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Assembly machines
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This is a Connector assembly machine manufactured by Osai Automation System which features...

The circular jointer manufactured by Osai Automation System is made from the European Market....

clean room assembly machine - Neoplace 400

The Neoplace 400 is a unit manufactured by Osai Automation System. It is a cleanroom jointer that is automatic. It has...

electronics assembly machine - Neoplace 300 easy

Keeps the Neo platform structure and axis handling system, but the...

electronics assembly machine - Neoplace 300 easy

The windows and doors assembly machine, manufactured by Tecauma,...

electronics assembly machine - NXT III

A faster XY robot and faster tape feeders, as well as a newly developed "flying vision"...

electronics assembly machine - AIMEX IIS

Part data can be automatically created at the machine.
By automating part data...

electronics assembly machine - AIMEX II

Because a large number of part types can be loaded at the same time, this machine is perfect for high-mix...

electronics assembly machine - NXT II

The NXT II is the only machine on the market with a truly modular concept.

electronics assembly machine - NXT IIc

One NXT IIc module occupies just 0.46 m2 of floorspace, making it an...

connector assembly machine - max. 8 000 p/h | IDC

The pallet based machine allows a modular configuration, being able to process most common types of IDC connectors available, in accordance with the customers...

labeling assembly machine / syringe - max. 24 000 p/h | Hasta

Hasta is an automatic plunger rod inserting machine to insert the plunger rod into the syringe barrell.
Hasta is equipped with a P&A labeller with vision systems...

hydraulic assembly machine / for the furniture industry - max. 2300 x 1100 x 650 mm | SAP 2L-ARM

The new through-feed hydraulic cabinet clamp model SAP 2L ARM is a machine needed for the final dowel-jointed box assembly by means of hydraulic pressure over the boxs sides. This machine is necessary...

hydraulic assembly machine / for the furniture industry - max. 2500 x 50 x 750 mm | PAO 45/60

PAO 45/90 model press features the basic characteristic of being able to assemble doors with 45° or 90° joints without any previous setting, because the lateral and transversal pressing devices are one-piece made and do not allow any displacement inside the joints.

PAO 45/90 hydraulic clamp is actually the right machine for high-volume producers of furniture doors,...

hydraulic assembly machine / for the furniture industry - max. 1200 x 600 x 230 mm | PAC 1200

Main PAC 1200 GG oleodinamic clamp feature is to assemble PVC coated drawers having DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS with 45° joints WITHOUT ANY FURTHER SETTING

PAC 1200 GG features, performed in a SINGLE OPERATION (for the best cycle-time saving) :

1) Clamp for assembly squaring of PVC coated drawers with automatical...

hydraulic assembly machine / for the furniture industry - max. 2500 x 1250 x 800 mm | ACTION FL

Electric CASE CLAMP capable of obtaining extremely strong operating pressures that guarantee closing of boxes with up to 5 dowels and multiple partitions. Dowel construction relies on a tight, compressive fit between the dowel and hole. Utilization of the electric case clamp to guarantee complete and tight closing of the hole-dowel coupling is...

solar cell assembly machine - Spi-Assembler™ 7000

Automated Solar Cell Assembly
The Spi-Assembler™ 7000 is an automated production machine that interconnects solar cells by soldering flat metal leads, or tabs, to cell contacts. Solar cells are processed at a throughput of up to 700 cells per hour with high yield.


solar cell assembly machine - Spi-Module Layup Station™ 2000

Automating Precision

The Spi-Module Layup Station™ 2000 automatically aligns and places completed solar cell strings in position for module assembly. The Spi-Module Layup Station can be implemented as an option to the Spi-Assembler™ 6000 (tabber and stringer,...

assembly machine - 30 - 120 p/min

Assembly of pre-orientated parts through linear...

assembly machine - MLM/T

Machines for the automatic assembly of Wafers and Springs into pugs, models T1, T2, T3, and T4.

For plugs that are assembled on one side only with up to six aligned plug slots.


assembly machine - MPM/T

The machines of this series carry out:

automatic assembly of pin-tumblers, drivers and springs into cylinders or padlocks,
automatic control of the...

assembly machine - MPM/T2-D

This machine carries out:

assembly of pin-tumblers, constant length drivers, and springs into double profiled or oval cylinders,

assembly machine - MLM/L3/17

Product: Car Lock (Steering lock)

Component: slide bar, springs for the side bars, springs for disc tumblers, disc tumblers, caps, anti-theft tumbler disc

Operations: 10-stations line consisting of:


assembly machine - ACS

The ACS is the basis for current and future production systems providing for a standard platform...

assembly machine - 10 kg | ACS-C

The ACS-C is designed for smaller components such as automotive components / battery production and general assembly...

electronics assembly machine - Adtech WRs (4)

Orbitform designed and built this custom machine for the...

custom assembly machine - Milford 57s (2)

This dual head machine features force monitoring, a programmable x-axis dual-fixture slide and auto clamping. Two Milford 57s are integrated...

custom assembly machine - Milford 57s (2)

As with all machines from the Orbitform...

connector assembly machine - 0.5 s, 0.9 kW | WT 165.9

WT 165.6.0

Semi automated system for the insulation displacement termination of ECO-TRONIC housings.

