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aluminum profile - RoHS

The Tubes and Profiles in Line D30 have one thing in common their basic diameter of 30 mm makes solutions incredibly rigid. It also corresponds to the modular dimension of item Profile 6, producing...

aluminum profile - RoHS

Using high-tensile aluminium profiles, any type of structure can...

aluminum profile / for white room - Baureihe X

MB building kit system profiles in line X are featured by a completely smooth and closed connection, with a small edge radius. They can be connected to perfectly...

aluminum profile / for white room - Baureihe X

The MB modular system has a product group that comprises of contouring, secured elements and corresponding covers which is the foundation of the MB Building Kit System. Assembling of a design becomes easier...

aluminum profile - F-40 BLOCAN®

The F-40 Blocan series is manufactured by RK Rose+Krieger, and is an aluminium profile that can easy to assemble by means...

aluminum profile - BLOCAN®

The BLOCAN® Structural Profiles– aluminium construction profiles are specifically designed and manufactured in order to enhance the level of consistent flexibility and cost-efficiency offered. The exceptional features offered include fixing slots on all sides,...

aluminum profile / heavy-duty - BLOCAN®

The BLOCAN® is a heavy-duty aluminum profile, manufactured by RK Rose+Krieger. This product has 18mm slot...

aluminum profile - 25 X 25 mm

The industrial profile is an updated unit from Sigma Profil Market. The profile...

aluminum profile - 20 X 20 mm

The 20 x 20 aluminum industrial profile...

aluminum profile - 30 X 30 mm

The Heavy-duty aluminum profile, manufactured by Dogus Kalip ®, is ideal...

aluminum profile - 30 X 60 mm

The 30x60 Aluminum Industrial Profile is ideally designed to provide a good quality performance...

aluminum profile - 30 X 90 mm

The 30 X 90 Aluminium Industrial Profile from Sigma Profile Market may be applied...

aluminum profile - 25 series

For developing custom designs of display cabinets, light-weight frames, and electronics housing, we provide highly versatile series 25 profile beams. The beams come in multiples of 25x25 mm dimensions, and the cross-section can...

aluminum profile - 40 series

The Series 40, manufactured by MK® Technology Group, is a series of aluminum profiles that are built on grid dimensions measuring 40mm x 40mm. Specifically designed for usage with DIN M8 screws, this profile...

aluminum profile - 50 series

The grid dimensions associated with this product are of 50 x 50 mm, with the series 50 being built on these dimensions. Next, the width of the groove is of 10 mm, while the depth is evaluated at 12 mm, being designed for use with screws of type...

aluminum profile - 60 series

Series 60 is built on grid dimensions evaluated at 60 x 60 mm, and multiples of these dimensions. In addition, the width of the groove is of 14 mm, while its depth is of 19 mm. These dimensions...

aluminum profile - 60 series

From complex assembly and maintenance platforms with lengths of 15 m, as well as simple standard work platforms or transfers - mk offers custom solutions for access, accessibility and work...

aluminum profile / T - 01580

Norelem's 01580 series is a range of T-shaped profiles. They are made up of stabilised...

aluminum profile / V type - 01640

The 01640 is a V aluminum profile made of either stabilized GJL 250 grey cast...

aluminum profile - PP series

Isel's PP Series of panel profiles are generally used for simple frame, bench, and rack erection operations. They...

aluminum profile - PU 25 / PU 50 series

Isel's PL 25 is part of the company's PU 50 Series of universal profiles. The tools are generally used for simple...

aluminum profile - PT 25 series

The T-slot plates (PT 25) are manufactured by Isel Germany company. They are...

aluminum profile - PT 50 series

The PT 50 series by Isel Germany is an aluminum profile which features its Universal...

aluminum profile - RE 40 series

The Aluminum profile of the RE 40 series offers its highly-precised, clamping and machining surface....

aluminum profile - MCS Series

The MCS machine construction system is made up of some comprehensive number of profiles together with an enhanced range of fixing elements.This include brackets, flexi connectors and other accessories to enable complete frames to be constructed by the customer from components or supplied flat...

aluminum profile - WDS 946

The 946 series is manufactured by WDS, and is an unequal L section that is made...

aluminum profile - WDS 946

Profiles and connectors

WGS Gripper System contains 4 different sizes of aluminium profiles....

aluminum profile - 19 x 32 mm

Light constructions

aluminum profile - 90 x 180 S

General heavy duty constructions
Linear guiding...

aluminum profile / with non slip insert - Insert U29  TBS

PASSAGE designs and manufactures aluminium insert U29 for self-adhesive TBS non-slip covering of width 26mm. This insert ensures safe...

aluminum profile / with non slip insert - Insert U29

PASSAGE has developed the U29 aluminium insert with high-traffic non-slip mineral granules intended for the wooden slats of terraces and decking. The embedded...

aluminum profile / with non slip insert - Insert U24

PASSAGE has developed the U24 aluminium insert with high-traffic non-slip mineral granules,...

aluminum profile / with non slip insert - L45

PASSAGE designed an aluminium profile...

aluminum profile / with non slip insert - L29

PASSAGE has designed L29 aluminium angle bar with a 2.1mm thick insert of extra high grip mineral granules. Its...

aluminum profile - DCF series

DCF 3030 30×30:

Meterial A6N01S-T5
Surface Processing Anodized
Weight 1.10㎏/m
Section Area 405.7㎟
Second Section Monent lx = 3.83×10㎝4

aluminum profile - DHF series

DHF 4040 40×40 :

Meterial A6N01S-T5
Surface Processing Anodized
Weight 2.41㎏/m
Section Area 889.4㎟
Second Section Monent lx = 13.7×10㎝4

aluminum profile - RoHS | C4MC 945 series

Aluminum Extrusion PIL 1640 Details



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