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5 products TRUMPF
TRUMPF max. 4 000 W, 1030 nm | TruDisk serie
disk laser max. 4 000 W, 1030 nm | TruDisk serie TRUMPF

The Trumpf TruDisk lasers is a state of the art concept realized by the most ingenious minds. It is of the highest quality made only from the highest...

TRUMPF TruMark 1000 series
OEM marking laser TruMark 1000 series TRUMPF

The avant garde TruMark 1110 is a small-scale and cost-effective marking laser that incorporates...

TRUMPF max. 600 W | TruMark 3000 series
OEM marking laser max. 600 W | TruMark 3000 series TRUMPF

Introducing the TruMark Series 3000 with it’s state of the art components. It features...

TRUMPF max. 600 W | TruMark 5000 series
OEM marking laser max. 600 W | TruMark 5000 series TRUMPF

The fiber laser based Tru Mark Series 5000 is characterized by an ideal combination of high power, high repetition rates and...

TRUMPF max. 1700 W | TruMark 6000 series
OEM marking laser max. 1700 W | TruMark 6000 series TRUMPF

The TruMark Series 6000 consists of five different special lasers which have one thing in common: high power and...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics 206 - 2 630 nm
tunable laser 206 - 2 630 nm MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

A wide range of high-quality and high-performance tunable lasers for advanced scientific, metrology and biological imaging applications is offered...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics 345 - 2 600 nm
solid-state laser 345 - 2 600 nm MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

From the leading innovative company Spectra Physics comes Ultrafast lasers. Created with only the highest grade materials. It features high quality ultrafast lasers...

video Newport / Spectra-Physics 680 - 1 300 nm | InSight™ DeepSee™
tunable laser 680 - 1 300 nm | InSight™ DeepSee™ Newport / Spectra-Physics

Broadest tuning range: 680 nm to 1300 nm for deepest imaging Short pulse width and highest peak power for maximum fluorescence Integrated patented DeepSee™ to deliver short pulses to...

Newport / Spectra-Physics 780 - 820 nm | Mai Tai® SP
tunable laser 780 - 820 nm | Mai Tai® SP Newport / Spectra-Physics

From the makers of top quality innovations in Oscillators comes Mai Tai SP by SPECTRA PHYSICS. Designed mainly for seeding ultra fast amplifiers. With its proven Mai...

Newport / Spectra-Physics 690 – 1 040 nm | Mai Tai®
high-speed tunable laser 690 – 1 040 nm | Mai Tai® Newport / Spectra-Physics

The Mai Tai® ultra fast laser series has high output power in order to optimize the depth of penetration in multi-photon imaging. To produce high peak power, the Mai Tai® has short output...

Newport / Spectra-Physics 532 nm | Mosaic™
micro-machining laser 532 nm | Mosaic™ Newport / Spectra-Physics

The Spectra-Physics Mosaic™ Q-switched DPSS laser is made by the unison of advanced...

Newport / Spectra-Physics Matisse® series
high-power tunable laser Matisse® series Newport / Spectra-Physics

Highest output power available >6.5 W Narrowest linewidth <30 kHz Field-upgradeable to dye or Ti:Sapphire gain medium Wavelength tuning of resonator over 50 GHz Dust-sealed housing and massive steel...

2 products JDSU
JDSU 5205-T/5206-T Series
tunable laser 5205-T/5206-T Series JDSU

JDSU tunable lasers are a key component in today’s agile transmission modules that are designed to support the rapid deployment of next-generation Internet Protocol (IP)-based voice, data, and video...

solid-state laser FCD Series JDSU

Continuous-wave, solid-state FCD (frequency-converted diode) series lasers feature all-in-fiber architecture. A package contains both the optical elements of the laser and the control electronics, allowing...

2 products Monocrom
Monocrom 532 - 670 nm | K series
laser pointer 532 - 670 nm | K series Monocrom

Wavelengths: 532, 635, 640, 650, 670nm. Optical power: From...

Monocrom 532 nm | X-Series
solid-state laser for harsh environments 532 nm | X-Series Monocrom

Main Features Small size. Electronics integrated. Against...

2 products NICHIA
tunable laser module NUV603E NICHIA

Outline NUV603E is 405nm Tunable Laser for Holographic Data Storage, Interferometer and Analysis. The...

tunable laser module NUB611T NICHIA

Outline NUB611T is Simple Tunable Single Longitudinal...

1 products PicoQuant
new PicoQuant 480 - 700 nm | SOLEA
tunable laser 480 - 700 nm | SOLEA PicoQuant

Features Spectral range 480 nm - 700 nm Average spectral density 1 mW/nm* Pulse width at any selected wavelength <150 ps Externally triggerable between 1 MHz and 40 MHz Internal...

Rofin Laser Micro PowerLine Pico
marking laser PowerLine Pico Rofin Laser Micro

With a pulse length of 800 ps and a maximum pulse energy of 40 µJ this picosecond laser is dedicated to laser marking and engraving as well as thin film ablation...

