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rotary vane mixer / continuous - MESC

The MESC-type Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers are made up of two aligned counter-rotating intermixing paddle shafts....

rotary vane mixer / batch - WAH

WAMGROUP WAH continuous horizontal single shaft mixers are ideal for dry bulk solids, dry bulk solids + liquids, low-viscosity pastes and sludges.

They comprise of a cylindrical mixing drum vessel featuring an inlet and an outlet placed at the opposite end....

rotary vane mixer / batch - WBH

The WBH Horizontal Single Shaft Batch Mixers are made up of an outlet with a discharge valve, a venting spout, a mixing shaft, mixing drum vessel with an inlet, a drive...

rotary vane mixer / batch - WBHP / WBHT

The Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers with Bomb Bay Discharge series from WAMGROUP utilizes a 15° opening section...

ribbon mixer / batch - WBN

The batch-type WBN Ribbon Blenders in this series are comprised of a horizontal ribbon screw, of single-shaft type, housed in a tubular mixing drum,...

ribbon mixer / batch - 5 - 200 l | EM

Mixer's field of application:
- small production orders
- preparation of master batches
- "just-in-time" mixing jobs
- product development

Further characteristics:
- Technically ideal mixing quality; adjustable mixing intensity (from gentle homogenization to intensive deagglomeration)
- Micro-fine admixture of liquid material;...

rotary vane mixer / continuous - RMG

Further characteristics:
- Scoop-type mixing tools mix particularly gently.

rotary vane mixer / batch / double-shaft - GMS C Multiflux®

GMS Multiflux® batch mixer by Gericke.

Batch mixer. Horizontally...

rotary vane mixer / continuous - GCM

Mixer for continuous processes. The mixer is suitable for mixing a wide range of powders, flakes and granulates and also viscous products....

rotary vane mixer / batch - GBM

The GBM (Gericke Batch Mixer) mixer includes a single horizontal mixing rotor.


rotary vane mixer / batch / double-shaft - GMS 140 C

The GMS 140 C is the smallest double shaft mixer of Gericke. With a useable volume of 40 100 litres,...

continuous mixer / gravimetric - KG series

Consisting of one to eight feeders and a central microprocessor based controller, the K4G and ProRate™ Gravimetric Blender continuously meters raw materials accurately into a central station hopper.

K4G Continuous Gravimetric Blender

continuous mixer / gravimetric - K4G series

The K4G Continuous Gravimetric Blender System was designed with the specific requirements of the plastics processing industry in mind.

The compact design and low space requirements of the K4G integrated system allow four or six feeders with K-Tron...

continuous mixer / gravimetric - K4G series

The ProBlend Zone Blender is used for blending and homogenizing any free flowing bulk material, within a hopper or silo.
It can be used for mixtures of many ingredients and is frequently employed by compounders, recyclers, and others who require a uniform blend of materials at the use point.

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With its special geometry...

ribbon mixer / cone / batch - SOLIDMIX VSM

Positive displacement mixer for free-flowing solids / bulk solids
Free overhung shaft without product contacted...

batch ploughshare mixer for building material - max. 235 t/h | DBE series

High quality products within minimum mixing times
Shorter discharge times due to one-door discharging system
Residual material < 0.1% due to 90° opening angle
Long service...

ploughshare  mixer - max. 30 000 l | KM series

Maximum homogeneity of the end product
Residence/mixing times between 25 and 60 seconds
Granulation processes within 3 - 6 minutes

ploughshare  mixer / batch / laboratory - max. 20 l | L series

Guaranteed Lödige Quality
Attractive price
Functional design
Ideal for your product and process development
Table top or free standing

ploughshare  mixer / batch / laboratory - L 50

Highest quality mix in short mixing time
Gentle treatment of the product
Reliable scale-up to production machine sizes
Reproduceable mix quality
Maximum availability
Easy accessibility to all inside parts...

ploughshare  mixer / batch - max. 30 000 l | FKM series

Highest quality mixes
Short mixing times
Reproduceable batches
Gentle treatment of the product
Maximum availability

continuous mixer / gravimetric - Quantum

Quantum embodies innovations that radically change the way injection moulding machines and extruders...

rotary vane mixer / batch - 15 - 100 rpm | 42P series

Paddle Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a fabricated paddle agitator. The paddle agitator includes...

ribbon mixer / batch - 15 - 100 rpm | 42N series

Ribbon Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator. A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon moves materials in one...

