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asynchronous electric brake motor - 750 - 3 000 rpm, 0.5 - 15 CV

The self-braking motor by rotor displacement designed by Selmetron, is the simplest and most elegant solution of a brake motor. It is characterised by its stator and trunk-conical rotor.

The brake is unblocked when the nominal tension is applied. When the tension is...

AC small electric motor - ø 58 mm

The Shaded Pole Motor is built with a thermal protection based on the motor impedance...

AC small electric motor - ø 52 mm

The shaded pole motors have a shaft of 4 mm diameter, which can be smooth, milled...

AC electric motor / flat-body / for circular saws - S series

Our saw motors are available in power ranges from 3hp to 25hp...

asynchronous electric motor / for speed variation - T, D, M series

Our IEC normalized motors comply with all the applicable international standards,...

asynchronous electric motor / with integrated inverter - ESV series

STM SpA, one of the leading power transmission manufacturers, has worldwide introduced its newly born ESV (electronic speed variator).
This ESV version...

asynchronous electric motor / submersible - 0.37 - 250 kW, 0 ... 90 °C | UGM series

The UGM 4" submersible motors of Swiss Pump are fully stainless steel, rewind able and water-cooled. UGM 6“, 8“, 10“ are made of cast-iron top and bottom with epoxy-coated paint. The other...

AC electric motor - max. 3 kW | CHT series

CHT series motors have been produced to be mounted on gearboxes and therefore they have mechanical and

AC electric motor - max. 3 kW | CHT series

U.S. Air Filtration stocks a complete line of motors and starters for your fans, blowers, screw conveyors,...

asynchronous electric motor / blower - 770 - 1 680 RPM | Mf-Flex

The Vostermans Ventilation Mf-Flex is an extremely flexible motorline complete with a wide application field. The unit is available around the world in most of the following technical combinations: 4-poles to 8-poles, 1/16HP to 1HP, 50 Hz to 60 Hz,...

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