacity, with up to...

circuits filter system / cooling  - BTU

The BTU coolant lubricant filter system is manufactured by Hydac. It is created with a Process twist sieve (PTS), an equipment which...

refrigerating unit - max. 50 l/min, max. 12.5 kW

These connection-ready cooling units are for use in closed circuits in which it is necessary to re-cool the coolant to a level...

cooling system - max. 30 000 J | C 7002

The C 7002 is manufactured by IKA. This cooling...

cooling system - max. 30 000 J | C 7002

Evolving market with new steel grades
Since approx 15 years the automotive industry is continuously improving fuel consumption and passengers safety, through crash energy management, thanks to the development of new steel grades for the body in white, e.g. through the UltraLight Steel Autobody (USLAB) programme. These Advanced...

tool shrinking cooling system - 6 bar, 424 x 516 x 700 mm | FKS3400

Max. Cooling length: 350mm @ HSK-A63
Type of cooling: Liquid...

tool shrinking cooling system - 6 bar, 424 x 516 x 700 mm | FKS3400

The water sprayed to cool down anodes is collected under the cooling tunnel and routed to...

cooling system - ECB

Eltek's cooling box (ECB) is a solution for saving power in relation to cooling and OPEX saving initiatives. This is useful in the modernization of Telecom Shelters.


cold room air curtain - 1 300 - 7 400 m³/h | KOOL

High speed for cold stores and freezers
Specially designed to be installed on doors of cold stores and freezers
Self-supporting casing construction made of galvanized plated steel, finished in structural epoxy-polyester...

cold room air curtain - Invisidor MAT

Based on three separate air streams of equal velocities, and specially developed for cold store environments with temperature differences of ± 40°C, the MAT air curtain effectively separates the cold store...

cold air curtain - 820 - 1 400 m³/h | ADA series

Recommended installation height 2,5 m*
Horizontal mounting
Lengths: 0,9 and 1,2 m

Ambient, no heat

ADA is...

cold room air curtain - 1 150 - 1 400 m³/h | ADA Cool A

Air curtain for cold stores

Recommended installation height 2,5 m*
Horizontal mounting
Lengths: 0,9 and 1,2 m

ADA Cool keeps the cold air in cold stores and also makes it possible to have an open cold store...

cold room air curtain - 1 150 - 1 400 m³/h | ADA Cool A

The Photek PTC-3 intensifier cooling system is designed to operate with image or photon counting intensifiers where the dark count needs to be reduced....

refrigerating unit - 1622 series

The emission level for Compact Cooling Unit connected to the mains (idle) corresponds to 70 dB (A).
The Cooler is provided with a built-in coaxial...

immersion cooler - 600 W | RC1

The RC1 has an insulated stainless steel flexible line approximately 1 metre long with a stainless steel coil supported by an adjustable mounting bracket. This cooler can cool 8 litres of...

immersion cooler - 600 W | RC1

The combination of the mesh conveyor belt and the air flow created by the electric fans installed provides the ideal conditions...

cooling system - CPT

The special shape of the inner structure creates an air flow with...

cooling system - RA

The product is conveyed immersed in water along the entire length of the tank...

cooling system - ips-KVG

Cooling device for flexible use with sensitive materials such as LFT.


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