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video borescope - XL Vu+

Completely mobile, rugged and feature-filled, the GE video borescopes are able to suit an array of applications. The XL Vu+ VideoProbe...

portable video borescope - XL Go+™ series

The XL Go+™ Videoprobe® is one of the best versatile and portable video borescopes on the market along with the new XpertSuite™ features that provide enhanced steering responsiveness...

video borescope - XLG3

XLG3 VideoProbe® is a flexible, durable, advanced and portable remote visual inspection system that is market's leader in the niche and simplifies the inspection by reducing time and delivering high throughput. The equipment...

portable video borescope - XL Vu

The XL Vu VideoProbe system is packed with essential features together with the latest imaging technology to provide quality images for making immediate and smart decisions. Its...

rigid borescope - 1.7 - 2.7 mm

Mini Rigid borescopes, by GE, are uniquely constructed to better tolerate accidental bending than conventional...

videoscope - IPLEX RX/ IPLEX RT

The IPLEX RX and RT is specifically used to promote a high quality performance and functionality...

video borescope - IPLEX FX

A high-end industrial videoscope system combining portability with advanced functionality, and ease of use with durability. From high image quality...

videoscope - IPLEX LX/LT

The IPLEX LX/LT is an industrial videoscope which weighs just 2.7 kg. Achieving the ultimate balance between performance and ease-of-use, it combines reliability and portability with advanced features.


portable videoscope - ø 4 - 6 mm | PLEX UltraLite

The IPLEX UltraLite videoscope from Olympus is designed for simple operation and to offer outstanding recording functions to deliver bright images through a high-resolution...

micro powder videoscope - IPLEX TX

The IPLEX TX articulating scope features a 2.4 mm diameter for extremely small spaces. It...

rigid borescope - +600 °C ... +1 800 °C | NIR

The NIR Borescope is used for measuring temperature profiles in furnaces. It gives the operator a high-resolution geometric image of the process, which means that...

video borescope - max. 50 m | HHB1800

The Omega HHB1800 Wireless bore scope, with a strong metal lens sleeve,...

oem micro camera module - AE2 Advantage™

The AE2 Advantage™ vision engine offers OEMs the ability to leverage the power of Cognex vision and ID tools in a product that is exceptionally compact (14.5mm...

fiberscope - max. 6 000 px | testo 319

The testo 319 fibre-glass fiberscope simplifies inspection of difficult-to-access points. Examples include ventilators, air ducts, motors, machines, etc.

Through endoscopy,...

rigid borescope / industrial - 0.7 - 25mm | ELTROTEC Boroscopes

The ELTROTEC rigid borescopes are specifically optimized to suit visual inspection of small bore holes and cavities....

industrial borescope - ELTROTEC Flex

The Eltrotec Flex by Micro-Epsilon is an industrial endoscope which comes with...

industrial borescope - ELTROTEC Video

ELTROTEC endoscopes are highly developed optical devices that have been specially designed for use in the industrial field. With a flexible...

industrial borescope - ELTROTEC Video

The Fiberscope, manufactured by Monarch Instrument, is specifically designed to permit...

industrial borescope - ELTROTEC Video

Powerful lamp illuminates dark locations for clear viewing
Flexible, omni-directional cable bends in every direction...

flexible borescope - MoVeo

MoVeo Videoscope
New Generation of Mobile Videoscope Systems

MoVeo is a portable videoscope system that features an integrated 5" LCD screen, a high-power LED light source...

flexible borescope - MoVeo

4mm Videoscope with CLICK4MOVE™ articulation

In the newest generation of KARL STORZ videoscopes, proven quality and a series of innovative, new technologies come together to create an...

documentation unit - TECHNO PACK® T

The new documentation system from KARL STORZ Industrial Group.


documentation unit - TECHNO PACK® T

Product features:
- 400° sheath rotation
- One-handed full adjustment of direction of view in 2 dimensions (swing and rotation)
- Index...

documentation unit - TECHNO PACK® T

At KARL STORZ, hollow spaces are illuminated exclusively using cold light. With this technology, the light source is outside of the endoscope, and the light is guided to the tip of the endoscope through high quality fiber-optic light guides.
in 1960, Dr. Karl Storz invented the cold light source. Since that...

video borescope - 3.2 in | Firefly Pro

Description : Video Borescope with memory for jpg-picture and...

CCD video micro camera module / for OEM - 640 x 480 pix, 60 fps | Lu070 series

Lumeneras Lu070 series of board level cameras is designed for use in a wide variety of industrial and scientific OEM applications, particularly those with low light conditions.

With 640x480 resolution, on-board processing and global electronic shutter, these cameras...

CCD video micro camera module / for OEM - 2.0 Mpix, 1616 x 1216 pix, 12 fps | Lw230

Lumeneras Lw230 series of board level megapixel cameras is designed for use in a wide variety of industrial and scientific OEM applications, particularly in low-light conditions.

Uncompressed images in live streaming video and still image capture are provided across a USB 2.0 digital interface. With...

CCD video micro camera module / for OEM - 2.0 Mpix, 1616 x 1216 pix, 12 fps | Lw230

Our OEM product range comprises compact objectives with different angles
as well as appropriate doublets. We can realize viewing directions of 0°, 25°,
30°, 70° and a field of view ranging from 70° to 135°.

