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CO2 laser / galvo / marking - max. 850 x 850 mm, 30 - 200 W | SpeedMarker CL

SpeedMarker CL Marking Laser is used mainly with industrial applications because it offers accurate and reliable carbon dioxide marking laser. The product helps to...

tunable laser - 680 - 1 300 nm | InSight™ DeepSee™

Largest tuning assortment: 680 nm - 1300 nm with regard to most significant image resolution Short pulse thickness as well as maximum peak energy for optimum fluorescence Integrated trademarked DeepSee™ to provide limited pulses towards the sample Ideal beam qualities enhanced for multiphoton image resolution...

tunable laser - 780 - 820 nm | Mai Tai® SP

From the makers of top quality innovations in Oscillators comes Mai Tai SP by SPECTRA PHYSICS. Designed mainly for seeding ultra fast amplifiers. With its proven Mai...

high-speed laser / tunable - 690 – 1 040 nm | Mai Tai®

The Mai Tai® ultra fast laser series has high output power in order to optimize the depth of penetration in multi-photon imaging. To produce high peak power, the Mai Tai® has short output...

tunable laser / power - Matisse® series

The tunable ring laser uses an output power rating that is greater than 6.5 W and the narrowest line width is less than 30 kHz. This may upgraded later on as needed.

This uses a sapphire gain with a medium wavelength and a...

micro-machining laser - 532 nm | Mosaic™

The Spectra-Physics Mosaic™ Q-switched DPSS laser is made by the unison of advanced...

yellow laser pointer - 593.5nm, 0.6-2mW,ISO, FDA, RoHS, JQA | GLP-593.5

GLP-593.5 is the first yellow laser pointer in the world. It is novel, unique and amazing.
Wavelength (nm) : 593.5±1...

green laser pointer - 532 nm, 0.6 - 5 mW | GLP-532

AT 532nm

blue laser pointer - 0.6 - 5 mW, 473 nm | GLP-473

GLP-473 is the first blue laser pointer in the world. It is novel, unique and amazing.
Wavelength (nm): 473±1
Output power...

red laser pointer - 635 nm, 0.6 - 5 mW | GLP-635

GLP-635 is noticeable and the red beam...

marking laser - 532 nm, 20 W | AQUILA 532 series

Photon's Aquila 532 is a frequency-doubled laser with a rated output power of 20W in pulse mode. It is ideal for processing of...

marking laser - 1 064 nm, 4.5 - 15 W | LEO series

Photon's LEO is a simple and robust laser that only needs little investment. By utilizing...

marking laser - 532 nm, 3 W | LEO 532 series

Photon Energy manufactures the LEO 532, a laser that is designed for heavy and various applications such as micro-structuring, micro-machining...

tunable laser - 730 nm - 880 nm

Picosecond Ti:sapphire Laser of the Tiger PS series is suitable for use in photocathode illumination, seeding amplifiers, pump-probe experiments, opto-electronic...

disc laser - max. 16 000 W | TruDisk series

The compact fiber-guided TruDisk laser has a simple modular construction. In it, energy-efficient diode lasers are used as the excitation source. After this, the disk results in a high beam quality.
Your advantages at a glance:

marking laser / OEM - TruMark Series 1000

The compact and cost-efficient marking laser TruMark 1110 features extremely high...

marking laser / OEM - TruMark Series 3000

The TruMark Series 3000 offers you all the features you need in a marking laser for problem-free integration:...

marking laser / OEM - TruMark Series 5000

The fiber laser based Tru Mark Series 5000 is characterized by an ideal combination of high power, high repetition rates and variably...

marking laser / OEM - TruMark Series 6000

The TruMark Series 6000 consists of five different special lasers which have one thing in common: high power and outstanding...

tunable laser - 5205-T/5206-T Series

JDSU tunable lasers are a key component in today’s agile transmission modules that are designed to support the rapid deployment of next-generation Internet Protocol (IP)-based voice, data, and video services.
The 5205-T/5206-T Integrable Tunable Laser Assemblies (TOSA-based ITLA) are tailored for the needs of advanced...

compensation laser - FCD Series

Continuous-wave, solid-state FCD (frequency-converted diode) series lasers feature all-in-fiber architecture. A package contains both the optical elements of the laser and the control electronics, allowing full control and diagnostics of the laser system through an analog interface and RS232...

laser pointer - 532 - 670 nm | K series

Wavelengths: 532, 635, 640, 650, 670nm.
Optical power: From <...

compensation laser / for harsh environments - 532 nm | X-Series

Main Features
Small size.

marking laser - PowerLine Pico

With a pulse length of 800 ps and a maximum pulse energy of 40 µJ this picosecond laser is dedicated to laser marking and engraving as well as thin film ablation and...

marking laser - PowerLine Pico

In the thin-disk laser system, the laser active medium is a very thin disk with less than 200-μm thickness. The Yb:YAG crystal is stimulated at the frontside via a diode laser stack in a quasi-end-pumped design. The backside is cooled over the whole area. Due to the small thickness, only a part of the pump beam is absorbed. In an optical system consisting...

