Fingerprint readers

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The Ez fingerprint recognition unit is manufactured by Pro-face, and has an input voltage rating...

fingerprint reader - max. 450 mA, IP53 | CABAPROX

16 addressable readers: addressable from 1 to 16.
Unlimited number of fingerprints.

fingerprint reader - USBSCANNER

Self-cleaning sensor.
Automatic finger detection.
Drivers for...

fingerprint reader - max. 300 mA, IP 53 | DGID

Free software.
Up to 400 fingerprints.

fingerprint reader - 150 mA, IP53 | DGIDW

26, 30 or 44 bits Wiegand outputs.
Connection to the panel via the Wiegand bus interface...

fingerprint reader - CABAPROXW

26, 30 or 44 bits Wiegand outputs.
Connection to the panel via the Wiegand bus interface...

fingerprint reader - bioptec-solo

Biometric fingerprint reader with optic technology, based in the SAGEM sensor.

Works as a standalone reader with a maximum of 250 fingerprints or along with an OMNIA controller (connection RS485) and optionally a TRANSEO software. Can...

USB fingerprint reader - ENROL

The ENROL reader utilizes the Sagem...

fingerprint reader - VIRDI AC6000SC

The VIRDI AC6000SC terminal has the...

USB fingerprint reader - VIRDI FOH02

Digital fingerprint reader with USB connection. Fingerprint auto-detection (the sensor...

optical sensors fingerprint reader - 25.5 x 18 mm, USB  | U-Match 3.5

BioLink U-Match 3.5 scanners enjoy great popularity with...

fingerprint reader - 25.5 x 18 mm, USB  | U-Match 5.0

BioLink U-Match MatchBook 5.0 is an integrated...

fingerprint reader - BluePrint

TheBluePrint Fingerprint Reader is the ultimate biometric reader for physical access to facilities. This reader eliminates the need for PINs and eliminating the “buddy” punching, keys or cards to gain access to secure areas. To gain access, the user simply places their finger on the reader. In less than...

access control biometric terminal - NAC 5000

The latest solution added to Impro Technologies biometric range includes the Nitgen NAC 5000, Finkey and NAC 2500 Fingerprint Readers.


USB fingerprint reader - SSA-X500

• Fingerprint Scanner...

fingerprint reader - max. 60 mA, 12 V, IP 40

The Biometric fingerprint reader is manufactured by Tecnoalarm, and has a memory storage that...

USB fingerprint reader - 917.3 - 920.3 MHz | XCODE-IU9011


Support for EPC Global Gen2 Standard...

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