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albedometer - 285 - 2800 nm, 7 - 14 µV/W/m² | CMA 11

CMA 11 complies with the highest level of ISO classification, Secondary Standard. Is recommended for scientific applications, for which accuracy needs to be according to the highest standards. The lightweight design makes CMA...

albedometer - 285 - 2800 nm, 5 - 20 µV/W/m² | CMA 6

The CMA 6, manufactured by Kipp & Zonen®, is an albedometer that is constructed around two CMP 6 pyranometer sensors that is contained in a single housing. Due to its completely new design and mounting...

albedometer - 0 - 2 000 W/m2, 305 - 2 800 nm | LP PYRA 05 / 06

The LP PYRA 05 and 06 by Delta Ohm is an Albedometer which features its ISO 9060 standards and specifications coming from World Meteorological Organization. The whole unit consists of two pyranometers...

albedometer - SRA01

SRA01 is used to measure Albedo which is the ratio of diffusely reflected to incident solar radiation. Generally Albedo depends on the directional distribution of incoming radiation and surface properties...

albedometer - 0 - 2 000 W/m² | 1611

To the sun and back ...
that is how the highly precise albedometer measures incident solar radiation as well as reflection radiation. Determination of radiation balance or separate signal output...

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