tunable laser - 632.5 - 1630 nm, max. 300 kHz | TLB-6900 Series

Introducing the Vortex II Series Precision Single Mode Finely-Tuned Lasers. The New Focus engineering team was asked to provide the next level of laser performance that would help the atomic spectroscopy community and others with their need for low...

tunable laser - 632.5 - 1630 nm, max. 500 kHz | TLB-7000 Series

With superior stability, reliability and tuning, the TLB-7000 StableWave tunable lasers are the ideal fine-tuning laser for interferometry, atomic clocks and cooling, laser seeding and other precision-tuning applications. To deliver truly reliable performance, these lasers use an exceptionally rugged, patented...

tunable laser - 835 - 1630 nm | TLB 6600 Series

The TLB-6600 lasers deliver it all. They combine the best in tunability—ultrafast, ultrawide, and mode hop-free—with low noise, high accuracy and repeatability. Because the lasers are based on our award-winning* design, they are extremely dependable with OEM-proven 24/7 reliability...

tunable laser module - TLM 8700

Just like all of our benchtop tunable lasers, these modules carry our reputation as the leading supplier of test-and-measurement...

tunable laser module - IQS-2800

Modular, continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow linewidth and high-resolution tunability for coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.

Tunable Laser Source: Designed for WDM Networks
The IQS-2800 is a modular, continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow...

tunable laser - IQS-2600B

The IQS-2600B Tunable Laser Source is ideal for testing dense WDM components in the C- and L-band ranges.

On the production floor, time is money. You need fast cost-effective test instruments that maximize your production. The IQS-2600B and FLS-2600B Tunable Laser Sources are ideal for complete characterization of fiber-optic filters, multiplexers and other dense WDM components. These...

tunable laser - S7500

CW Tunable Laser – Butterfly Package (S7500)

The Finisar S7500 tunable laser incorporates a monolithic InP chip that integrates a tunable MG-Y laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The MG-Y (Modulated Grating Y-branch)...

tunable laser - S7500

MVmicro lasers were developed for stand-alone image processing tasks.
They produce...

tunable laser - S7500

Green laser pointer

Green laser pointers are almost ten times more...

tunable laser - S7500

Lunas PHOENIX™ swept tunable lasers are designed for low noise and highly linear swept...

tunable laser - PHOENIX™ 1000

Lunas PHOENIX1000
Swept Laser Module is a
tunable laser with an optical fiber coupled output. The
laser is a miniaturized, tunable external cavity laser

tunable laser - PHOENIX™ 1200

Luna's PHOENIX"* 1400 Benchtop Tunable Laser
incorporates Luna's PHOENIX™ tunable laser and
driver in a benchtop package. The laser...

swept-wavelength laser module - s3

The Micron Optics s3 is a Swept Wavelength Laser module that provides linear sweep in optical frequency and customizable tuning...

cutting laser / marking - HSL-5000 series

Installable on equipment ranging from repair systems to inspection.
Thanks to HOYAs...

tunable laser - 400 - 1 000 nm


High out-of-band...

tunable laser / power - CW HPTL-GS HETL Integrated Series

Main Features
* Tunability 2300-3000 nm
* CW Channel Output Power up to 15 W
* GS...

tunable laser - GSFFL/GSTL-Fe:ZnS/Se Series

Main Features
Operating Wavelength within 3.6-5.0 µm
Output Energy >0.5 mJ

tunable laser / power - HPTLM Series

Main Features
Multi-watt Output Power
Narrow Linewidth Operation, <0.1 nm available
Tunable Wavelength Range* up to...

high-speed laser / tunable - RTLM Series

Main Features
Up to 1000 Spectra per second (i.e. 1 kHz wavelength tuning rep rate)
Milli-watt to Multi-watt Output Power
Narrow Linewidth Operation, 0.05-0.5...

high-speed laser / tunable - max. 1 570 nm | WSL-1000

The WSL-1000 is a high-speed tunable laser for fiber sensor and OCT applications. The laser’s wavelength can be swept at a frequency of up to 16 kHz across a spectral range of up to 150 nm, with an output optical power of up to 20 mW. The device outputs two λ-trigger (TTL) signals to indicate the exact starting and ending wavelengths of each...

tunable laser - 1 528.77 - 1 563.86 nm | TLS-101

The TLS-101 is a compact tunable laser source for daily test and measurement applications. The laser can be step-tuned across the C-band communication channels with a tuning resolution of 50 GHz in less than 20 ms. The internal wavelength locker assures that the wavelengths or...

tunable laser - 1 528.77 - 1 563.86 nm | TLS-101

The WSL-001 is an OEM high-speed tunable laser for fiber sensor and OCT applications. The laser’s wavelength can be swept at a frequency of up to 16 kHz across a spectral range of up to 150 nm, with an output optical power of up to 20 mW. A power monitoring output is included to indicate the instantaneous laser output power at each wavelength. Other laser health parameters,...

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