* Terminating 2-10 ways connctor versions...

connector assembly machine - 0.85 s, 09 kW | WT 85.5

Semi-Automated Terminating Machine for Connector System MTL 1

Main Features

Economical product magazines

connector assembly machine - 0.85 s, 09 kW | WT 155

Semi automated system for the insulation displacement termination of ECO-DOMO housings



connector assembly machine - 0.3 kW | WT 255

Semi-automated machine for terminating connector system ECO-DOMO

Main Features

Bench mounted

connector assembly machine - 1.2 s, 0.9 kW | WT 365

Semi automated system for terminating connector systems ECO-DOMO FT, ECO-TRONIC, ECO-TRONIC pro.


Bench mounted
Economical product...

connector assembly machine - 1.2 s, 0.9 kW | WT 365

Lean Production is an objective pursued by many manufacturing companies. At Rohwedder, we have been looking at lean assembly solutions from a very early stage. Especially in our work for international...

connector assembly machine - 1.2 s, 0.9 kW | WT 365

Whether it's a transmission, a pneumatic valve or a dialysis filter Rohwedder...

connector assembly machine - 1.2 s, 0.9 kW | WT 365

The Rohwedder HotMelt is a coating machine for the application of glue on covers contained in endless stamping...

flexible assembly machine - MicRohFlex®

In today's development laboratories, the limits of feasibility are being redefined every day. But only rarely will results find their way...

assembly machine - MicRohCell®

The high-speed assembly solution for large volumes andshort product lifecycles

Rapidly changing product requirements and short product lifecycles can now be easily accommodated, even in high-volume manufacturing. If a need for adjustment...

assembly machine - MicRohCell®


Assembly table for renovation roller shutters

Aluminium PVC

Assembly of the different components necessary for the manufacture of renovation roller shutters

Technical specifications

Table dimensions:...

assembly machine - 29 lbs | SDE

The SDE Electric Terminator is ideally suited for low to medium volume bench production and harness assembly. It offers excellent price to performance ratio in a compact benchtop unit with features normally found on more expensive models.

As part of the SDE family, it is compatible with a broad range of crimp dies that are fully interchangeable among tools and tool platforms.


wire harness assembly machine - CHAMPOMATOR 2.5

Compact, semi-automatic bench machine for...

wire harness assembly machine - 5 t

The Power Splice Machine offers quick,...

PCB assembly machine - 300 x 260 mm | M300T

The M300T Automatic Multi-Insertion Machine is designed to insert lugs,

PCB assembly machine - 330 x 260 mm | M2000T

The M2000M Automatic Mini-Fuse Insertion Machine automatically inserts...

PCB assembly machine / surface-mount technology SMT - Galaxy


Galaxy embodies new mechanical features including linear motor technology for enhanced speed, accuracy and reliability, and brings forward proven DEK technologies including ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging, as well as advanced optics and lighting for faultless optical inspection at high-throughput. The standard tooling bed accepts all compatible tooling options...

flexible assembly machine - Reel-to-Reel

In today’s fast paced manufacturing environment, continuous flexible substrates play an important role in meeting the complex challenges of sub-miniature assemblies. Since fast, efficient and automatic production is a vital part of realising this process cost-effectively; our Reel-to-Reel...

ultrasonic welding assembly machine / filter - 0.3 - 30 m/min | Weldsonic™Filter

The Jentschmann Weldsonic™Filter is an ultrasonic welding machine for continuous welding, gluing, cutting and sealing of filter materials.
The welding process bonds the materials directly together. For non weldable materials (e.g....

ultrasonic welding assembly machine / filter - Ringmaster-Combi

Semi automatic welding machine for welding filter tubes on plastic flange-hubs and closing filter tubes flat or with cover.
Welding filter flanges:

circular assembly machine - MOD. 315/ROT

Machine for rivet placing (Ø8mm, length...

assembly machine - Spaceline

paceline, sortimat’s high-precision linear transfer assembly line, offers outstanding performance for the rapid assembly of complex products in large quantities. Spaceline successfully combines proven innovations with a completely new concept, setting new standards...

linear assembly machine - Jetwing

Jetwing is exceptionally versatile. This compact, linear assembly platform supports up to 12 stations and is ideal for the product development phase and assembling large quantities of products with short lifecycles. It is also capable of both semi- and fully-automatic assembly. What’s more, Jetwing’s modules can be easily integrated to create a system that’s...

cam assembly machine - Discovery

sortimat rotary indexing machines assemble market-ready products in large quantities and accommodate between 12 and 20 stations as standard. Rotary indexing technology is based on a reliable central cam drive for the precise...

cam assembly machine - Discovery

Manufacturing under cleanroom conditions ensures that products are protected against contamination. This approach plays a vital role in medical technology, the pharmaceuticals and food industries, semi-conductor manufacturing and micro-assembly. Maximum permissible contamination levels vary according to applicable...

cam assembly machine - Discovery

At sortimat, we take an end-to-end approach to production systems. Not only do we develop and manufacture all our solutions, including feeder units, in-house, we also ensure that they seamlessly integrate with each other. As a result, our assembly and feeder systems support the full range of production tasks, and offer unrivalled efficiency. What's...

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