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aluminium handle - GN 668

The oval flat cross-section bar in this product series is made of aluminum and there are various special executions available...

aluminium handle - GN 565.3

The GN 565.3 handle is an aluminium-made oval cross section bar. It can perform under certain conditions such as GN...

bow-type handle / aluminium - K0200

The K0200 Stirrup-shaped handles offer maximum torsional strength as they are made up of glass-ball...

aluminium handle - VG-08 , VG-09

Material and surface:
Handle shank and grip ledge of solid aluminium...

aluminium handle - MV

Material and surface:
Solid aluminium handle of AlMgSi 0.5.


aluminium handle - MV

The bow-type handles in this product series are made of aluminum, which increases their resistance...

aluminium handle / cast - AK-01

Rohde AK-01 aluminium chill casting handle allow attachment with screws from the front or back. It is made of Al–12Si–1Cu aluminium with chill casting and has a vibration...

aluminium handle / machine - MS-04 series

Rohde handles of the MS-04 series can be ordered in various lengths, but they come...

rotating handle / aluminium - AIGE series

The GAMM revolving handles are designed with an ogival profile to provide ease and...

rotating handle / aluminium - AMGE series

GAMM cylindrical revolving handles of the AMGE series are made of aluminum, and have a polished...

rotating handle / aluminium - AIC series

The Gamm's AIC is an ogival handle which is...

bow-type handle / round / aluminium - RoHS

Otto Ganter aims to provide a comprehensive range of standard parts for clamping...

bow-type handle / round / aluminium - RoHS

This is Jergen's solid, aluminum revolving handle. It is made out of 2024 aluminum...

bow-type handle / round / aluminium - RoHS

The ELESA® metric tubular handles have a tube made out of aluminum with an epoxy base polyrethane...

aluminium handle - 0687850101

The Würth door handles are designed for application on wooden doors and panels....

aluminium handle - 0687851131

Material 1.4301/ALU || Stainless steel...

aluminium handle - max. 5560 N (1250 lbs) | B4 series

B4- Lightweight handles are stylish aluminum handles equitably at home in high- tech computer rack servers or industrial machinery...

bow-type handle / round / aluminium - P8 series

The SOUTHCO P8 series wire pull handles are made out of aluminum and bright chrome steel (or stainless...

bow-type handle / aluminium - 6A-140 series

These bow-styled handles are crafted...

aluminium handle - 6A-440 series

The EMKA Program 1095 are precision pull handles designed for a multitude of applications. The handles...

flush handle / aluminium - 19-7-3338

This handle has 2 detents...

flush handle / aluminium - 19-7-3605

This handle has 2 detents at 0°...

flush handle / aluminium - 19-7-3605

ENGRENAGES HPC has a wide range of accessories for assembling modular structures. This includes several ends and tubes that allow handles...

bow-type handle / aluminium - 6-1102

The Solid Aluminum Handle, manufactured by Dirak, features a modernized, industrial design, which is specifically...

aluminium handle - 6-1107

The Solid Aluminum Handle, manufactured by Dirak, features a modernized, industrial design, which is specifically...

bow-type handle / round / aluminium - 1815

The Round aluminum rod bow-type handle, manufactured by CARR LANE MANUFACTURING CO.,...

fixed handle / ball / aluminium - DIN 39

The model is manufactured by Maedler, and is a fixed handle that has a design...

bow-type handle / aluminium - 38-0020

Bow-typ handles made from die-cast aluminium with short dead-end thread

bow-type handle / aluminium - 11-0007

Bow-typ handles / machine handles with aluminum tube 20 mm in diameter
PlacoGrip® Machine handles, extra-heavy duty.
PlacoGrip® Machine handles, extra-heavy duty.
End caps: reinforced...

bow-type handle / aluminium - 11-0008

Bow-typ handles / machine handles with aluminum tube 30 mm in diameter
PlacoGrip® Machine handles,...

bow-type handle / spruce / aluminium - 11-0009

Bow-typ handles / machine handles, bended
PlacoGrip® Machine handles bended, extra-heavy duty.

aluminium handle - 24310

The 24310 Series, manufactured by Halder, is a series of U-Handles, which are generally...

fixed handle / aluminium - 06292

The 06292 is a unit manufactured by...

fixed handle / aluminium - 06309

Norelem's 06309 is a range of revolving machine handles that...

bow-type handle / aluminium - 06920

The 06920 aluminum bow-type handle, manufactured by NORELEM, is made entirely from EN AW-6060...

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