friction torque limiter
friction torque limiter
Conax® series

DESCH-Conax® clutches are switchable, dry friction couplings which transfer the torque by friction.

elastic coupling / encoder / metal / zero-backlash
elastic coupling
HKS series

Torque: 3 Nm
Rotational speed: 6000 rpm

HKS, Safety-Kupplungen The multiple disc couplings type HKS are made of metal and designed with high safety factors to ensure high levels of fatigue resistance and fault exclusion - making them ideal for extreme operating conditions. ...

torque limiter
torque limiter

steel torque limiter / friction
steel torque limiter

Torque: 10 Nm - 80 Nm
Diameter: 24 mm

Cast iron and steel are the main materials used for the construction of this item. In addition to this, the lining is asbestos-free, being made entirely of organic material. At the torque limiters, torque is transmitted through friction, ...

safety coupling / brass
safety coupling
9000-0xx series

Suitable for all air connection nipples Safe disconnection of the connection (unwanted disconnection is excluded) No risk of injury from hose impact Safety coupling depressurizes the connection before decoupling One-hand ...