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4 products SHOCKWATCH
video SHOCKWATCH 25 - 100 G
active label for impact and tilt detection 25 - 100 G SHOCKWATCH

ShockWatch impact indicators for packaging deter mishandling and reduce damage related costs by indicating...

video SHOCKWATCH 80° ± 5° | TiltWatch® XTR
tilt sensitive active label 80° ± 5° | TiltWatch® XTR SHOCKWATCH

The SHOCKWATCH’s TiltWatch XTR is designed to monitor goods that must remain...

video SHOCKWATCH 30° ± 5° | TiltWatch® Plus
tilt sensitive active label 30° ± 5° | TiltWatch® Plus SHOCKWATCH

TiltWatch Plus is actually three separate indicators in a single...

video SHOCKWATCH -20 °C ... +38 °C | WarmMark® 2
time-temperature active tag -20 °C ... +38 °C | WarmMark® 2 SHOCKWATCH

Cold chain monitoring solutions that keep your supply chain on track WarmMark 2 is a best-in-class ascending time-temperature indicator...

1 products INTERMEC
video INTERMEC 860 - 960 MHz | IT65
RFID tag for harsh environments 860 - 960 MHz | IT65 INTERMEC

The IT65 Large Rigid tag that is created by Intermec has the ability of enduring tremendous and dangerous exposures. It has a broadband antenna that...

thermal transfer label ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES

Barcode labels from Zebra ensure reliable, high-quality printing. Our barcode labels are performance-matched...

video BRADY Identification Solutions ToughWash
label for harsh environment ToughWash BRADY Identification Solutions

ToughWash Label Series Brady’s Toughwash™ Wash Down Resistant...

4 products Etipack S.p.A.
video Etipack S.p.A. max. 300 mm/s | SolFree®
wax based thermal transfer ribbon max. 300 mm/s | SolFree® Etipack S.p.A.

With the SolFree® innovation, for the 1st time the thermal transfer ribbon is 100% produced without using solvents, contrary to what has been done till today. SolFree® process reduces the carbon...

video Etipack S.p.A. max. 300 mm/s
wax based thermal transfer ribbon max. 300 mm/s Etipack S.p.A.

With an excellent blackness and a very good receptor multicompatibility and...

video Etipack S.p.A. max. 300 mm/s
wax / resin based thermal transfer ribbon max. 300 mm/s Etipack S.p.A.

Etipack Superior allows printing on various kinds of receptors and offers a good...

video Etipack S.p.A. max. 300 mm/s
resin based thermal transfer ribbon max. 300 mm/s Etipack S.p.A.

The Extra - Resin allows printing on a wide range of receptors, particularly...

1 products Computype
video Computype
identification label Computype

Identify books, periodicals, assets, etc. with our high performance library barcode labels. Weve been supplying barcode labels to libraries for over 35 years. Our high performance barcode labels are...

1 products Cabur
video Cabur CABURJET
identification and labeling solution CABURJET Cabur

The CABURJET inkjet printer is characterized by narrow dimensions for minimum encumbrance and from an innovative design,...

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