air hose / protection / for electrical cables / PVDF
air hose
PVF series

... Very good weather and UV resistance Excellent mechanical strength (compression / impact) at high and low temperatures and dry air conditions Very-good resistance of the abrasion

nylon hose / for air / for automotive applications / transfer
nylon hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm
Outer diameter: 8 mm
Pressure: 17 bar

RS Pro Nylon Air Hose - 30 m reel Brought to you by RS Pro, a range of air hoses, ideal for the transfer or air, gas or fluid. Both Type 11 and Type ...

nylon hose / for air / brake / for compressors
nylon hose

Brought to you by RS Pro, a range of nylon air hoses. Suitable for applications requiring a precise and secure connection. Both Type 11 and Type 12 versions are available, providing solutions for areas ...

air hose / heavy-duty / for compressors / polyurethane
air hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm
Outer diameter: 12 mm
Pressure: 15 bar

Blue 10m Polyurethane Air Hose, Application Pneumatic Equipment, Tools & Compressors Auto Return Air Hose Professional polyurethane braid hose ...

air hose / for compressed air / for pumps / spraying
air hose

Inner diameter: 6.35, 9.52 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 14 bar
Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C

We offer a wide air hose choice with different material and length to answer to every application SAMES KREMLIN's new air hoses bring unique advantages to the end user ...

water hose / for gas / for air / stainless steel
water hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm - 100 mm
Pressure: 4 bar - 16 bar

These are flexible tubes made of stainless steel. They allow easy and flexible connection of pipes and devices without transmission of vibrations. Features include a length of 500-2,000mm, maximum operating ...

air hose / for compressed air / for vacuum / PU
air hose
chainflex® series

Outer diameter: 4 mm
Pressure: 12 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 85 °C

... the Chainflex® pneumatic hose: The Chainflex® pneumatic hose for Energy Chains® is a hose for heavy duty use. The pneumatic hose ...

air hose / polyurethane
air hose

Inner diameter: 2.5, 4, 6 mm
Outer diameter: 4, 6, 8 mm
Pressure: 0.99 bar - 10 bar

air flexible piping
air flexible piping

Outer diameter: 10 mm
Pressure: 19 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C

Standard:DIN 74324 O/D Tube:10 mm Length:25 m Colour:Black

water hose / for air / high-pressure / high-temperature
water hose

Additional hoses air/water Additional hoses for compressed air/water. Additional hoses (large size) for high pressure and temperature water.

air hose / nylon
air hose

Outer diameter: 50 mm - 200 mm
Temperature: -20 °C - 400 °C

water hose / for gas / for air / for oxygen
water hose

Inner diameter: 6, 10 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 200 bar
Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C

Maximum operating pressure (bar) : 200 Gas compatibility : O2, Air, H2O, Ammonia

air hose
air hose

Inner diameter: 3 in

Connection hoses are 3" x 12' with camlock fittings for snug fit with cushions and accessory parts

air hose / conveying / for suction units / rubber
air hose

Outer diameter: 25 mm - 318 mm

The hose is the conveying line of the source extraction installation. The demands placed on the suction hose are: wear resistance low weight and flexibility not affected by extremes of temperatures crushproof does ...