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3-Way Poppet Valve, Normally-Closed, 1/8" NPT

Additional Information

3-Way Toggle Subminiature Spool Valve, NP Steel Toggle


3-Way Selector/Diverter Valve, ENP Steel Toggle


3-Way Palm Button Valve, Black (Red shown)


R-711 is a 3-way, normally-OPEN, self-piloted valve that...


This is the Safe blocked union nuts with Dual Block has peak condition and has...


This product is an easy running ball with self-regulated play compensation on valve. Furthermore, the...


Schubert & Salzer type 7080 pneumatically operated 3/2-way valve is available in...

The type 7081 3/2-way valve is made from stainless steel and is a product of inginuity and brilliance. A must have in many industrial factories and machineries....

Schubert & Salzer type 7082 3/2-way control valve is suitable...


This is a three-way gauge with asbestos-free gaskets, and a body and bonnet featuring...

The nodular cast iron body is made with a chromium-plated brass ball with an NBR rubber...

Before to assemble the valve at the pipeline open it completely.
Check inside the body and the threaded parts to be dean,
possible impurities...

These 3 ways cast iron plug cocks is mostly preferred for industrial machineries...


SMC series VR1210/1200 3 ported shuttle valve has one output port and 2 pneumatic signal and input ports. The valves can handle operating pressure...

The VHK series of finger valves has an impressive effective area (2.0 - 17.5mm²). It starts out with a minimum tube of OD...


Here is a VM400, 3 Port Mechanical valve, with 7mm 2...


The E290 series features pressure-operated valves with an angled seat and anti-waterhammer design. The angled...

Proportional valve without integrated control electronics. The valve can be
used in an open control loop with a control unit or in a closed control loop
with a ControlD control device and...


The TESCOM VT is a 3-way air operated valve in a compact build. Consturcted with a stainless steel or brass body in a compact design, it can handle pressure ratings of 10,000 psig / 690 bar and 6,000 psig /...


The lower noise diverter - valves available from Johnson electric combines the experience of motor design and also valve. The brand usually provides so many products...

Johnson Electric gives low clamor diverter valves which joins our valve and engine outline experience. We furnish clients with items that require more level force utilization boiler pumps because of the low...


Samson Series 240 pneumatic control valves available in DN 15 to 150 can handle nominal...

The diverting/ mixing valve is a product of inginuity and brilliance....

The Samson 3-way heat transfer oil valve with pneumatic or electrical actuator,...


The Armaturen ARI-STEVI 450/423 is designed for use in plant manufacturing, processing technology...


The Masoneilan 80000 Series is a three-way valve control applied to combine or divert control system flow. Open flow paths and Simple construction also the common service designs...


This particular device is a 3 BKR L with a block designed three way ball valve. This block valve has a burnished surface to protect it from wear and tear. It also...

The four-way ball valve has a sealing form 1-4 for screw-in pins with A and B shapes, as well as E if necessary....


This flow valve utilizes a sandwich-plate body for vertical stacking assembly suitability, and...


Flowserve's AMP3 triple-way Lined Ball Valves offer expansive overall quality, at an affordable price. It provides...


A quick and efficient three-way, heater bypass valve, ATWOOD and MORRILL globe valves...


These 3-port solenoid valves use very little energy and do not...


This brass manual actuator features 1/8" end connections to all three connection points, each of which is a Swagelok® tube fitting. This device features a standard three-way flow path and a switching...

These high-quality hydro-pneumatic accumulators from Bosch Rexroth are built...

The VMA line provides you options in configurations to meet all your needs. This includes Anti-cavitation,...

Swagelok FKB Series Trunnion-Style Medium-Pressure ball 1/4...


Ball valves Type 185 - 188 are based on ball valve Type 543 (d16DN10...

The design of this ball valve of type 285 was based on the type 543 and the...

The type 543 ABS ball valve is a three-way ball valve with threaded sockets and is widely used...

Type 543 Ball valve is a three-way standard valve with horizontal and vertical versions. These are manual...

These PROGEF Standards are 3-way ball types, which were based on the type 543 (d16DN10 to d63DN50) and contain similar features to the electric actuator EA21. These valves come...


How to choose this product


A three-way valve controls flow and distributes fluid throughout a system.


Such valves are common in electronics and medicine, as well as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other industrial uses.


These devices use two different systems of operation. The rotary type includes ball, globe and butterfly valves. Linear versions include diaphragm and piston valves.

How to choose

A three-way valve should be suitable for the system into which it will be integrated in terms of pressure, flow and material.


- Control
- Distribution
- Safety

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