ribbon mixer / batch - 15 - 100 rpm | 42V series

Horizontal Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially fabricated ribbon or paddle type agitator. A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon moves...

ribbon mixer / batch - 2 000 - 10 000 l | HM

Due to the jacketed design and the standard tool a good cooling
performance is achieved. All...

ribbon mixer / batch - HC

Completely made of stainless steel and a newly designed jacketed
mixing container characterizes the advancement of the...

ribbon mixer / batch - HCE

The enhanced tool increases the effective water-cooled surface
and the available cooling capacity. In combination with the...

ribbon mixer / batch - HUH/HMF

The single-walled designed mixer with its universal tool
configuration in connection with sufficient drive rating provides a

ribbon mixer / continuous - 250 - 10 000 kg/h | CTM

Maximum output for your production

Capacity: 250 - 10,000...

rotary vane mixer / continuous -

If you seek an optimum combination of the components of your products we have the ideal solution. Depending...

rotary vane mixer / batch - max. 600 l | MK series

Optimum final quality requires optimum conditioning. The KAHL mixing conditioner provides an economic process.

It is suitable for:
- Treatment of mash feed

rotary vane mixer / batch - 5 - 30 000 l | MHT

High performance mixer for intense and fast mixes, suitable for all kinds of products, including very disperse granulation and densities
Working principle

Plow type...

ribbon mixer / batch - 50 - 30 000 l | MH

The MH is a blender suitable for the homogenization of products with a similar morphology and density, indicated for big batches thanks to its reduced power consumption
Working principle


rotary vane mixer / batch - 20 - 7 500 l | FB

High accuracy ultra fast mixer, suitable for all kinds of mixing products, especially...

dynamic mixer - 24 m³/h | MBV series

This dynamic mixer is designed for sludge stabilization with quick lime or hydrated lime. Its design allows its location...

rotary vane mixer / batch - Origami 5

Origami 5 is a patented manufacturing plant for the production of drymix chemicals products for the construction industry. Fabricated by Personal Factory, it presents a completely innovative production technology. Origami 5, in only 6 square meters, saves...

ribbon mixer / batch - 190 - 3 500 l

GIMAT's ribbon mixers,also known as Ribbon Blenders or Powder Mixers, in general are built of painted carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 with surface treatments making them suitable for this application.

The sheet metal used has considerable thickness to withstand the stresses of the Powder Mixing process which occurs rapidly and homogeneously thanks to the particular four-way...

ribbon mixer / batch - E series

Separate transport: Separate containers for different materials enable to mix at discharge setting the adequate proportions without stopping the...

rotary vane mixer / batch / double-shaft - 10 - 11 000 dm³ | Pegasus®

One mixing solution is the Pegasus® Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer. You do not want your mixing step to take longer than necessary. Time is money, but the quality level must be maintained or even improved. Using a smaller mixer...

rotary vane mixer / continuous / double-shaft - max. 850 m³/h | Pegasus®

With an in-line Pegasus® Continuous Mixer you can achieve high throughputs with a very small mixer. This continuous mixer ensures consistent quality in the end product in combination with a gravimetric feeding system for solids and possibly liquids.

You will find the Pegasus® Continuous Mixer in various process applications.

continuous mixer / gravimetric - 800 kg/h | GDS 11

Continuous gravimetric systems using the "loss-in-weight"...

continuous mixer / gravimetric - 350 kg/h | GDS 5

Continuous gravimetric systems using the "loss-in-weight"...

continuous mixer / gravimetric - 1500 kg/h | GDS 7

Continuous gravimetric systems using the "loss-in-weight"...

continuous mixer / gravimetric - 800 kg/h | GDS 9

Throughput control and gravimetric blending systems GDS 9

continuous mixer / gravimetric - 1500 kg/h | VDS 7

Throughput control and gravimetric blending systems GDS 7

continuous mixer / gravimetric - 1500 kg/h | VDS 7

With our Partner, AVALONG TECHNOLOGY, and their vast experience with High Speed Heating/Cooling Mixers we are able to offer the latest Technolgy in the mixing process for many...

rotary vane mixer / batch - VR series

The VR rotating pan batch mixer is enjoying great success among the most modern foundries,...

ribbon mixer / batch - 100 - 9 800 L | MOR

- Powder mixers ideal for the foodstuffs, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.
- Mixers for powder with load capacity...

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