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7 products MITUTOYO
MITUTOYO 187 series
digital bevel protractor 187 series MITUTOYO

Data output function makes it easy to gather statistical...

MITUTOYO 516 series
gauge block set 516 series MITUTOYO

Rectangular Guage Block: - Practical master gage for dimensional measurement - Two types of steel and ceramic gauge blocks are available....

MITUTOYO 0.1 - 250 mm | GBI
gauge block comparator 0.1 - 250 mm | GBI MITUTOYO

Automatic primary-level measuring instrument for gauge block lengths between 0.1mm and 250mm using optical interference. GBI is a Twyman-Green interferometer which employs the method of multiple wavelength coincidence...

MITUTOYO 0.5 - 100 mm | GBCD-100A
gauge block comparator 0.5 - 100 mm | GBCD-100A MITUTOYO

GBCD-100A measures the length of rectangular gauge blocks in the size range 0.5mm to 100mm. It automatically compares...

MITUTOYO 0.1 - 250 mm | GBCD-250
gauge block comparator 0.1 - 250 mm | GBCD-250 MITUTOYO

Measuring capability: Rectangular Gauge Blocks; Square Gauge...

MITUTOYO 517 series
granite surface plate 517 series MITUTOYO

Natural granite is free from deterioration or dimensional change over time. Granite surface plates have significant advantages over cast iron surface plates: Twice as hard as cast iron. Non-magnetic. Low...

6 products MAHR
gauge block set DIN EN ISO 3650 MAHR

Application - As comparison reference and utilization standards in the field of length measurement -...

pin gauge MAHR

To be used as setting standards for indicating measuring instruments,...

bevel protractor 106 ES MAHR

Easy to read high contrast 8,5 mm high LCD Displays the angular degrees and angular minutes or decimal degrees Zero setting at any position...

MAHR 107 G
granite surface plate 107 G MAHR

Features For measuring tasks, layout work, for touching up and lapping precision parts Made of choice fine-grain...

MAHR 107 MH, 107 V
V-block 107 MH, 107 V MAHR

To used in an inspection room and workshop for both measuring and scribing...

MAHR 0.010 - 4
gauge block measuring device 0.010 - 4" (0.25 - 100 mm) | 130B series MAHR

Mahr Federals 130B-24 Gage Block Comparator is truly the preferred choice of all major calibration laboratories. It is specifically designed for the measurement of gage blocks by comparison, with...

15 products TMC
TMC Quiet Island®
anti-vibration platform Quiet Island® TMC

Semiconductor manufacturing factories (fabs) incorporate a system of raised false floors to accommodate complex facilities requirements (plumbing, electrical cables, gas piping, etc.) and to maintain...

TMC 65 series
anti-vibration platform 65 series TMC

For conventional lab floors, isolating building floor vibration from large, tall tools presents an ergonomic challenge. Placing the isolators directly beneath the tool may raise the tool to an impractical...

anti-vibration platform STACIS® iX SEM-Base™ TMC

STACIS® iX SEM-Base™ active vibration cancellation floor platform system is designed for use with scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). SEMs are among the most vibration sensitive...

TMC STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™
vibration isolation table STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™ TMC

TMC introduces STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™, the latest addition to our STACIS® iX line of piezoelectric active vibration cancellation systems. LaserTable-Base offers an extraordinary level...

TMC STACIS® iX Stage-Base™
active anti-vibration system STACIS® iX Stage-Base™ TMC

TMC introduces STACIS® iX Stage-Base™, a Frame Mountable Active Hard-Mount Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation System. Stage-Base is specifically designed to be built into advanced semiconductor tools...

video TMC 350 lb (160 kg) | 63-500 series
vibration isolation table 350 lb (160 kg) | 63-500 series TMC

TMCs high performance vibration isolation laboratory tables provide superior vibration control for loads up to 350 pounds (160 kg). With a ferromagnetic stainless steel working surface, this modular vibration...

Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH 2 - 5 000 g, 0.1 - 500 g | CarePacs® series
precision weight 2 - 5 000 g, 0.1 - 500 g | CarePacs® series Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH

Perform routine testing of balances securely with only what you need two test weights. Save time and cost with a METTLER TOLEDO CarePac®. This unique approach means you can rely on accurate measuring...

Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH 1 mg - 5 000 g | Singnature series
precision weight 1 mg - 5 000 g | Singnature series Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH

The Signature Line weight portfolio contains all features of the Premium Line with two additional key benefits:...

Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH 1 mg - 50 000 g | Singnature series
precision weight 1 mg - 50 000 g | Singnature series Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH

The Signature Line weight portfolio contains all features of the Premium Line with two additional key benefits:...

Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH 0.05 - 0.5 mg, ± 1.5 mg
precision weight 0.05 - 0.5 mg, ± 1.5 mg Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH

METTLER TOLEDOs new microgram weight portfolio responds to increasing customer demand for weights below one milligram. The weights,...

Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH 50 - 5 000 kg | OIML M1
stackable precision weight 50 - 5 000 kg | OIML M1 Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH

METTLER TOLEDOs rectangular heavy capacity cast iron weights are manufactured in accordance with International Recommendation...

1 products KERN & SOHN
precision weight KERN & SOHN

Weights have always been used to carry out weighing procedures....

1 products DIATEST
setting ring DIATEST

Setting ring gauge:...

Fabreeka International
anti-vibration platform Fabreeka International

Fabreeka designs vibration isolation systems which integrate our low frequency pneumatic isolators with dynamically rigid platforms and support frames. An...

Fabreeka International Precision-Aire™
vibration isolation table Precision-Aire™ Fabreeka International

The Precision-Aire™ series table provides a self-leveling work surface and low frequency isolation in laboratories, cleanrooms and inspection areas where footfall and structural...

Fabreeka International
active anti-vibration system Fabreeka International

PAL-type pneumatic isolators provide superior low frequency vibration isolation. These isolators...

2 products MARPOSS
thread plug gauge MARPOSS

A wide range of go - no go fixed gauges is available for checking inside and outside smooth diameters, threads, grooves, cones, key ways, chamfers, radii, and so on. These are mechanical manual measuring...

master gear MARPOSS

The masters are samples used for zero-setting measuring instruments (with electronic sensors or dial gauges). Usually...

Dorsey Metrology International 0.098
plug gauge 0.098" - 9" Dorsey Metrology International

Dorsey’s indicating plug gages are used for repetitive...

Dorsey Metrology International 0.15 - 8.510
setting ring 0.15 - 8.510" Dorsey Metrology International

Ring gauges, often named ring masters, are used in applications where the effective part diameter must be inspected or where ring gauges are preferred because...

Dorsey Metrology International
setting ring Dorsey Metrology International

Disc masters are widley used for setting comparators, adjustable limit or dial snap gages, micrometers, etc. and for...

Dorsey Metrology International
thread plug gauge Dorsey Metrology International

Thread gauges are made for gaging of internal or external threaded surfaces. Typical...

Dorsey Metrology International
thread ring gauge Dorsey Metrology International

These thread gauges are made in adjustable design. The blanks of thread ring gauge have three radial slots,...

Dorsey Metrology International 0.5
pin gauge 0.5" Dorsey Metrology International

Plug gages are manufactured in three basic AGD styles. Wire type, also known as pin gages, taper lock and trilock. These styles offer a choice of wire type or taper lock gages in small range, taper lock...

15 products STARRETT
STARRETT 11H, C11HC series
combination square 11H, C11HC series STARRETT

The Starrett 4" Combination Square with Square Head features a...

STARRETT C3xx series
steel data ruler C3xx series STARRETT

The Starrett 6" Semi-Flexible Steel Rule with Inch...

STARRETT 359 series
bevel protractor 359 series STARRETT

Starrett 359 Precision Universal Bevel Vernier Protractors with fi ne adjustment...

STARRETT C1xx series, C19
bevel protractor C1xx series, C19 STARRETT

The Starrett C19 Steel Protractor is a highly useful and accurate tool for setting bevels, transferring angles, small squaring tasks, checking cutter clearances within...

bevel protractor C493, C493B STARRETT

Starrett steel rules with shrink graduations...

STARRETT C491, 491, C490, C12, 12 series
bevel protractor C491, 491, C490, C12, 12 series STARRETT

Starrett Bevel Protractors have revolving turrets with direct reading double graduations...

7 products Tesa
plug gauge TESADIA Tesa

Easy-to-handle plug gauge for 2-point or 3-point measurement on cylindrical bores – Ideal for blind bores and short centring shoulders with diameters ranging...

bevel protractor Tesa

TESA Angle Protractor with Numerical Indication...

taper gauge Tesa

Steel balls are...

Tesa TLH series
plug gauge TLH series Tesa

This type is identical...