1 products II-VI INFRARED
disk laser II-VI INFRARED

In the thin-disk laser system, the laser active medium is a very thin disk with less than 200-μm thickness. The Yb:YAG crystal is stimulated at the frontside via a diode laser stack in a quasi-end-pumped...

PHOTON ENERGY GmbH 532 nm, 20 W | AQUILA 532 series
marking laser 532 nm, 20 W | AQUILA 532 series PHOTON ENERGY GmbH

The AQUILA 532 was developed as a frequency-doubled laser, based on our tried and tested AQUILA laser system. This laser has an output power of 20 W in pulsed...

PHOTON ENERGY GmbH 1 064 nm, 4.5 - 15 W | LEO series
marking laser 1 064 nm, 4.5 - 15 W | LEO series PHOTON ENERGY GmbH

Precision is paramount with our LEO laser beam sources. Wherever high-resolution structures are generated,...

PHOTON ENERGY GmbH 532 nm, 3 W | LEO 532 series
marking laser 532 nm, 3 W | LEO 532 series PHOTON ENERGY GmbH

Our LEO 532 loves a challenge. Be it micromachining, microstructuring or glass machining, he is an expert in all of that....

Time-Bandwidth Products AG 730 nm - 880 nm
tunable laser 730 nm - 880 nm Time-Bandwidth Products AG

Tiger-PS Scientific version of the Pallas Ti:sapphire laser features integrated pump and intracavity filter for picosecond pulses. Up to 1 W of average power is delivered...

4 products Bookham
Bookham 632.5 - 1630 nm, max. 300 kHz | TLB-6900 Series
tunable laser 632.5 - 1630 nm, max. 300 kHz | TLB-6900 Series Bookham

Introducing the Vortex II Series Precision Single Mode Finely-Tuned Lasers. The New Focus engineering team was asked to provide the next level of laser performance that would help the atomic spectroscopy...

Bookham 632.5 - 1630 nm, max. 500 kHz | TLB-7000 Series
tunable laser 632.5 - 1630 nm, max. 500 kHz | TLB-7000 Series Bookham

With superior stability, reliability and tuning, the TLB-7000 StableWave tunable lasers are the ideal fine-tuning laser for interferometry, atomic clocks and cooling, laser seeding and...

Bookham 835 - 1630 nm | TLB 6600 Series
tunable laser 835 - 1630 nm | TLB 6600 Series Bookham

The TLB-6600 lasers deliver it all. They combine the best in tunability—ultrafast, ultrawide, and mode hop-free—with low noise, high accuracy and repeatability. Because the lasers are based...

Bookham TLM 8700
tunable laser module TLM 8700 Bookham

Just like all of our benchtop tunable lasers, these modules carry our reputation as the leading supplier of test-and-measurement...

2 products EXFO
tunable laser module IQS-2800 EXFO

Modular, continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow linewidth and high-resolution tunability for coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation. Tunable Laser Source:...

tunable laser IQS-2600B EXFO

The IQS-2600B Tunable Laser Source is ideal for testing dense WDM components in the C- and L-band ranges. On the production floor, time is money. You need fast cost-effective test instruments that maximize...

1 products Finisar
Finisar S7500
tunable laser S7500 Finisar

CW Tunable Laser – Butterfly Package (S7500) The Finisar S7500 tunable laser incorporates a monolithic InP chip that integrates a tunable MG-Y laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The...

Laser Components
machine vision laser Laser Components

Machine Vision Lasers Laser modules have to fulfill special requirements...

Laser Components
green laser pointer Laser Components

Green laser pointer Green laser pointers are almost ten times more visible...

video LUNA Innovations
tunable laser LUNA Innovations

Lunas PHOENIX™ swept tunable lasers are designed for low noise and highly linear swept...

LUNA Innovations PHOENIX™ 1000
tunable laser PHOENIX™ 1000 LUNA Innovations

Lunas PHOENIX1000 Swept Laser Module is a tunable laser with an optical fiber coupled output. The laser is a miniaturized, tunable external cavity...

LUNA Innovations PHOENIX™ 1200
tunable laser PHOENIX™ 1200 LUNA Innovations

Luna’s PHOENIX"* 1400 Benchtop Tunable Laser incorporates Luna’s PHOENIX™ tunable laser and driver in a benchtop package. The...

1 products Micron Optics
Micron Optics s3
swept-wavelength laser module s3 Micron Optics

The Micron Optics s3 is a Swept Wavelength Laser module that provides linear sweep in optical frequency and customizable tuning...

marking and cutting laser HSL-5000 series HOYA CANDEO OPTRONICS

Installable on equipment ranging from repair systems to inspection. Thanks to HOYAs technological...

1 products Photon etc.
video Photon etc. 400 - 1 000 nm
tunable laser 400 - 1 000 nm Photon etc.

TUNABLE LASER SOURCE High out-of-band...

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