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new Keyence Deutschland 200 mm | IM-6120
measuring and profile projector 200 mm | IM-6120 Keyence Deutschland

By providing both overwhelming measurement speed and high measurement accuracy, the...

video Keyence Deutschland IM-6500
profile projector IM-6500 Keyence Deutschland

Image Dimension Measurement System IM-6000 • Measure the Previously Unmeasurable • Sub-Pixel Measurement Accuracy • Instantaneous Batch...

new video KEYENCE FRANCE SAS IM series
image dimension measuring system IM series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

By providing both overwhelming measurement speed and high measurement accuracy,...

field of view (FOV) measurement system Xpress 70 VISION ENGINEERING LTD

Xpress delivers ultra-fast, accurate 2D measurement within the field of view (FOV), at the touch of a button. No need to focus. No need to position your parts. Instantly and accurately measure hundreds...

video WERTH MESSTECHNIK max. 80 mm x 60 mm | QuickInspect
benchtop video measurement device max. 80 mm x 60 mm | QuickInspect WERTH MESSTECHNIK

Fast Measurement in the Field Of View of the Sensor Design Benchtop measuring machine with image...

video WERTH MESSTECHNIK 200 x 150 mm | Compact® 300
measuring and profile projector 200 x 150 mm | Compact® 300 WERTH MESSTECHNIK

The measuring projector for use in laboratory and shop floor environments Design Manual bench-type...

video Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH ST 600 V - ST 1000 V
vertical measuring projector ST 600 V - ST 1000 V Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

ST 600 V till ST 1000 V - Vertical measuring projectors Standard features of these vertical measuring projectors: • 600 – 1000 mm screen with crosshairs, depending on model • Template holder (support...

new video Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH V-CAD rapid
2-axis video measuring machine V-CAD rapid Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

V-CAD rapid The innovative 2D optical measuring device Standard features of V-CAD rapid -5-megapixel CCD B/W camera -4 different fields of view for spot-on measurement -Panel PC with WIN7 and multi-touch...

video Alicona Imaging InfiniteFocus
benchtop 3D optical measurement device InfiniteFocus Alicona Imaging

InfiniteFocus is an optical 3D micro coordinate system for form and roughness measurement. Measurements...

video Dorsey Metrology International 16
benchtop horizontal profile projector 16" | 16H Dorsey Metrology International

This ultra precision optical comparator utilizes an integrated zero backlash, high resolution scale and a free state, normalized zero stress stage. These features allow 16H optical comparator to attain...

1 products NanoFocus AG
video NanoFocus AG µsurf cylinder
3D non-contact optical measurement device for cylinders µsurf cylinder NanoFocus AG

?surf cylinder is the well-estbalished business solution for the inspection of cylinder running surfaces. A large number of renowned automotive manufacturers successfully apply the non-contact measurement...

video Optical Gaging Products SNAP
benchtop video measurement device SNAP Optical Gaging Products

QVI® SNAP™ may be the most productive machine in your shop. SNAP makes complex measurements easily and accurately. Simply place a part on the stage, select the routine, and press...

4 products STARRETT
video STARRETT EZ series
manual video vision measuring machine EZ series STARRETT

The EZ300 manual field of view "FOV" vision system offers 12" x 5.5" x 5.5" travel, optional Z-axis measuring, a powerful MetLogix software control system, interchangeable...

new video STARRETT HDV300, HDV400
video measuring machine HDV300, HDV400 STARRETT

The innovative new HDV Horizontal Digital Video comparator combines the best features of a horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology system. Utilizing a rigid steel design, with 12" x 6" of...

video STARRETT AV300 series
CNC video measuring machine AV300 series STARRETT

The AV300 CNC vision system offers 12" x 6" x 5.5" travel, Z-axis measuring, your choice of powerful MetLogix or Quadra-Check software control systems,...

video STARRETT HD400, HB400, HE400
benchtop horizontal profile projector HD400, HB400, HE400 STARRETT

The HD400 dual lens horizontal benchtop optical comparator offers a 16" screen, 16" fast traverse X-axis travel, 6 Y-axis travel, quick change bayonet fitting lenses, Q-axis digital protractor with angular...

1 products Visicontrol
video Visicontrol 100 - 300 p/min | visiSort-S
automated visual inspection and measuring machine 100 - 300 p/min | visiSort-S Visicontrol

The visiSort-S is suitable for the testing and sorting of cylindrical...

2 products SmartVision
new video SmartVision Smart_Projector Horizontal
horizontal measuring projector Smart_Projector Horizontal SmartVision

SmartVision is proud to present the brand new Smart_Projector Horizontal: Fast Industrial Video Measuring Machine, designed for Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Quality Control tasks. Smart_Projector...

new video SmartVision Smart_Projector
video measuring machine Smart_Projector SmartVision

Smart_Projector is the innovative instrument created by SmartVision that performs automatic dimensional measures of any object in a simple, objective and fast way. Revolutionary digital evolution of...

1 products baty
video baty
benchtop 3D optical measurement device baty

Venture Manual Vision Systems Baty’s powerful Fusion software is also available with full 3D functionality for use...

1 products CARMAR
video CARMAR 12,16”, Ø300, 400 |PH-3020, PH4025
horizontal profile projector 12,16”, Ø300, 400 |PH-3020, PH4025 CARMAR

Features: 1. Helix angle stage adjustable: ± 15° 2. Heavy-duty, metal construction 3....

video IBS Precision Engineering ISARA 400
CNC 3D optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) ISARA 400 IBS Precision Engineering

ISARA 400 is fully equipped for ultra precision performance and user convenience. Thermal shielding prevents measurement errors because of differences in thermal expansion. Three vibration isolators counter...

video Rational Precision Instrument Co., Ltd 0.5 µm, 250 x 150 mm | 2515G
2-axis video measuring machine 0.5 µm, 250 x 150 mm | 2515G Rational Precision Instrument Co., Ltd

Standard series Usage Standard series video measuring system is mainly applied in 2D measurement, this video measuring system is widely used in different kinds of precision finishing industries,...

vehicle mount video monitoring system VVS OPTRONITALIA srl

OPTRONITALIA’S V.V.S kit (Vehicular Video system) is applicable on every types of vehicles to effect Day and Night supervision and in any evironmetal condition. The visualization of...

video OptiPro Systems max. 200 mm | UltraSurf 5X
3D non-contact optical measurement device max. 200 mm | UltraSurf 5X OptiPro Systems

UltraSurf 5X is a high precision 5-Axis non-contact metrology system. All axes are made of the highest quality air bearings and linear motor technology available. A variety of probe...

video Lantz Teknik AB
CNC video measuring machine Lantz Teknik AB

This machine images the object with a line scan camera and telecentric optics. The measured object is moved with a ball screw and an...

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