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Suitable for thorough cleaning...


Suitable for thorough cleaning of polluted...

OMEGA AIR d.o.o. Ljubljana 75 - 3 600 Nm³/h, 16 bar | SPF series
Sterile compressed air filter 75 - 3 600 Nm³/h, 16 bar | SPF series OMEGA AIR d.o.o. Ljubljana

SPF filters are designed for applications in process industry, where the risk for corrosion of compressed air system components is very high. SPF filters...

OMEGA AIR d.o.o. Ljubljana 75 - 21 120 Nm³/h, 16 bar | SF series
Sterile steam filter for compressed air 75 - 21 120 Nm³/h, 16 bar | SF series OMEGA AIR d.o.o. Ljubljana

Stainless steel Sterile Filters SF are designed for removing of impurities from compressed air applications in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry,...

Ultrafilter GmbH P-SRF
Sterile compressed air filter P-SRF Ultrafilter GmbH

The Ultrafilter P-SRF is a high-efficient depth filter with an inner and outer support made of stainless steel. It achieves a retention rate of 99.99998% related to 0,01 µ. The three-dimensional, binder-free...

Ultrafilter GmbH P-BE
Sterile compressed air filter P-BE Ultrafilter GmbH

The Ultrafilter P-BE filter is a wounded depth filter with inner and outer support end caps made from stainless steel. The retention rate...

1 products PROMEC
video PROMEC Rotoax ECS

This is a rotating sterilizer, which can sterilize any type of container (jars included) using hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) in the liquid or gaseous state. During the...

1 products Steridium
Steridium H series
Hot H series Steridium

Steridium’s new generation of hot air sterilizers have been designed to the highest European...

1 products Steriflow

The filled baskets are introduced in the STERISTEAM MONOFAN. During all the heating phase , a fan is running to mix and make circulating the air/steam In some application, a pre heating through vertical...

Telstar Technologies, S.L. 339 - 5 022 l | Pyromega series
Hot 339 - 5 022 l | Pyromega series Telstar Technologies, S.L.

The Pyromega ovens are designed for the sterilization and/or depyrogenation of glass containers, vials or...

Rota Verpackungstechnik
Hot Rota Verpackungstechnik

Low energy consumption … Sterility of containers and closures is the essential criteria for filling of solution for injection. Consequently our highlevel technology approach is...

video Cozzoli Machine Company ST100
Hot ST100 Cozzoli Machine Company

The ST100 recirculating hot air tunnel is designed for drying and sterilizing glass containers,...

1 products Alteco
Alteco VSN series
Sterile steam filter for compressed air VSN series Alteco

VSN series is a ventilation filter hosuing designed to be connected on tank for air filtration. VSN SERIES Technical...

1 products ALMATEC
1 products Porvair
Porvair max. 2 µ
Sterile steam filter for compressed air max. 2 µ Porvair

Process Steam Process steam is used in areas where there is no direct contact with the manufactured product, such as indirect heating. Porvair Filtration Group has a full range of filter grades and materials...

1 products GGE
GGE 3 500 - 42 000 m/h, H13 | AIRSOL STERIL series
High-efficiency air filtration unit 3 500 - 42 000 m/h, H13 | AIRSOL STERIL series GGE

Areas of applications: Centralized installations for the filtration of fumes where absolute filtration...

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