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The ACF Series Activated Carbon Filter removes dissolved organics from liquid streams by adsorption. Typical uses include removal of chlorine, dissolved organics, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons in water treatment systems, as well as removal of acids in amine treatment systems.

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EUROWATER offers activated carbon filter. An activated carbon filter is a natural filter comprising of carbon, wood, or coconuts. The filter is used for removal of chloramide,...


WesTech granular activated carbon (GAC) pressure filters are an effective means for removal of low-molecular-weight contaminants from aqueous solutions. They are especially suited for the removal of dissolved organic compounds responsible for poor taste and odor in drinking water,...


An ordinary water filter is used to remove suspended solids or turbidity from the water.A WATERTRAKTM activated carbon filter is an effective way to remove waste, odor,...


CDIL uses activated carbon to adsorb most C4 and heavier...


For water and liquid filtration, we offer different filters for the industrial and the domestic applications. The solutions developed by pinta filtration for the water and liquid treatment are...


Res-Kem Uni-Tech Carbon Filters are available in a wide range of self-contained packages configured in single, double, and multiple
unit arrangements to adsorb...


The CV8 Full Plastic Compact Carbon Filter is designed for the highest necessities...


Activated carbon filters are very effective adsorbers achieving extremely low clean gas values. The pollutants to be eliminated hereby accumulate on the surface area of the activated carbon. This property is attributed to the van der Waals forces. In our filters we use activated carbon pellets that are characterized by dust free...


Combination media removes particulate plus gases and odors
100% synthetic prefilter charged...

Combination media removes particulate plus gases and odors
100% synthetic prefilter...

Select from activated carbon, potassium permanganate...

Select from activated carbon, impregnated carbon, potassium...

Ultra High Efficiency Gas Phase Adsorbers

Highest first pass removal efficiency


Frame: Galvanized steel, epoxy powder coated, black colour.Filter section: external covering in coated expanded metal.


The Glasfloss Carbotron Pleated Filter uses an activated carbon with tiny openings that adsorb odorous gas molecules from the air,...


Kalthoff presents activated carbon filters. These filters come under the category of...


MultiVee 197mm Deep

Multicarb Activated Carbon Discarb...

Activated Carbon 20mm
Activated Carbon...


The activated carbon water filter are equipment used for the primary water and sewage filtration for civil and industrial application....

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