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hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 4 - 30 t

The self contained hydraulic pump and puller saves space ideal for removing all kinds of shaft-fitted parts. Timken created this tool to help in pulling...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 4 - 30 t

Timken's line of simple-to-use mechanical pullers provides the maintenance professionals with economical options. The mechanical pullers...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 4 - 30 t

Two-arm and three-arm mechanical extractors are used whenever this is an extraction...

hydraulic bearing puller - PULLER44 series

The pressure tool PULLER-SUPPORT is used to loosen tightly fitted parts in...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - HYD series

The hydraulic extractors, are used where higher extraction forces are required. These devices allow rolling bearings, gears, sleeves and many other shrink fitted parts to be quickly and easily dismounted. For larger grip depths, longer extraction...

bearing puller - 60 - 120 kN | TMMA series

TMMA pullers series with mechanical EasyPull enable easy and safe dismounting of bearing.

SKF's patented EasyPull has a robust design with spring-operated arms, and is a market leader in terms of user-friendliness and safety.


hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 75 - 100 kN | TMMA-H series

75 H and 100 H Hydraulic SKF EasyPull are TMMA patented puller device designed with spring-operated arm and constructed in a solid and robust architecture for easy-handling...

mechanical bearing puller - 6 - 50 kN (1.34 - 11.20 lbf) | TMMP series

Standard jaw pullers TMMP series

Versatile two and three arm mechanical pullers
One of the easiest and most effective ways to dismount small to medium size bearings...

self-centering bearing puller - 60 - 150 kN (13.5 - 33.7 lbf) | TMMP series

The TMMP series are SKF'S jaw pullers primarily used in dismounting ball bearings, minimizing any damage to the bearing itself.

Made with high quality...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - TMHP 10E

The Hydraulic Jaw Puller Kit by SKF provides an easy dismounting functionality of up to 100 Kn. It is also incorporated with a spindle which facilitates the bearing dismounting. The Hydraulic...

manual bearing puller / self-centering / three-arm / 2 two claws - 0714522091

The External / internal puller manufactured by Wurth, features a puller...

bearing puller - U.20B

This device has a shear pin which prevents the torque from exceeding the allowable...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - U.320H

Three-arm hydraulic bearing puller models integrate hydraulic jack fitted are remover installer...

internal bearing puller - U.23J1A

Comprising :
- 3 pairs of tips d 5.5 - 6 - 7.5 mm.

internal bearing puller - U.23J1A

Timken hydraulic pulling systems are available in a variety of options with capacities in the range of 4 to 30 tons. The self-contained, portable systems are useful in removing all types of parts fitted on a shaft.

Through appropriate installation, removal...

internal bearing puller - max. 50 t | BHP series

BHP-Series Hydraulic Master Puller Sets are constructed with robust and high-quality forged stainless steel to impart exceptional robustness, durability, reliability and long-term service....

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 8 - 50 t | BHP series

Precise hydraulic control allows fast, efficient and safe pulling
High quality, forged steel...

mechanical bearing puller - 8 - 50 t | BHP series

These are Cross Bearing Puller Sets crafted in BHP-Series. They assure precise hydraulic controlling...

internal bearing puller - 8 - 50 t | BHP series

The BHP Series is an array of bearing cup pullers made of high-grade steel alloy that delivers rapid and...

bearing puller - 8 - 50 t | BHP series

The BHP-Series from Enerpac is a bearing puller that features a capacity...

bearing puller - 11050

Stahlwille's 11050 - Standard Pullers are two-armed equipment that can be used...

mechanical bearing puller - 11053

The 11053 model standard pullers are zinc plated and have two arms. They are capable of larger reaches...

self-centering bearing puller - 11051

The Stahlwille11051 standard puller comes with zinc plated finish, movable, three pronged...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 12152

The Three Arm Puller is mostly used in the extraction of pulleys, gearwheels and other similar...

internal bearing puller - 11060

Stahlwille 11060 - Internal Puller are specially designed to remove ball bearings,...

manual bearing puller / self-centering / 2 two claws / three-arm - 485 series

This is a puller of worldwide significance with a rapid conversion...

mechanical bearing puller - EX-65x series

The Extractors 3 claws large capacity unit from SAM is an extractor consisting...

bearing puller - EX-125-C10

This product is useful for pulling ball bearings that are embedded. It is...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - HP 5

The HP 17 is a hydraulic bearing puller with three arms developed by Holmatro...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - HP 10

The HP 10 from Holmatro is a three-arm hydraulic...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - HP 17

The Puller Set HP 17, manufactured by Holmatro, is designed...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - HP 30

The Puller Set HP 30, manufactured by Holmatro, is designed with adjustable...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - HP 30

The Three-Arm Hydraulic Bearing Puller, manufactured by SPX Hydraulic Technologies, is specifically...

bearing puller - 100 t | PR series

The PR Series is ideally designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality...

mechanical bearing puller - 90x90

The BP 61 is a ball bearing manufactured by Simatec company. It is applicable to remove ball bearings...

mechanical bearing puller - simatool Twin Puller TP150

The simatool Twin Puller TP 150 is a kit designed for professional dismounting of deep groove ball bearings and radial shaft seals, enabling easy, fast and...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 10 - 30 t | SCP series

The SCP range of self-contained hydraulic pullers offers a choice of 3
models, each with integral...

bearing puller - 10 - 50 t | ACP series

The ACP heavy duty, auto-centering hydraulic puller kit range offers a choice of
4 models, with capacities from 10 to 50 tonnes....

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm / 2 two claws / self-centering - 4.5 - 50 t | PKS series

The PKS heavy duty hydraulic puller range is designed for removing stubborn parts such as wheels, gears,

hydraulic bearing puller / 2 two claws / multifunctional / self-centering - 10 - 50 t | PKC series

The PKC heavy duty, multi-purpose hydraulic puller kit range is
extremely versatile and includes 2-way and 3-way grip pullers
(as detailed on page...

bearing puller - J4041

Uses toggle-type action to grip onto...

manual bearing puller / self-centering / three-arm / 2 two claws - J4217


bearing puller - ET-1071A

Designed to engage either below or on the the sides of the cable...

bearing puller - ET-1071A

Either manual or
hydraulic. For extra
force and
convenience, use a

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - 5 - 50 t

Hydraulic pullers come with a lift plate for ease of transport and lifting. In addition, ram points of different sizes are available for a variety of applications.


bearing puller - 100 t

• Quickly remove or install tapered roller bearings.
• Designed with cooperation...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm - AH series

REHOBOT hydraulic pullers are designed for tough industrial applications and are available in sizes from 5 ton to 44 ton.

The rugged design will make this a work-horse for many years to come. The benefits of a hydraulic puller,...

hydraulic bearing puller / three-arm / 2 two claws / self-centering - EP59

An express puller is a amazing tool. It can be used for such different and heavy jobs like mounting and dismounting joints, gear wheels, bearings and many other applications....

manual bearing puller / self-centering / 2 two claws / three-arm - 682/5

material: special tool steel
drop forged, entirely hardened...


How to choose this product


A bearing puller is used to install or remove a bearing. While configuration and size differ, the principle remains the same. The shaft holding the bearing is used as a support point to pull or push the bearing into place.


Depending on configuration, such devices can be used to install as well as to remove bearings.


These tools have two, three or more claw-like arms which grasp the bearing to be installed or removed. There are manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and inertial versions.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the size of the bearing and whether it is mounted internally or externally.

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