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busbar system - 60 mm, max. 1 600 A | RiLine60 series

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Rittal-System Busbar systems RiLine is a product of great ingenuity and brilliance. It is Built to last and tested...

busbar system - 40 mm, max. 250 A | Mini-PLS series

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Rittal Busbar system is a top of the line product. Created from sheer ingenuity and brilliance. The Rittal...

busbar - DIN NS 35/15 | 9494 series

The BusRail Series 9494 is the IS1 system Backplane bus, which is composed of...

busbar system - 25 - 40 A | CD-K

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Siemens System CD-K – 25 ... 40 A is a product of grand ingenuity and brilliance. It is Design for Lighting...

busbar system - 40 - 160 A | BD01

The BD01 system is designed for applications from 40A to 160A. It is engaged in trade and industry enterprises to safely supply a small consumers with power or the...

busbar system - 160 - 1 250 A | BD2

The Universal Solution for High Performance in a Small Space, Particularly in Office Buildings and Industrial Transfer Lines

The communication capable BD2 system with load value detection, remote monitoring and switching increases transparency of operation.
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busbar system - 1 100 - 5 000 A | LD

Built according to modern industry standards and with a robust construction, the System LD – 1100 to 5000 A Busbars from Siemens is the ultimate product used for trade show halls, welding...

busbar system - 800 - 6 300 A | LX

The Flexible System for Multi-Storey Power Supply, e.g. Non-Residential Buildings Such as Radio Broadcasting Stations, Computer Centers, and in Chip/Semiconductor Manufacture

Thanks to its sandwich design, the LX system is characterised by low voltage drop when transporting...

isolated busbar - 25 - 40 A | KBA

Offering rigid prefabricated busbars trunking for lighting systems, Canalis KBA from Schneider is the perfect choice for small and medium-height buildings, namely garages, supermarkets and the like....

isolated busbar / for lighting applications - 25 - 40 A | KBB

Canalis KBB busbar trunking is a full and compatible range for lighting systems in all types of buildings (garages, workshop, supermarket). It is very heavy duty and has centre-to-centre...

flexible busbar / isolated - KDP

Flexible busbar trunking for lighting distribution

Due to its flexible design, Canalis KDP busbar trunking simplifies routing and thus, reduces design and installation...

isolated busbar / for low power distribution - 160 A | KN

Canalis KN is designed for low power distribution up to 160A. Canalis KNT is equipped with a transmission bus used to set up simple control/monitoring...

isolated busbar / for medium power distribution - 100 - 1 000 A | KS

The Canalis KS is purposefully built for midpoint power distribution up to 1000A with significant tap-off densities in industrial as well as commercial buildings. This...

busbar system - max. 1 600 A | 47 series

These quick dividers are intended for 400A...

busbar system - max. 1 600 A | 47 series

The Sobem Scame EFFEL is an array of earth plates...

busbar system - max. 1 600 A | 47 series

The product is powered by SOCOMEC. It is composed of...

flexible busbar / isolated - 1 000 - 1 500 V

The unit, which is manufactured by Socomec, is an insulated versatile copper bar that is suitable...

flexible busbar / isolated - max. 1 500 V

SOCOMEC is a product series containing insulated flat copper braids, mostly used for...

busbar carrier - 100 - 7 000 A

Insulating busbar supports are mounting and cabling accesories that permit the fixation of a copper,...

isolated busbar / for high-power distribution - 32 - 100 A

The Insulated Busbar can be used for extensive power...

busbar system - 60 mm

ETA provides the E NUX cabinet as a full system for automation panels. It is provided with the distribution system on bars featuring 60 mm interaxis. The system comprises...

busbar system - 60 mm

If users are looking for transmission of data and energy in a safe and reliable way, this item may be exactly what they need. The product is designed for loads between 10 and 2,000A, with a variable number of poles, as well as a dedicated...

isolated busbar - 10 - 2 000 A

Equipped with a single pole, the insulated conductor rail is capable of transmitting...

isolated busbar - 10 - 125 A

Multipole conductor rails
Special features:

standard 3, 4 and 5 poles

isolated busbar - 10 - 140 A

Enclosed conductor rails
Special features:

standard 4,...

isolated busbar - 10 - 140 A

Live line and earthing connectors
Live-line connectors...

grounding busbar - 0.32 m

The earth bar is used to connect different earth conductors or metallic

grounding busbar - max. 17.5 m

Drilled bar (A)
This copper bracket, 0.5 m long, is used to connect 10 kits (ref. P7056) to...

grounding connector - 270 V, 120 A | Burton™ series

This 270VDC ground-power receptacle was developed under contract from Boeing Sikorsky and is shown by permission of Sikorsky. The mating plug/cable assembly was...

grounding connector - 270 V, 120 A | Burton™ series

Meets BICSI and J-STD-607-A requirements for network systems grounding applications
Made of high conductivity...

busbar - PAS series

Equipotential busbars for protective and functional equipotential bonding according to IEC 60364-4-41/60364-5-54 (DIN VDE 0100 Part 410/540)...

busbar - PAS 9AK

Terminals for:
7 conductors 2.5-16 mm²...

grounding connector - 181 - 290 mm | ESS series

Earthing Busbar


grounding connector - 181 - 290 mm | ESS series

Our range of connectors and fittings covers every application in an electrical network. We provide a full line of connectors...

isolated busbar / high-voltage - 5 kV

An insulated high voltage bus bar for use in densely populated high voltage power supplies. HI/Bus can be bent and will retain its shape...

grounding connector - Blackburn® series

Blackburn® compression, mechanical and exothermic connectors and accessories represent the most comprehensive set of products in the industry for the creation of a safe, code compliant and reliable grounding system.


grounding connector - Blackburn® series

The Axon Bus Bar can be utilized in applications where reliable dissipation of electrical power is...

grounding connector - Blackburn® series

These are Busbar carrier by Druseidt...

grounding busbar - 1 000 mm

Type I = busbar brass uncoated, without screws
Type II = busbar brass nickel coated,...

grounding busbar - 1 000 mm

Druseidt high-flexible connectors and high-current connectors released in solderless pressed version. They are made from extremely flexible wires with diameters 0.07 or 0.10mm. E-Cu-contact-husks are pressed into both...

grounding busbar - 1 000 mm

The Earthing tapes and connectors have a standard design which consists of E-Cu-wires or braids bare. These are highly flexible and the single wire diameter measures 0.07/0.10 mm with bare, solder-less pressed and seamless contact-husks...

copper flexible expansion connector -

Highly flexible copper connectors
in solderless pressed design

Standard design
Uncoated E-Copper braid, highly flexible
(wire-Ø 0,07/0,10 mm) with solderless pressed contact areas
made out of uncoated,...

copper flexible expansion connector - 200 - 1 440 mm², 600 - 2 200 A

These copper strips are ≥99.9% pure with a 0.05-0.3mm thickness. The come with either a silver-coated or tin-coated surface treatment. They can be welded using two processes, press-/diffusion...

copper flexible expansion connector - 200 - 1 440 mm², 600 - 2 200 A

Insulated flexible busbars consist of several layers of uncoated or tinned copper strips and are insulated with flexible high quality PVC compound. Such busbars have some outstanding advantages such as:
* Easy assembly
* Possibility of reducing sizes of the equipment
* Lower temperature rise
* High flexibility
These advantages make...

copper flexible expansion connector - 200 - 1 440 mm², 600 - 2 200 A

These UL758 certified flexible insulated busbars consist of multiple layers of tinned copper or uncoated strips, as well as a flexible PVC compound. The operating temperature ranges from -30 to 105 degrees...

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