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HDPE bag - 900 x 1 100 mm

The Polyethylene bag is constructed in compliance to ADR specifications. It...

transport bag - 40 - 60 L , 900 - 1 000 g | PRO RESCUE series

Rescue bag ideal for rapid access operations.
Capable of taking 30 metres of rope and basic hardware.

Strong points:

transport bag - 9 L , 200 g | COMMANDE

Small capacity bag to hold small volume cords and ropes.


transport bag - 35 L - 735 g | PRO WORK 35 CONTRACT

35 litre transport sac simple and effective.


transport bag - 35 - 60 L | 1 080 - 1 825 g | PRO WORK series

35 litre ergonomic transport sac including a waterproof external pocket.


transport bag / tools - 180 - 560 g | GENIUS

Bags for carrying small tools and fastenings.
The clic clac express closure stops the pocket contents...

transport bag - SMART BAG

Our Safepak bags have a special pouch for housing the RFID tag, which is readable with appropriate antennae...

transport bag - Safepak™

SAFEPAK is the number one bag system used for transporting documents, mail money, medicines, computer material, etc. SAFEPAK bags are...

transport bag - 310 x 420 x 100 mm

DIMENSIONS: 310 x 420 x...

cash bag - 200 x 130 x 60 mm


transport bag - 160 X 60 cm

MATERIAL: Synthetic PVC with reinforced...

transport bag - 160 X 60 cm

Everything at hand and ready to go.
Here you have all your technical devices plus accessory modules in the bag.

ROX bags are made of special hardwearing materials. On request in your company's CI colours, with printed or embroidered logo.


transport bag - 160 X 60 cm

The most resilient member of your team.

transport bag - 160 X 60 cm

BOXFORT manufactures all types of cases, bags and various articles in high-quality nylon as well as other...

transport bag - 160 X 60 cm

Our Static Shield bags are made from high quality antistatic metallized film which provides optimum protection for your ESD sensitive products. The...

bulk materials bag - 1 m³

Weight capacity 250kg
Dimensions: 1 metre...

bulk materials bag - 1.5 m³

Weight Capacity 550kg
Dimensions: 2.5...

bulk materials bag - 1.5 m³

Due to their chemical composition, the bags have significantly...

coated fabric bag - AD*STAR®

AD*STAR® is a block bottom sack that is far superior to similar products in terms of breakage resistance...

coated fabric bag - PP*STAR®

The new PP*STAR® combines the advantages of pinch bottom bags and woven polypropylene.

The PP*STAR® provides perfect shelf display, is siftproof,...

sulfur hexafluoride recovery bag / for gas analyzer - ISO 9001, 80 L | Rapidox Gas Recovery Bag

The Rapidox gas recovery bag is especially manufactured for the collection of SF6, but it is also useful for recovering several other gases from any appropriate gas analyzer. Since the SF6 is included in the greenhouse...

transport bag - AX 010

The Personal Safety Equipment Back Pack is highly designed in a strong PVC material...

transport bag - SEKURALT 0840286

The most basic heavy duty waterproof carry bag. Centre top...

transport bag - SEKURALT 0840286

Large volume cylindrical bergen carrying bag, a choice...

transport bag - 15 l | PERSONNEL

The PERSONNEL is a durable small capacity pack. The materials now used are PVC-free.


transport bag - 15 l | PERSONNEL

The new DMM Tool Bags are essential pieces of equipment for any technician who has to carry equipment to a worksite at height. Easy opening top and semi-rigid Equal...

transport bag - 300 x 500 mm

PVC equipment bag with shoulder...

transport bag - 300 x 500 mm

Bulk Bulk bags, also known as FIBC's, semi-bulk bags, totes, or jumbo bags can be manufactured from flat woven or circular woven fabrics and can be uncoated or coated depending on the application. CorrPak Bulk Packaging Systems, LLC offers many styles of bulk bags that will hold non-hazardous...

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