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piezoelectric acoustic sensor / for machine monitoring - 8152B111

Offered by Kisler, the piezoceramic sensor has IEPE output and an IP-67 Viton or IP-65 PUR rating for industrial use. This acoustic emission sensor has...

piezoelectric acoustic sensor / for machine monitoring - 8152B111

The Schmitts standard external audible detector can be bolted with ease onto the grinding unit by employing a M6...

piezoelectric acoustic sensor / for machine monitoring - 8152B111

The in-spindle AE is a sound sensor for grinding machines. This product is a non-contact and come int two formats. It has two different types namely telescopic type and spiral-cable type. The telescopic types contains a slide tube that...

piezoelectric acoustic sensor / for machine monitoring - 8152B111

The Mini AE sensor is useful where space is at a premium, or direct contact with the rotating part of a grinding or...

piezoelectric acoustic sensor / for machine monitoring - 8152B111

The AE-Sensor Balance Head, manufactured by Schmitt Europe, is capable of being installed...

machine monitoring acoustic sensor - ExactDress™

In recent times, the AE monitoring utilized flexible level limits, restricted to reasonable simple grinding wheel profiles and machine functions. The ExactDress™ system from SBS allows accurate overseeing of complicated dressing functions for...

acoustic sensor - 600 pC/psi, 600 psi | 2180C

The Dytran model 2180c, with steel construction, is a microphone in a charge mode. It has a high sensitivity of 600 pC/psi. The normal use of such a machine is to measure the high intensity of gas-borne...

acoustic sensor - Q-IND

The miniature volume source is a miniaturized calibrated acoustic loudspeaker. It incorporates electrodynamic actuators and an...

acoustic sensor - Q-IND

The negligible diffraction of the noise emitting nozzle makes it an accurate omni-directional sound source. The reference sensor is integrated at...

acoustic sensor - 50 mV/Pa, 30 – 4 000 Hz | MI-17

These 1/4"-measuring microphones are pressure transducers.
The model MI-17 have integrated electronics, and can be
delivered with sensitivities from 10 to 100 mV/Pa at...

acoustic sensor - 50 mV/Pa, 30 – 4 000 Hz | MI-17

General Purpose sensors are designed to be low cost, high sensitivity, resonant type sensors, medium size, medium temperature range, and are used in most AE applications. Due to the difference in cost between general...

acoustic sensor with preamplifier - 40 dB, 60 - 500 kHz | PAC series

In 1981, PAC's introduction of integral electronic sensors was a major step forward in industrial applications of Acoustic Emission. These transducers were specifically engineered to attain high sensitivity and have the capability to drive long cables without the need for a separate preamplifier. The elimination of separate preamplifiers,...

acoustic sensor - 300 kHz, 106 dB | PK series

Low Power, Miniature, Integral Preamplifier Acoustic Emission Sensors

PK Series Sensors
Our new PK series of AE Sensors are small, very low noise and low power AE sensors,...

acoustic sensor - 100 - 1 000 kHz

Wideband sensors are typically used in research applications or other applications where a high fidelity AE response is required.�In research applications, wideband AE sensors are...

low acoustic sensor / frequency - 5 kHz, 40 dB | R series

Low Frequency sensors are used in geotechnical and pipeline leak detection applications.�Operating in frequency ranges down to 5 kHz, these sensors...

acoustic sensor - SITRANS DA400

Siemens SITRANS DA400 acoustic sensor is ideal for continuously monitoring positive displacement pumps of oscillating-piston type.

The tiniest of leaks in the delivery valves is found out by the diagnostic...

acoustic sensor - SITRANS AS100

SITRANS AS100 is an acoustic sensor used for solids flow detection, changes in high frequency sound waves from equipment and materials in motion. It detects and reacts instantly to changes in solids flow to...

grinding machine acoustic sensor - AE

The AE is a standalone-type used for external mount on the case of a machine. It can also be ring-type or cylindrical with a no-contact...

piezoelectric acoustic sensor / for machine monitoring - DISC FLEX

Piezo-electric sensor in a flat disc format used to measure force and/or acoustic
emission signals...

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