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The CMA 11 albedometer is suitable for the scientific applications, wherein accuracy is required to be in accordance with the standards. Because of its lightweight layout, the product...

The CMA 6, manufactured by Kipp & Zonen®, is an albedometer that is constructed around two CMP 6 pyranometer sensors that is contained in a single housing. Due to its completely new design and mounting...


The LP PYRA 05 and 06 by Delta Ohm is an Albedometer which features its ISO 9060 standards and specifications coming from World Meteorological Organization. The whole unit consists of two pyranometers...


SRA01 is used to measure Albedo which is the ratio of diffusely reflected to incident solar radiation. Generally Albedo depends on the directional distribution of incoming radiation and surface properties...


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An albedometer measures the ratio between reflected and incident solar energy striking a surface. The albedo is a non-dimensional unit of measurement ranging from zero (perfectly black, non-reflective surface) to one (a perfect mirror).


Albedometers are used in the realms of atmospheric science, climatology, agriculture, at weather stations, etc.


The albedometer consists of two pyranometers mounted back-to-back, one pointing up, the other, down. The one pointed skyward measures both direct and diffuse global incident solar energy. The one directed toward the ground measures reflected energy. The relationship between the two measurements is expressed in albedos.

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