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optical system - Text-Genius, Text-Genius Plus

The SIMATIC MV440 is integrated with the "Text-Genius" and "Text-Genius Plus" OCR license enabling it to read texts other than reading 1D barcodes and 2D matrix...

visual inspection system - Scarf

The Scarf Visualization System was designed for monitoring outside and inside diameters' trim condition, during the manufacturing...

labels inspection system / visual - max. 1 200 p/min | OmniView®

The OmniView Cylindrical Package Inspection System manufactured by Cognex features a peculiar multiple camera three dimensional modeling technology used to provide a fast...

inspection system - BIS

Bar inspection system is designed for four-sided, rounded and smooth bar applications. This device compresses phased array and eddy current array mechanisms in a single scheme that enables...

inspection system - RBIS

The OLYMPUS Rotating Billet Inspection System (RBIS) is a high speed system designed for round billets made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum material. It utilizes a large...

infrared inspection window - FLIR IRW-Series

The FLIR IRW-Series is primarily used to put additional safety when opening hazardous electrical cabinets for...

labels inspection system / visual - max. 1 200 p/min | OmniView®

The Cognex OmniView system is utilized for high speed and 360° identification and inspection of lids and labels on unoriented cylindrical products which include bottles, jars, vials and cans. Products at any orientation...

automatic optical inspection machine for the furniture industry - ColourBrain® Furniture

Baumer's ColourBrain® provides automated furniture inspection that is thorough and accurate. Using in-line measurement of dimensions, drillings and angle accuracy, the ColourBrain® offers double-sided inspection...

visual inspection system - ColourBrain® DecoPrint

The Color Brain is a state of the art product designed by Baumer that is built to form a modern and authentic automatic color form to act as the groundwork...

automated visual inspection machine for ceramics - CeraVision®

These inspection systems have modular designs that allow for process monitoring and sorting, with technology that is based on the ColorBrain system for automatic calibration and color cameras.

Continuous inspection...

cylinder inspection system - max. 24 000 p/h

This machine helps users be certain that processed vials and bottles are closed tightly. Capillary cracks, crazing or microscopically tiny pinholes are detected by automatic...

inspection system - max. 12 000 p/h

Filled and closed syringe inspection is a major part of processing syringes that comes ready to use. These devices come with both visual and leak inspection mechanisms. Closed, filled syringes are automatically...

inspection system - max. 12 000 p/h

The Bausch + Ströebel advanced cartridge inspection machines are designed to optoelectronically check...

inspection system for the pharmaceutical industry / visual - Visionscape® I–PAK®

The I-PAK® model, engineered by Microscan, is a package inspection system that features a durable optical character verification. It offers a high speed decoding,...

visual inspection system / for packaging industry - I-PAK® series

The Visionscape® I-PAK® package inspection system is the proven solution chosen by major pharmaceutical manufacturers...

visual inspection system / for packaging industry - I-PAK® series

Industrial image processing

Rohwedder has been developing and supplying industrial image processing solutions ever since this technology found its way into the field of automation. Our range comprises:

* Smart camera systems: low-priced, high-performance...

digital inspection and measurement system - ECOCONTROL series

Premium processor systems with 22", 15 or 8.4 TFT color monitor and touch-screen operation

Three ECOCONTROL models belong to the premium segment of display and control devices by SIKORA. They attract special interest, due to its intelligent software technology, simplicity and ease of use for the operator.


high-speed multi-function inspection machine for bottles - max. 400 BPM | CHECK+ V6

The use of servo-driven mechanism has improved the capabilities and the efficiency of the machine and it is possible to reach an inspection speed up to 400 BPM.

An efficient servo-driven mechanism

High speed and significant flexibility : Servo-driven star-wheel mechanism from 6 to 48 indexing positions and Servo-driven single/double in-feed screw device
High modularity...

high-speed multi-function inspection machine for bottles - M

The multi-inspection M machine is a servo driven machine allowing to control round and non round containers at high speeds.

The M machine makes it possible to perform, in a modular manner, independently, the following inspections:

internal / external finish diameter

bottle sidewall inspection machine - MCAL 4

Last generation of sidewall inspection machine

Universal and flexible: adapted to all markets and all line configuration
Simple and Efficient: Suitable for all users and all types of detections
Selective and productive: conceived to provide Quality and to optimize production...

bottle sidewall inspection machine - MULTI 4

Multi 4 provides a complete quality control for the base and the finish of glass articles.

It can combine up to 7 different controls in one single frame allowing:


non-contact in-line inspection machine for bottles - max. 500 BPM | ARGOS

Non contact on line check detection in the finish
For cosmetic, pharmaceutics, and odd-shaped containers.


optical system - NEMA 4X, IP67

The TapTone CapVu camera sensor is a non-contact container cap and closure inspection module, cantilevered over the customer's existing conveyor. The system uses vision technology to inspect the cap or closure...

visual inspection system / for packaging industry - 2 000 containers/min | CodeVu™

The TapTone codeVu camera sensor is a non-contact inspection module designed to visually inspect containers for the absence...

automated visual inspection machine for the food industry - 2 000 containers/min | TotalVu

The TapTone TotalVu vision sensor is the next generation in the Teledyne TapTone vision technology product line for non-contact visual package...

automated visual inspection machine for the food industry - 2 000 containers/min | TotalVu

InfraTec is very flexible in the position of the used filters:
InfraTec can deliver standard detectors with standard optical filters.
If you need special filters either you may supply the filters or InfraTec may purchase the filters...

automated visual inspection machine for the food industry - 2 000 containers/min | TotalVu

Foreing object in the bottle , water level , label availability and condition , date...

visual inspection system - visiProfil

With the visiprofil visicontrol offers a manual test station that is ideally suited for quality testing in the laboratory. The visiprofil can be...

automated visual inspection machine for the packaging industry - ThermoSecure LS200

Luceo's ThermoSecure is a fully-automated packing inspection device. The unit was created for checking the presence, position and orientation of the label. It also guarantees that all regulatory information...

automated visual inspection machine for the packaging industry - ThermoSecure L100

This inspection machine based on camera checks the sealing of top-sealed trays.
This machine detects any contamination within the sealing area. Machine can also reveal defects such as wrinkles or bubbles.
ThermoSecure inspects, identifies and ejects faulty packs. In case of production drift,...

automated visual inspection machine for the packaging industry - ThermoSecure T100

The ThermoSecure checks 100% of packages with machine vision (camera, lighting and image processing software). This product inspects, identifies, provides traceability and rejects products which display contaminated seals or...

automated visual inspection machine for the packaging industry - ThermoSecure T100


High definition optical inspection & analysis of honed cylinder surfaces

CylinderInspector is an all-optical, non-contact inspection and measurement instrument which performs high definition optical microscopic inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium.
For over 15 years, CylinderInspector has been the instrument of choice amongst the...

automated visual inspection machine for the packaging industry - ThermoSecure T100


The Cleanalyzer is a high-end analytical system designed to examine particles on filters a key procedure in performing reliable and reproducible evaluation of component cleanliness.
Precision mechanical parts machined to exact tolerances are susceptible to damage or malfunction caused by particulate contamination....

automated visual inspection machine for the packaging industry - ThermoSecure T100


Given the overwhelming success and positive response to the first version of the TroubleBox high speed video analysis system, Opto is pleased to officially announce the release of TroubleBox Version 2.0.

TroubleBox is a high performance video recording system specifically designed for the analysis of high speed industrial manufacturing...

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