process monitoring system / video / remote
process monitoring system
QM Live View

QM Live View documents the entire build process as a video. For this purpose, another high-resolution camera is attached to the process chamber. Remote access enables the build process to be observed from a desk in an office.

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Concept Laser
residual current monitoring system
residual current monitoring system
DIRIS A80 series

The DIRIS A80 combines two complementary products within a single 96 x 96 mm panel mounted case, enabling faster installation and utilizing less space. The said product also comprises a multifunction meter with enhanced event logging ...

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vibration monitoring device
vibration monitoring device

Application • Vibration monitoring in time or frequency domain • Monitoring of vibration velocity (severity) of rotating machinery to ISO 20816-1 (formerly ISO 10816-1) and reciprocating engines to ISO 10816-6. • Monitoring of bearing ...

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Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
water monitoring system / conductivity / pH / for boilers
water monitoring system

FWS-Control provides full control of important parameters of the entire feed water and steam boiler system. The user-friendly handling leads to more efficiency, safe operation of the system and savings in energy and costs. advantages - ...

magnetic field monitoring device / measurement
magnetic field monitoring device

Today’s high performance electron beam tools are very sensitive to changing ambient magnetic fields. The fields move the beam causing loss of resolution and measurement accuracy. The SC22 system reduces the ambient AC field and restores ...

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Spicer Consulting Limited
power monitoring device / alarm / device
power monitoring device

ProALARM is a failure indication device that informs a user of the need to replace a failed SPD. It can be quickly and easily installed next to an SPD on the same rail, and by making connections between the RC contacts on the SPD and ...

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low-voltage cable identification
low-voltage cable identification

Pre-identify LV and MV off line cables and feeders ● Ergonomie simplifiée : continuité et repérage de conducteurs en circuit ouvert (CO) réalisés en une seule manipulation ● Simplified ergonomics : continuity and phases identifying ...

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industrial borescope
industrial borescope
HT-FM series

Diameter: 1.9, 2.8, 6, 4 mm

Product profile: rigid borescope with small outer diameter available versions: with wide field of view of 70° or with replaceable mirror tubes (70°, 90° and 110°), with or without focussing different directions of view and working ...

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Hipp Endoskopservice
measuring microscope / confocal
measuring microscope
attoCFM IV

Resolution: 50 µm - 75 µm

Transmission experiments in confocal microscopy sometimes also require filtering and shaping of the optical beam, and hence free-beam access instead of purely fiber-based can have quite some advantages in terms of flexibility. This ...

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attocube systems AG
safety monitoring system / Ethernet / USB
safety monitoring system

One system for monitoring up to 30 axes in different modes. Fully expandable to up to 15 modules for functional safety applications. And a graphical parameterization software that gives you almost unlimited possibilities.

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DINA Elektronik GmbH
temperature monitoring system / corrosion
temperature monitoring system

The newly re-designed DCMS™ tool is the only tool available which provides recorded corrosion and temperature data for the hostile conditions of downhole operation. The DCMS™ tool may be attached to a variety of wireline approved running ...

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Rohrback Cosasco Systems
automatic monitoring system / online / multi-channel / 4-channel
automatic monitoring system

For multiple and parallel bioreactor systems, our 4-channel and 8-channel sampling systems provide many simple and reliable online monitoring and control solutions for your bioreactor processes. Closed-loop monitoring and control capabilities ...

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YSI Life Sciences
flow monitoring device / environmental / water / remote
flow monitoring device
HydroMace XCi

Data Logging and Telemetry for Environmental Monitoring The HydroMace XCi device monitors environmental sensors. Use the versatility of HydroMace XCi to monitor inputs ranging from flumes & weirs, to water quality sensors and rainfall ...

transformer monitoring system / real-time
transformer monitoring system

Transformer monitoring system (TMS) is built with a clear goal - to help its users improve asset management and prevent critical equipment from unplanned shutdowns. With over 450 systems installed around the globe, the TMS system sets ...

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KONCAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.
radiation monitoring system / continuous
radiation monitoring system

Computer-Aided System of Radiation Control Provides continuous automated radiation monitoring Data transfer to the PC Adjustable saving intervals Description RadMonitor is intended for continuous automated radiation monitoring ...

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Sparing-Vist Center
airborne molecular contamination monitoring system / multi-point
airborne molecular contamination monitoring system
AirSentry® II

The AirSentry II Multi-point Monitoring System is the most advanced airborne molecular contamination (AMC) monitor available, utilizing sensitive and responsive ion mobility spectrometry to detect and characterize airborne molecular contamination ...

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Particle Measuring Systems
particle monitoring device / concentration / air quality
particle monitoring device

Ultrafine particle (those less than 100nm, or 0.1µm in size) are produced through combustion activities and are persistent in all ambient air. Concentrations of these tiny particle can be very high near emissions sources (for example, ...

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Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
fabric inspection machine with winder
fabric inspection machine with winder

Rewinder Inspection Machine M160-22 Technical textiles have proved to be versatile in the last ten years and have become indispensable in many fields of daily life; examples are the wind energy, hygienic and medical clothing as well ...

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Menzel Maschinenbau
organic pollutant monitoring device / process
organic pollutant monitoring device

Overview The OPSA-150 is a new organic pollutant monitor that uses HORIBA's proprietary Rotary Cell Length Modulation, a measuring technique incorporating 25 years of expertise. The unit can be used as an organic pollutant monitor at ...

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HORIBA Process & Environmental
sand quality inspection device
sand quality inspection device

Sand quality is the key to mould quality and thus the key to high performance production of quality castings. Designed for use with high-capacity mixers, the DISA SMC regulates and monitors the process in the sand mixer and ensures ...

flow monitoring system / for medical applications / gas
flow monitoring system

Two versions are available : Primary network version: Placed at the start of the primary network, just after the oxygen supply source (generator, central bottles évaporatuer), the Medgas measures the flow rate / total oxygen consumption ...

process monitoring system / multi-channel
process monitoring system

This 3220 is a microprocessor based percent oxygen monitoring system, which works for multichannel monitoring. In addition to this, the system is able to monitor oxygen levels at multiple locations. The system provides for monitoring ...

low-voltage cable identification
low-voltage cable identification

Characteristics Tone generator with crocodile terminals with pincushion and RJ-11 plug 3-colour LED display (identifies WS call voltages) Weather-resistant design Selectable wobble tone Continuity test Polarity test 50 Hz filter function

measurement monitoring system / emissions / (CEMS) continuous emission / continuous
measurement monitoring system

Continuous Emission Measurement System FLSmidth can supply both the production equipment and know-how to produce at a minimum of emission and the emission gas analysis equipment needed to prove the results As local legislative demands ...

measurement monitoring device / dust
measurement monitoring device

Developed in collaboration with the University of East Anglia, The National Trust, English Heritage and Historic Royal Palaces. The Hanwell DustBug has been designed to measure the accumulation of dust so that users can optimise the ...

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Hanwell Solutions Ltd