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In the F A series, BOGE-activated carbon filters are designed to remove odor from compressed air. They also work with...


Activated carbon filters Series MX feature a modular construction with state-of-the-art activated carbon filtering element. Look at the table for the different materials with which it is made. The...


The QDT is an activated carbon tower used for the eradication of grease odor and vapor from compressed air. It functions at a temperature of 35°C...


The QDT, which is manufactured by Atlas Copco, is an activated carbon tower that has been developed to provide efficient,...


Description :
Robust and mobile, steel filters are designed...


To guarantee the ideal compressed air quality, specifically in delicate operations where residual oil content...


Erlabs presents Asura filters. This range of filters includes a wide variety of replacement carbon filters. These filters are suited for installation in ductless fume hoods and filtering storage cabinets within laboratories. When this filter is fitted in a ductless fume hood, the filter ensures...


Atmospheric air contains already in its origin impurities like: dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in form of humidity, which once sucked by the compressor is compressed...


The ACF Series Activated Carbon Filter removes dissolved organics from liquid streams by adsorption. Typical uses include removal of chlorine, dissolved organics, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons in water treatment systems, as well as removal of acids in amine treatment systems.

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CDIL uses activated carbon to adsorb most C4 and heavier...

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