air blower / side-channel / single-stage / single-phase
air blower
DB series

Operating pressure: 76 mbar - 200 mbar
Nominal power: 0.2 kW - 1.75 kW

Dutair blowers are used worldwide for their highly reliable operation in the usual fixed frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz. The technical specifications comprise a range from 30 to 80 Hz in 10 Hz steps which makes Dutair blowers ...

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Sjerp & Jongeneel
air blower / radial / single-stage / high-pressure
air blower

Flow rate: 360 l/min
Operating pressure: 8,300 Pa

High performance in a minimum of space: The U-line features high speeds, dynamic switching and minimal noise. These precision products, ideal for high-pressure applications, are designed primarily for the medical field.

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air blower / rotary / single-stage / cooling
air blower
AIDA 16-19-21-26000

Flow rate: 960 m³/h - 1,560 m³/h
Operating pressure: 2 bar
Nominal power: 21 kW - 39 kW

... and between each rotor and the blower housing. Since the tolerances are very tight it is an absolute requirement to prevent the intrusion of an external solid element into the pumping chamber. Therefore the AIDA blower ...

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air blower / centrifugal / single-stage / three-phase
air blower

Flow rate: 0 ft³/min - 399 ft³/min
Nominal power: 15 ch

Model: AB-1000 Max. Flow (CFM): 399 Max. Pressure (inches H2O): 248 Max. Vacuum (inches H2O): 158 Voltage/Phase: 220-275/380-480 Three Phase Horsepower: 15 Material of Construction: Cast Aluminum Decibels: 80

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Atlantic Blowers, LLC
air blower / single-stage
air blower

... up to 6 IN conduit Portable, lightweight blower has shoulder strap to make it easy to carry and allow the operator to have both hands free Efficient, includes the Mighty Mouser blow gun for fast, easy line blowing

air blower / side-channel / single-stage / high-pressure
air blower

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 600 m³/h
Operating pressure: 0 Pa - 65,000 Pa
Nominal power: 0 kW - 4.6 kW

Blowers are suitable for all those applications requiring a level pressure higher than that which can be reached using a centrifugal fan. The rotating parts... SEKO is glad present the new series of side channel blowers.. These ...

air blower / radial / single-stage / compact
air blower

Flow rate: 0 ft³/min - 4,000 ft³/min

NYB Compact Pressure Blowers are designed for low-capacity, low-pressure industrial processes such as glove boxes, combustion air, dust collection, fume control,. carbon systems, quench cooling, oven exhaust and conveying. ...

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air blower / rotary / single-stage / ATEX
air blower

Flow rate: 0 m³/s - 7 m³/s
Operating pressure: 0 Pa - 100,000 Pa

... produce vacuum pressure up to 1000 to -500 mabr. It is an innovative addition with capacity up to 25.000 m3/h RBS and rotating blower with 3 special contour lobes to easily adjust with the LOW-PULSE system after necessary ...

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Gardner Denver srl - Divisione Robuschi
air blower / centrifugal / single-stage / with electric actuator
air blower

Nominal power: 30 ch - 40 ch

3 HP FINES BLOWER 3 HP electric moto mounted on swivel base 10 HP ELECTRIC CHIP BLOWER 10 HP electric motor mounted on a swivel base with single "S" pipe Fanspeed 1,800 RPM 7 tons per hour capadty Self ...

ionizing air blower / centrifugal / single-stage
ionizing air blower

Nominal power: 50 W - 250 W

... Model 935 Ionising Blower provides effective long range ionisation over a large area. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The Model 935 comprises an ionisation head and an ...

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Meech International
air blower / centrifugal / single-stage / regenerative
air blower
R1 series

Flow rate: 39, 46 m³/h
Operating pressure: 52, 71 mbar
Nominal power: 0.09 kW

... R1 Series can be mounted in any plane, which provides flexibility when mounting or integrating the blower into an OEM system. In addition, these blowers have very few moving parts and no wearing components, ...

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air blower / centrifugal / single-stage
air blower
GA series

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 1 m³/h
Operating pressure: 50 Pa - 385 Pa

Blowers rotate fans to cool the inside of office automation (OA) equipment by directing heat outside. These motors are used for such applications as the OA equipment in which a stronger airflow is required for cooling ...

