Angle beam transducers

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Angle beam transducers
angle beam transducer - 2 - 4 MHz, 15 - 30 mm | MWB series

These small size angle beam transducers are used for general weld inspection, tubes, pipes, pressure vessels, pumps, turbine blades, wheel rims, etc.

European models...

angle beam transducer - 2 - 4 MHz, 16 - 44 mm | trueDGS®

The new, patent-pending trueDGS technology from the GE's Inspection Technologies business has allowed the company to develop and introduce a range of ultrasonic trueDGS...

angle beam transducer - 1.8 - 4 MHz, 10 - 40 mm | TR

The near surface resolution of this angle beam transducer is excellent, while the noise caused by...

angle beam transducer - 1 - 4 MHz | WB series

Designed in large sizes, Angle Beam Transducers are featured with Lemo 1 connector on WB and WK types which are fixed on side/top (standard/optional),...

angle beam transducer - SONOSCAN

SONOSCAN ergonomically designed angle beam probe series are primarily used for non-destructive testing. Part of the series are developed for monitoring cracks and occlusions...

angle beam transducer - Orion

The Orion Series, manufactured by Sonatest Ltd® is utilized as a angle beam transducer...

angle beam transducer - SAO

The SAO Series, manufactured by Sonatest Ltd® is utilized as an angle beam transducer that...

angle beam transducer - 35° - 70° | LSA

This angle beam transducer is developed by Sonatest Ltd. This is a large, single-angle shear wave transducer that can cater applications...

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