AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 690 V
AC motor
HAIE1 series

Power: 0.75 kW - 18.5 kW

Three-phase asynchronous motors HAIE1 with IE1 efficiency in an aluminium framework.

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CAG Electric Machinery s.r.o.
AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / aluminum-frame
AC motor
MS series

OVERVIEW ·MS series aluminum housing three-phase asynchronous motors, with latest design in entirety,are made of selected quality materials and conform to IEC standard. ·MS motor have ...

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FUFA motor
AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 100 V
AC motor

... 63,80,100,132, 160 and 200. They are manufactured with aluminium extruded frame (63 e 80 sizes ) or fully laminated stator in the bigger sizes and they have IP 54 protection level and class H insulation ...

AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous / with run and start capacitors
AC motor
MY Series

Power: 0.09 kW - 3 kW

... Capacitor Run Asynchronous Motors: MY Series aluminum housing single-phase capacitor-run asynchronous motor, with latest design in entirety, are made of selected quality materials and ...

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