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video Sulzer Chemtech EvoCoat™
liquid-fuel HVOF thermal spray gun (high velocity oxy fuel) EvoCoat™ Sulzer Chemtech

EvoCoat-LF HVOF is a compact and portable spray unit. It...

3 products AMT AG
video AMT AG MP 200
multi process thermal spray unit MP 200 AMT AG

The MP 200 Multi Process Spray System is a coating system based on the latest process control technology. Main Features Closed loop control system PLC controlled process with MMI color touch screen Mass...

video AMT AG
combustion wire thermal spray unit AMT AG

This turn-key system was developed for the mass production in molybdenum coating of automotive parts. It is based on a MP 200 Wire Flame Spray System. It simultaneously...

video AMT AG
liquid-fuel HVOF thermal spray unit (high velocity oxy fuel) AMT AG

HVOF coating system for shafts with extreme wear protection demand Coating system for landing gear components This turn-key system was particularly designed for spraying HVOF hard-chrome replacement...

video Metallisation ltd MK73
combustion wire thermal spray unit MK73 Metallisation ltd

The Metallisation MK73 is an oxygen-propane fuelled flamespray system giving un-rivalled anti-corrosion coatings. The lightweight, well-balanced, robust pistol offers...

video Metallisation ltd MK61
combustion wire thermal spray unit MK61 Metallisation ltd

The Metallisation MK61 is an oxygen-acetylene fuelled flamespray system, primarily for spraying engineering coatings of steels, bronzes, copper and importantly, Molybdenum. The lightweight,...

video Metallisation ltd MK66E-PC
automatic thermal spray unit MK66E-PC Metallisation ltd

The NEW Metallisation MK66E-PC is a fully automatic flamespray system with mass flow control, which offers the ability to produce the highest quality, repeatable coatings. The system provides a fully...

video Metallisation ltd Arcspray 140/S250-CL
electric arc wire thermal spray unit Arcspray 140/S250-CL Metallisation ltd

The Metallisation ARC140/S250-CL twin wire arc spray system with a 5m pull only setup is ideally suited to small engineering job shops where a combination of manual or tool post mounted spraying is performed....

video Metallisation ltd HVOF METJET 4L
liquid-fuel HVOF thermal spray unit (high velocity oxy fuel) HVOF METJET 4L Metallisation ltd

The Metallisation MET-JET 4L is the latest development to our kerosene fuelled HVOF system. All of the great features of the MET-JET III have been retained: the system is still mass flow controlled for...

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