Custom components
Beyond our standard offer, we also can provide...

portable video borescope - VUCAM XO

The VUCAM® XO is a compactly made visual inspection unit. It is integrated with an ergonomically created user interface. A 5.7 high resolution touch screen application is incorporated. This...

long range videoscope - VUMAN

Fort's VUMAN Ray is an industrial videoendoscope system, integrated with an X-WAY move deflection process and patented "Remote Focus" RF function. Generally utilized for applications that involve minimized set-up and testing...

idler steering system probe - GR

Designed as a video probe assisting tool, the GR probe guide is used in addition to your videoscope (Vuman, VUCAM,...

videoscope - MATRIX

Multi purpose use and functionality instead of single stand alone solutions. Remote visual inspection equipment is typically limited to use to a limited range of applications. Different physical requirements call for investments...

videoscope - MATRIX

Extremely robust, thin endoscopes. Light-intense like rigid borescopes, but much more versatile. A shaft consisting of a virtually indestructible titanium alloy...

USB videoscope - max. 2000 mm | VIPAQ™

The VIPAQ™ is a new developed videoscope system (chip on the tip) with a direct digital USB output. Each computer with an USB 2.0 input can be used without any problems. The live picture of the VIPAQ™ will be to see on the monitor or display of the PC or laptop in real time. As a matter of course it will be possible to store digital pictures on the computer hard disk by remote button at...

rigid borescope - max. ø 4.0 mm

Robust design, insertion tube liquid-proof, resistant to extreme pressures and temperatures. Light-intense lens systems with high-grade...

rigid borescope - max. ø 4.0 mm

WOLF flexible fiber endoscopes -
in diameters 2.2mm - ´8.3 mm,
working length 400 mm - 2,000 mm (dependent on diameters)

WOLF flexible...

rigid borescope - max. ø 4.0 mm

These are the high performing Xenon light sources ( TLX-2 ). These are purely xenon which enables them to provide really natural day light. It has mixed...

articulated videoscope / with joystick - 1 - 5 m | SKU: JVBS2-7

The JVBS2-7 series is manufactured by Fiber Scope, and is a professional portable video bore-scope which also called as "Pegasus"....

portable videoscope - ø 4 - 10 mm, max. 10 m  |  SKU: OVBS-4

The multipurpose Portable Flexible Orion Videoscope from Medit is a handheld monitor which can display all live images in color with every detail on the integrated LCD screen. The LCD is made with oil- and scratch-resistant...

video borescope - 5.5 - 10.8 mm, max. 1 m | SKU: SCVBS

The Snake Scope VOYAGER is the most affordable and versatile video borescope / snakescope for basic visual inspections. The 5.5mm (0.22”) or 9.5mm...

articulated videoscope - ø 8 mm, max. 15 m | SKU: i4-8

This videoscope model is designed for aircraft, inspection of turbine, blades, pipes, etc.

The videoscope Videoscopes deliver high-resolution images rich inform and detail.

A Sony Super HAD¹ CDD² image sensor...

articulated videoscope - Quasar

The Quasar is an articulated videoscope, manufactured by MEDIT Inc. This product offers the latest range of...

flexible video borescope - Eagle Eye Digital kit, 5.6

Eagle Eye is an ergonomically designed handheld video endoscope system equipped with a 5.6 colour LCD monitor, SD-card digital image and video recorder and a slim robust ø7.0mm flexible insertion tube with all-direction articualted camera head.

Eagle Eyes flexible...

flexible video borescope - Eagle Eye Digital kit, 5.6

These focusing drives form Opto are engineered with focus blocks that enable the units...

2-way video borescope - 6 mm | PCE-VE 350N

The 2 way endoscope PCE-VE 350N is the absolute optimum for maintenance technicians and engineers, this 2 way endoscope lets you have insight into the inner workings of machines and equipment, and you can save the images and video clips to a SD card. See also the small diameter...

portable video borescope - iRis DVR X

The iRis DVR X, manufactured by IT Concepts, is equipped with a 5" high-resolution...

portable video borescope - iRis DVR 5

The iRis DVR 5 Series, manufactured by IT Concepts, is a portable video borescope designed for remote visual...

video borescope - iTool DVR

The iTool DVR is a video borescope developed by IT Concepts | Inspection Technologies...

videoscope - iWC Working Channel

The iWC by Concepts is a videoscope which comes with a combination of imaging...

flexible borescope - iFlex

The iFlex Industrial Fiberscope is mainly designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality for several...

CCD video micro camera module / for OEM - KS5600 series

New Features
Free DSP control function via SW1 and SW2
OSD display bar for SW1 and SW2 DSP control functions
1/3" Sony image sensor ICX638/639 AKA
1/4" Sony image sensor ICX648/649 AKA

Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
1/2,1/3,1/4 CCD
10bit ADC
Universally suitable for use with IPC, embedded systems, PC and notebook computers
Up to 25 /...

CCD video micro camera module / for OEM - KS6600 Series


1/2", 1/3", 1/4" High quality Sony CCD
Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
10bit ADC
25 / 30 full screen images per second (PAL / NTSC)
Optimized Signal/Noise ratio
Shutter speed up to 1/10.000sec

CMOS micro camera module / for OEM - HDC1330

The HDC1330 - compact HD camera module offers a quality image and image processing functionality. It is equipped with a new remote interface that offers a stick and long-term reliability....

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