AC/DC power supply / stabilized / CompactPCI / 3U
AC/DC power supply

Power: 70 W
Input voltage: 115 V - 230 V
Output voltage: 12, 5, 3 V

Featuring a factory-setnominal AC input voltageof either 115V AC or 230VAC and three stabilisedoutputs, EMTrust´s 3U,10TE CompactPCI powersupply units comply to theCompact-PCI specificationand are also ...

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EMTrust GmbH
AC/DC power supply / regulated / multiple-output / filtered
AC/DC power supply
ALM, ALT series

Power: 0 W - 50,000 W
Input voltage: 115, 400, 230 V
Output voltage: 24 V - 349 V

... out maintenance or to power test benches.In marine applications, this power supply range is used to create on-board emergency networks to power automats and communication ...

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AC/DC power supply / single-phase
AC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 100 V
Output voltage: 24 V

Item PKG (mm)185 x 105 x 85ApplicableGP-1 4kVRelevant* High Voltage Power Supply No.GP-1 4kV

AC/DC power supply / tabletop / programmable / linear
AC/DC power supply
SPD3303X/X-E Series

Output voltage: 2.5 V - 32 V

SPD3303X/X-E Series Programmable DC Power Supply Product Overview: SPD3000X Series Programmable Linear DC Power Supply has a 4.3 inch TFT_LCD display, ...

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Siglent Technologies Co., Ltd
AC/DC power supply / closed frame / emergency / for LED lighting
AC/DC power supply

Emergency lighting LED power pack for use with LED luminaires that require 25 VA/W or less of AC power Features Operates normally-on, normally-off or switched AC ...

AC/DC power supply / for LED lighting
AC/DC power supply

AC/DC power supply / with power factor correction (PFC) / rack-mount / switching
AC/DC power supply
150 W | 88EM804 series

... low-cost, single-stage power factor correction (PFC) controller for flyback applications. It can be used for a wide variety of universal input PFC flyback converters for the application including adaptors ...

AC/DC power supply / rack-mount / switching
AC/DC power supply

SloanLED power supplies are rated for Damp Location specification and are the perfect addition to a Large Controller based system requiring a DC external power supply.

AC/DC power supply / tabletop / single-phase / switching
AC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 100 V - 240 V
Output voltage: 32, 24, 40 V
Current: 5.5 A

Features:* Convenience design combine power supply and screw counter.* Compatible with PLC based process control system; accurate counting on screw fastening. * Auto leaning function built-in could judge ...

AC/DC power supply / rack-mount / switching
AC/DC power supply
NL series

Power: 200 W - 4,400 W
Input voltage: 115, 230 V
Output voltage: 400, 240, 120, 60 V

... device automatically decides whether to operate as a source or a sink. Switching from source to sink mode is very rapid. 2-Quadrant /4-Quadrant Mode Devices for two-quadrant mode can supply or receive ...

AC/DC power supply / high I/O isolation
AC/DC power supply

Power: 24 W
Input voltage: 195 V - 265 V
Output voltage: 17 V

... switch mode power supply with backup battery pack, designed and developed for use on all Nethix's remote monitoring and control devices..UPS500 has been developed as a complementary product for WE500.Besides ...

AC/DC power supply / rack-mount / modular
AC/DC power supply

... inverters, rectifiers and static by-pass systems with battery working. Systems which has Battery group, rectifiers, inverters and distribution fuses.

AC/DC power supply / DIN rail
AC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 82 V - 264 V
Output voltage: 0 V - 30 V

The XT-0103 is a ‘stand-alone’ power supply module capable of supplying the bi-polar and single ended excitation voltage required for many of the inclinometers and accelerometers manufactured by Sherborne ...

AC/DC power supply / digital / wall-mount
AC/DC power supply
Cordex PSU

Power: 400, 650 W
Output voltage: 24, 48 V

... an integrated, fully-featured DC power system in a compact form factor. It is designed to provide power to critical loads while enabling remote site monitoring and delivering critical ...

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Alpha Technologies GmbH
AC/DC power supply / digital
AC/DC power supply

Power: 300 W - 1,000 W

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Shoto / Shuangdeng Group Company Limited
AC/DC power supply / with power factor correction (PFC) / DIN rail / for industrial applications
AC/DC power supply
DG-75 series

Power: 75 W
Input voltage: 85 V - 360 V
Output voltage: 12, 24, 48 V

... 32mm width 3 years warranty Application: Factory Automation,Transportation,The process control Filed, Electric power-generating equipment, DCS control system,Relay protection,New Energy

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Powerld Enterprises Co.,Ltd
AC/DC power supply / wall-mount
AC/DC power supply
315 x 325 x 91 mm, 24 V, 2 A | FT-FA902

Power supply, 24Vdc 2 A, with battery charger, fuse protected 24 V output. Conforms to EN-54-4. Mounted in metal box. It has a fault relay that is energised at rest and LEDs indicating the state of the ...

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AC/DC power supply / cabinet / emergency
AC/DC power supply

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shenzhen SORO Electronics Co.,Ltd
AC/DC power supply / single-output / programmable
AC/DC power supply

Power: 360, 750 W
Output voltage: 20, 36, 60 V
Current: 6 A - 36 A

Output Voltage Rating:20V / 36V / 60V Output Power:360W / 720W Low Ripple and Noise (0.5mVrms/ 10mArms) Fast transition recovery time(100us) Maximum 2 units in series connections or 3 units in ...

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AC/DC power supply / DIN rail / single-phase
AC/DC power supply
CE-WYS series

Input voltage: 220 V
Output voltage: 12 V - 24 V

Application Industrial automation engineering Electrical distribution system Process automation system Energy management system Industrial controls

AC/DC power supply / DIN rail / switching
AC/DC power supply

Output voltage: 12 V - 24 V

The DSE160 Self-Seeking Power Supply has been designed for use with DSE3xx control modules. The DSE160 can be supplied from a mains (utility), generator or battery and provides a power ...

AC/DC power supply / single-output / adapter
AC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 100 V - 220 V

The Power Supply PS-01 is shipped with all PMK Probes of the Tetris® Series. With its different adapters, it supports 100 - 220 V and is therefore useable in various countries.

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AC/DC power supply / single-output / adjustable / laboratory
AC/DC power supply
XA 1525

Output voltage: 0 V - 15 V
Current: 0 A - 2.5 A

Single-output DC laboratory power supply 0-15.0 VDC / 0-2.5 ADC adjustable output Separate display of voltage and current settings Coarse and fine voltage output adjustment ...

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AC/DC power supply / tabletop / digital / linear
AC/DC power supply

Dual Simultaneous Soldering, Desoldering and Rework Power Supply. Features and Benefits: Microprocessor controlled power supply providing more power ...

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OK International
AC/DC power supply / single-output / dual-output / triple-output
AC/DC power supply
EL-R Series

Power: 30 W - 130 W
Output voltage: 30, 15, 18, 56 V
Current: 2, 5, 1, 3 A

... Variable 1.5 - 5.0V auxiliary output at 2A (EL302RT) Compact design uses less bench space Silent fan-free cooling DC output switches, automatic mode indication RS232 or USB controlled models available ...

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