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Assembly lines
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automated assembly line - SmartRob

The SmartRobComau is an automatic assembly station which is ideal for all powertrain assembly processes. It is compliant with lean-manufacturing, offers low capital investment and product flexibility. Lines that...

automated assembly line - SmartBox

The SmartBox Comau Assembly Center comes as a serial CNC module, which is available for cylinder head and engine assembly. The value propositions of this item are numerous and include...

manual assembly line - SmartMan

SmartManComau is a manual assembly station ideal for all types of assembly applications. The design of manual assembly cells plays a huge role in manufacturing profit. Manual operations are widely used in developing markets and are...

automated assembly line - GROB

GROB has extensive experience in assembly technology, particularly in designing assembly lines. They have a modular design. Each assembly station or assembly line is a customized construction, designed and made as per customer...

assembly line - GROB

GROB Engine and transmission assembly has a long standing experience and caters to a wide range of complex assembly lines like differential housing, cylinder head covers, and piston/ connecting rod assemblies....

assembly line - GROB

IMA Industries' Peripheral Indexing Transfer System is used for applications that involve securing of fixtures for...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 12-49

P 12-49 is a semi-automatic and wire comb binding machine that has a modular and...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 22-48

The P 22-48 provides semi-automatic punching and binding for wire and plastic spirals in...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 22-96

The Semi-Automatic Punching and Wire Comb Binding Machine can perform production of a wide variety of products in small and...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 32-49

The P 32-49 is a spiral/wire comb binding unit that can do either manual or automatic...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 35-49

The P 35-49 is an automated spiral and/or wire comb binding machine. It binds with the use of steel wire, coated steel wire and industrial...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 35-49

The Sensor Units Assembly Line, manufactured by Wolf Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co.KG, is...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 35-49

AUNOTEC has been making customized automated systems for over 30 years now and they are used in a variety of applications. The idea of these systems are used in manlike robots is seeped in advanced technologies, and they extend to the...

spiral notebook assembly line - P 35-49

To turn each of your investments into a competitive and financial advantage


spiral notebook assembly line - P 35-49

MTA presents dependable, high-performance systems for assembling micro-technology components. MTA is an expert in automation with more than 40 years of experience. These systems incorporate the experience of MTA's...

manual assembly line - iPosition

The iPosition system is made for manual assembly applications. They are applied on ultrasonic staking...

manual assembly line - iPosition

The Welding and Assembly Series, manufactured by Osai Automation System®, is an assembly line with an operation that...

assembly line - Neoplace 304 modula

The Neoplace 304 Modula is an assembly from Osai. It has a solid mechanical construction...

assembly line - Neoplace 304 modula

Fontijne Ghyselinck is the new name for a combination of two well-known suppliers to the automotive industry. This new company has been established through the acquisition of Ghyselinck NV by Fontijne Grotnes Group. The company combines the forces of two technological leaders and will serve the...

assembly line - Neoplace 304 modula

Fontijne Grotnes has developed expansion techniques, which are being used in production lines for the inner drums of tumble...

automated assembly line - Spi-J Boxer™ 2013

Automates Junction Box Assembly System for PV Modules

The Spi-J Boxer™ 2013 is an automated junction box assembly system. It is a flexible, fully automated workstation that attaches and seals a junction box to a photovoltaic module's...

automated assembly line - Spi-J Boxer™ 2013

These lines are composed by several stations in order to get the assembled and packed furniture cabinet finished, starting from all its separate components. These lines are suitable...

assembly line - 80 - 300 tip/min

Mikron equipment covers the entire range of writing instrument manufacturing.


assembly line - 30 - 120 p/min

Designed for complete part assembly.

Oufteed rate:...

assembly line - 30 - 120 p/min

Manual and hybrid assembling

Human operators are and remain the most flexible resource in manufacturing. Especially in the low-to-medium output range, manual assembly – combined with automated production processes –...

control assembly line - TLINE

Thanks to the combination of the TB400 test benches of the TFX, TBR8 and TW36 lines it is possible to configure any production line.

There is no limit to the number of machines...

manual assembly line / pallet - M-System

The exclusive system developed by Fomir to set up manual assembly lines consists of worktables combined in sequence. It allows the user:...

manual assembly line - Fly-Workit System

To configure a FLY-Workit system assembly line is easy: once you...

manual assembly line - Fly-Workit System

Lean Cells
Consistent with its consulting services and manufacturing philosophy in Lean Production, Wes-Tech offers lean cells for Assembly and Testing. In general, Lean Production is a manufacturing system comprising assembly cells, pull system...

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