BILZ Vibration Technology 1 - 150 kg | VITAP® series
anti-vibration platform 1 - 150 kg | VITAP® series BILZ Vibration Technology

VITAP ® - Vibration Isolated Table Top Platforms. These lightweight platforms consist of a robust, powder coated metal enclosure with either three or four integrated low natural frequency BILZ rubber...

BILZ Vibration Technology LTH series
vibration isolation table LTH series BILZ Vibration Technology

Bilz LTH laboratory tables are vibration-isolated work places. Disturbing vibrations from the environment are insulated from the table with highly-effective membrane air spring...

5 products Frenco
spline gauge Frenco

Spline gauges are go and no-go plug gauges for splines. They are used as a quick inspection...

master gear Frenco

Ensure the quality of your products: Quickly inspect gears and check their working accuracy – thereby guaranteeing quality assurance. This is part of...

IC gear artefact Frenco

Artefacts represent, in near ideal form, the geometrical characteristics of gearing. These characteristics are calibrated and traceable...

plug gauge Frenco

When using electronic display units and computers...

Frenco VM
master gear VM Frenco

The instruments of the type VM have a guiding profile, with which the dimension over balls can be established quickly and reliably, without rocking. The guiding profile...

1 products SYLVAC
5 products baty
baty DIN 861
gauge block set DIN 861 baty

Material: steel Complete with Grade 1 UKAS...

baty 600 x 900 x 130 mm | GP-10
granite surface plate 600 x 900 x 130 mm | GP-10 baty

All granite surface plates are manufactured...

baty DIN876-83
lightened black granite surface plate DIN876-83 baty

All granite surface plates are manufactured to DIN876-83 and supplied with a steel stand...

baty max. 160 x 160 x 90 mm
granite prism max. 160 x 160 x 90 mm baty

Available in three sizes. Each set is a pair...

baty 0 - 360 °
bevel protractor 0 - 360 ° baty

Dial Angle Protractor * Stainless steel * Measuring range 0-360° *...

12 products Bocchi
digital bevel protractor Bocchi

Digital protractor of extreme precision and easy use. Inductive Sylvac system patented, IP51 leve of protection against coolant, water,...

bevel protractor Bocchi

Protractor in stainless steel with dial readout. Satin–chromed...

gauge block set Bocchi

Composition of parallel gauge blocks in top-quality non-deformable steel. Supplied in case, serial number on each block. Manufactured...

plug gauge Bocchi

Cylindrical plug gauges “Go-No Go” in a steel-chrome alloy. Excellent...

steel data ruler Bocchi

Flexible rulers in mat stainless steel. Division on...

stainless steel rule Bocchi

Square in hardened stainless steel for mould...

3 products DELTRONIC
plug gauge Class X DELTRONIC

10,240 metric size plug gages, AGD Go/No Go handles, Split/Mate convertible gages, Class X gage certification,...

thread plug gauge DELTRONIC

Unified Thread Series (UNC-UNF-UNEF); Standard (ANSI B1.2) "X" Tolerance, Class 2B or 3B Tolerance conforms to ANSI Federal Screw...

thread ring gauge DELTRONIC

Alameda’s parent corporation, Deltronic, manufactures these Thread Wires certified to meet or exceed requirements of the ANSI/ASME B1.2 thread standard and ANSI/ASME B1.16M Standards. Tolerance:...

2 products E D & D
E D & D CC-23
feeler gauge CC-23 E D & D

Product Details A must have item for measuring creepage and clearance distances throughout your products. Saves an invaluable amount of time measuring electrical spacings....

E D & D PRO-360
digital bevel protractor PRO-360 E D & D

Product Details This is our top-of-the-line angle meter, quality is unparalleled. A hold button freezes the reading on the display for hard to see measurements. Zero can be reset to any angle which provides...

video DeFelsko Corporation ± 0.43 µm
gauge block set ± 0.43 µm DeFelsko Corporation

Certified coated metal plates and polystyrene blocks are ideal for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gages and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality...

DeFelsko Corporation ± 2.5 µm
gauge block set ± 2.5 µm DeFelsko Corporation

Certified coated metal plates and polystyrene blocks are ideal for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gages and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality...

video DeFelsko Corporation ± 2 µm
gauge block set ± 2 µm DeFelsko Corporation

Shims Overview Simulate a coating over a particular substrate material or shape. Gage performance can be conveniently verified on a regular basis as required by some international...

1 products HAHNREITER
thread plug gauge HAHNREITER

Thread plug gauges Thread plug...

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