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wet sand blasting machine RÖSLER OBERFLÄCHENTECHNIK

The wet blasting process is used for surface improvement, cleaning, stripping, precoating preparation, deburring, shot peening, and contaminant removal....

video Wheelabrator Group Module 8
rotary table sand-blasting machine Module 8 Wheelabrator Group

The table machine’s essential component is the turntable for handling the workpiece. This kind of machine is best suited to processing symmetrical parts, for example: - large gears - engine disks - shafts -...

video Wheelabrator Group
blast-room Wheelabrator Group

The main feature of an air blastroom is that the operator is inside the room during the blasting process. A protective suit and a helmet protect the operator from abrasive impact, and a fresh air supply...

1 products NICOLIS
sand-blasting machine for tubes NICOLIS

Special Equipment Blasting...

1 products CEEVER srl
video CEEVER srl BIT series
sand-blasting cabinet BIT series CEEVER srl

CEEVER cabins of treatment are available in many standard models. All machines of the serie BIT have a completely air-tight working space, built in stainless steel with the inner surface, which guarantees...

5 products ACF
video ACF max. 24 l | BPSP 50, OLYMPIA
sand-blasting machine max. 24 l | BPSP 50, OLYMPIA ACF

The benefits * The principle * After hitting the surface, the projections are immediately sucked up and retained in a cyclonic...

video ACF 18 l | Topolino 18
low-pressure wet and dry blasting machine for graffiti removal 18 l | Topolino 18 ACF

The benefits * Complete and not too cumbersome for all surfaces interior et exterior * Ease of...

video ACF max. 1500 l/ min | SL series
portable wet blasting machine max. 1500 l/ min | SL series ACF

The benefits * Conservation of a clean environment * Saves money...

video ACF 300 l/mn | Maxi Colibri
portable wet blasting machine 300 l/mn | Maxi Colibri ACF

The benefits * Efficiency and performance *...

video ACF 700 l/mn | Maxi Topolino 18
portable wet blasting machine 700 l/mn | Maxi Topolino 18 ACF

The benefits * Complete and compact equipment for exterior or interior surfaces * Ease of...

1 products Norblast
video Norblast TAP4
conveyor belt blasting machine TAP4 Norblast

Characteristics -Belt unit for automatic processing of small metal parts -Processing of long pieces -Cyclone for grit separation and recovery -4 sand blasting guns -Automatic movement by electronic control...

1 products CMV
video CMV
blast-room CMV

The CMV air blast rooms with automatic reclaim of the abrasive material can operate with any type of abrasive material, such as, for example, carbon steel grit, stainless steel grit, micro glass spheres,...

4 products Hodge Clemco
video Hodge Clemco
indexing table sand-blasting machine Hodge Clemco

Hodge Clemco’s range of automated equipment includes an indexing machine designed for high production output. Our A200 model can be fitted with 6, 8 or 12 satellite tables which can be fitted with fixtures...

video Hodge Clemco
dry sand-blasting cabinet Hodge Clemco

The 1448NC Softclean unit has been designed for the restoration and renovation industry. It is capable of handling all the abrasive media in the Hodge Clemco range, but has special design features...

video Hodge Clemco
sand-blasting machine for industrial application Hodge Clemco

Our robust Aquagrit slurry blast units are ideal for heavy industrial cleaning applications. The abrasive media is totally...

video Hodge Clemco IBIX
portable sand-blasting machine IBIX Hodge Clemco

The IBIX range of ultra portable blast machines are designed with portability in mind. The unique IBIMAR range has low maintenance and can easily be taken into confined areas making...

1 products Crystal Mark
video Crystal Mark 40 - 140 psi, 8 lb | ECO-Blaster
hand held sand-blasting machine 40 - 140 psi, 8 lb | ECO-Blaster Crystal Mark

The Eco-Blaster utilizes a unique pressure feed system to propel a finely graded abrasive powder into a high pressure air stream and out...

video FerroCrtalic d.o.o. VACUUPRESS 60 SX
portable sand-blasting machine VACUUPRESS 60 SX FerroCrtalic d.o.o.

We combined pressure sandblasting machine with recycling filter unit and made it...

video FerroCrtalic d.o.o. Blast x DV series
sand-blasting cabinet Blast x DV series FerroCrtalic d.o.o.

DV blast cabinet is equipped with front lift door with air...

video Cym Materiales SA
blast-room Cym Materiales SA

Cym Materiales SA manufactures blast rooms according to the different of work demands. The abrasive is propelled by blasting hoppers and air compressed grit blasting or by means of static or movable...

video Cym Materiales SA
pressure blasting cabinet Cym Materiales SA

Cym Materials S.A manufactures blast and grit cabinets by suction and pressure compressed air of different capacities, according to the needs of each customer. These cabinets stand out due to their versatility...

3 products Protech S.r.l.
Protech S.r.l. 7.84 bar | SM/SME
portable sand-blasting machine 7.84 bar | SM/SME Protech S.r.l.

Each Modular sandblasting machine is equipped with a dual pneumatic or electric remote control on request. This device enables the operator, from where he is workimg, to start and stop the machine and...

Protech S.r.l. 7.84 - 11.76 bar | SMS/SMES
portable sand-blasting machine 7.84 - 11.76 bar | SMS/SMES Protech S.r.l.

The Protech Modular Sandblasting Machine Mod. SMS-SMES, are equipped with the abrasive dosage valve Mod. PRV, as well as having the same characteristics...

Protech S.r.l. MICRAJET
sand-blasting machine MICRAJET Protech S.r.l.

The first sandblasting machine that, tanks to its modulating jet, allows to exploit the power supplied from the compressor. Adjusting, opportunely , the working pressure and using the most suitable nozzle...

video SAT S.p.A. (Surface Aluminium Technologies) TURBOMATT
sand-blasting machine TURBOMATT SAT S.p.A. (Surface Aluminium Technologies)

The principle of working of this revolutionary process is based on a forced jet of stainless steel microspheres on the surfaces of the profiles advancing through an adequate tunnel. The mechanical action...

video AB SHOT TECNICS, S.L. SV-3000
sand-blasting machine SV-3000 AB SHOT TECNICS, S.L.

For big land and small surfaces or mass produced work. Useful sandblasting height: 1200 mm, upper-side open allows higher sandblasting. 3000 mm high automatic fences (1000 mm for each side) or 5000 mm...

portable sand-blasting machine SHOT-1 AB SHOT TECNICS, S.L.

Portable sandblaster machine design to work in and out of the workshop. It is recommended to sandblast little and simple works. Big...

video Viking Blast Systems
sand-blasting cabinet Viking Blast Systems

When high production and superior cleaning are at the top of your priorities list, Vikings Rubber Belt Blasters are the clear choice. Available in standard 1.5 3 6 12 16 and 20 cubic foot capacities...

1 products VIXEN
video VIXEN Aquablast
automated blasting machine Aquablast VIXEN

The automated Aquablast range of machines are programmed via a laptop computer to a PCB printed circuit board, which allows for programmes to be altered and modified making the machine functions to be...

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