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air blower / centrifugal / single-stage / drive
air blower

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 850 m³/h
Operating pressure: 0 mbar - 257 mbar
Nominal power: 2.2 kW - 5.6 kW

Republic's smallest centrifugal blower, the RB500 is robust and hard-working. With capacities up to 500 cfm, this blower can reach up to 103 inches of water for pressure and 80 inches of water for vacuum, ...

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Republic Manufacturing
hot air blower / single-stage / axial / drying
hot air blower

Flow rate: 500 l/min
Operating pressure: 3,000 Pa
Nominal power: 2,700 W - 3,400 W

Powerful, ergonomic, flexible Stepless temperature adjustment up to 650°C. Powerful with ergonomic handle, for different applications. Perfect for shrinking, drying, soldering, heating, welding, activating and bending. Voltage V ...

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BAK Thermoplastic Welding Technology Ltd.
air blower / side-channel / single-stage
air blower

... occur in applications where it is necessary to keep the blower operating during periods of very small demand - periods that may call for as little as 10 to 20% of rated volume output of the blower.

air blower / centrifugal / multi-stage
air blower

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 200,000 m³/h

... felt conditioning on paper, board, tissue and pulp machines, TURBAIR® is available as a single blower with vacuum level up to 55Kpa, or as a multi-stage blower with maximum four different vacuum levels ...

air blower / radial / single-stage
air blower
RAF 1600/2500 Radial Blower

Operating pressure: 7,700 Pa - 9,300 Pa
Nominal power: 7.5, 15 kW

RAF 1600/2500 are single stage direct driven radial blowers for less demand ing pressure applications such as fume extraction. Th e blowers are equipped with vibration isolators and silenced enclosure. ...

air blower / radial / single-stage
air blower
54 db(A)

Radial ventilator, quiet, with thermostatic switch, 54 db(A) Self-cooling A/C motor connection DN 75 Voltage 230 V, Frequency 50/60Hz VDMA 24169/T1-compliant machine directiv/EMV/CE

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Dueperthal Sicherheitstechnik
air blower / side-channel / single-stage / aluminum
air blower

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 50 m³/h
Operating pressure: 0 mbar - 75 mbar

The construction of the side channel blowers is based on the lateral ducts principle. The blowers can operate either as exhauster or compressor fans and are designed for continuous service. Full die-cast ...

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side-channel blower / air / single-stage / oil-free
side-channel blower
SC-F series

Flow rate: 164, 270, 510, 1,000 m³/h
Operating pressure: 22,000, 30,000, 42,000, 38,000, 28,000 Pa
Nominal power: 1,500 W - 15,000,000 W

... independent cooling system (only FC version). The fan voltage of 230/400V 100Hz or 400V 100Hz (depending on the motor power). Use of a motor with independent cooling system ensures wide-range control of fan ...

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air blower / centrifugal / single-stage
air blower
CBL series

Flow rate: 5 m³/min - 95 m³/min
Nominal power: 0 kW - 1.1 kW

Air suction and ventilation in closed rooms (toilets, kitchen, engine room and other compartiments). Direction to specify on order: LD (left direction) RD (right direction).

air blower / side-channel / single-stage
air blower
ESC-101 series

Nominal power: 0.28, 0.25 kW

The performance curves are tested under atmospheric pressure and air temperature at 15°C. The tolerance is ±10%.

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ionizing air blower / single-stage / charge detection ionizer
ionizing air blower
VAG 800

ANTISTATIC FANS VAG 800 TYPE It is suitable to clean and neutralize electrostatic changes with a longer radius.

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Martignoni Elettrotecnica
air blower / side-channel / single-stage / for boilers
air blower

INDUSTRIAL SIDE CHANNEL BLOWERS FOR GAS AND AIR BOOSTING APPLICATIONS: Biogas boosting (in waste water plants, landfill and anaerobic digestion processes) Gas and air boosting for boilers and burners Waste water treatment ...

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air blower / centrifugal / single-stage
air blower

Flow rate: 200 ft³/min - 231,000 ft³/min
Operating pressure: 21,000, 14,000 Pa

Operated in broad range of fan applications, typically in ducted systems. Versatile construction options allow use in environments that require spark resistance, high temperature tolerance, or resistance to corrosive ...

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