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Hygrometer for humidity in climate and environment applications.

A new and revolutionary powerful portable measuring instrument series for measuring using innovative sensor technology.

Scope of supply: humimeter RH1 incl. rubber protection cover and batteries



The hand-held TH-3000 humidity-temperature meter has a detachable RH/ temperature probe and also capability for data logging capability. It measures relative humidity of enclosed...


SSCE2098 Whirling Hygrometer is designed to determine the dew point and relative humidity...

SSCE2098 Whirling Hygrometer

This instrument is designed to determine the dewpoint...

This provides accurate values of dewpoint and relative humidity(RH)...


Suitable for determining the percentage of humidity in fine-ground materials used in the ceramic, cement, crushing mill and fodder industries, as well as in...

The HD2301.0 is a portable instrument with a large LCD display. It measures relative humidity (R.H.) and temperature using a Pt100 sensor or thermocouple humidity/temperature combined probe. Temperature...


The universal humidity sensors HYGRASGARD® KAVTF and AAVTF are used to determine diverse characteristic variables in humidity measurement. Measured are the relative humidity and the temperature of ambient air. From these measurands, the different characteristic variables are internally calculated. At device version x-U, two outputs of 010 V are available,...


Pocket-size MERLIN air humidity measuring devices provide quick, simple...


Model No.: : TM-730
Product Description

- Measuring humidity,...

Model No.: : TM-183P
Product Description

- Dual display of temperature and humidity.
- Select between different temperature...


This compact, portable unit provides fast and accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature of stacks of paper.

Paper, stacks, and reams



The MC-83 provides convenient, accurate measurements of Relative Humidity and Temperature.



The Tinytag Thermohygrometer is a hand-held unit to take spot readings of temperature and relative humidity. Readings are communicated via a clear LCD display. Temperature...


Quick measuring of air humidity and temperature
LCD display
Operating temperature -20°C...


Measuring range: -60 ° C ...+500 °C

Hygrothermometer with air probe, measuring range 0 °C up to 50 °C / 0 up to 100% rH, including...

Hygrothermometer, internal sensor,
measuring range 0 °C up to 50 °C /
0 up to 100% rH


Large Format Indicator º C +% RH compliance with Spanish Royal Decree 1826/2009.

Large format display to digitally indicate up to 3
variables via Modbus...


The THI2-10 is a digital thermohygrometer engineered by Dwyer. It is used for precise measurement of dew point, temperature, humidity and web temperatures inside of ducts and distant areas.


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