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UV bulb - 14 - 16

Bio-Fighter® Lightstick

Offering a pioneering blend of low voltage operation and all-internal installation, the Bio-Fighter® Lightstick marks a new breed of germicidal UV system. All new 24V power supply...

UV bulb - 14

All new 24V power supply mounts inside air handler control panel and connects remotely to a water-resistant UV lamp for a fast, simple installation. Multiple...

UV bulb - 120 - 240 V | BIO-FIGHTER® NOMAD/NOMAD2

Bio-Fighter® Nomad & Nomad 2

Surface mounted UV-C applications demand installation flexibility and the Bio-Fighter® Nomad delivers one of the most flexible chassis designs available. The multi-input voltage power supply,...

LED bulb / multi-color / with remote control - 5 W


1) 1*5W High power LEDs;
2) Base: E27,GU10,MR16;
3) Muti-color changing(16 colors)
4) Dimmable;
5) Input voltage: 90-260VAC ;12VAC/DC;

spot bulb / LED - 3W , GU10 , Φ50×47

Model: ENRLA-1P3WMR16-01
Apply to homes, shopping centers, conference rooms, display counters lighting and...

LED bulb - AR111/QR111, G53, 9W

Apply to homes, shopping centers, conference rooms, display counters lighting and decoration, usually install LED in the AR111(G53) spotlight case....

LED bulb - ENSL-02

Round design body focus the light into 180/360 degree beam angle. This product mainly used in street,corridor,plaza,garden ,park,and other outdoor bussiness place lightings,etc

Model Number:...

spot bulb / LED - SMD

As the financial crisis, some of ENELTEC's customers ask for SMD LED Spot Lights for indoors, the lumen output is not...

spot bulb / LED - SMD

Bayonet, screw, wedge base, flange, bi-pin, wire terminal, groove and more

With VCCs broad product line of incandescent indicator lamps, miniature...

LED bulb - max. 800 lm | A19 Series

The Cree LED A19 bulbs produce luminous flux up to 800 lumens in two conditions of light : warm - 2700K and cool - 5000K. The A19 bulbs absorb 84 % less...

LED bulb - 650 lm | BR30 Series

The BR30 Series is an LED bulb manufactured by Cree. It is suitable for recessed cans or track lighting.


LED bulb - 600 lm | LBR Series

The LBR Series by Cree is a BR 30 LED lamp which features its exceptional performance giving out 600 lm, having a 94CRI light...

LED bulb - 600 - 1000 lm | LRP Series

The LRP Series PAR38 LED lamp features 600 or 1000 lumens of exceptional 94 CRI light to get the 50 lumens per watt. To get this advance performance, you...

LED bulb - 464 - 620 lm | LM Series

The LM Series LED MR16 lamp provides 2 wattages of 7W and 9W with a halogen equivalent of 35W MR16 and 50W MR16 which provides one LED source to transfer the lumens'equivalent...

LED bulb - BA9s

Domo LED Lamps BA9s offer high visibility. Their latest design incorporates micro SMD circuit...

LED bulb - T5,5

The LED Lamp T5 consists of 5 telephonic...

LED bulb - T5,5k

DOMO's T5,5k Telephonic LED Lamps feature integrated resistance levels, prolonged service lifespans,...

LED bulb - LED E10

The E 10 by Domo are LED lamps which offers the latest design for low electricity...

LED bulb - BA7s

The Domo high visibility BA7s LED lamps are suitable for direct connection to AC or...

LED bulb - 12 V | ULED 11

Steca ULEDs are compact LEDs for 12 V DC applications The stable glass-ceramic...

LED bulb - 12 V | ULED 11

Mobile phone key pads

classic bulb / LED - GLDY series

Delta's Bulbs are retrofit to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) with E26/E27 screw base and with built-in universal (100~240VAC)...

LED bulb / high-power - MR16 series

With 85 CRI, Delta's MR16-comptiable LED lamp is the most ideal energy saving replacement for your current...

LED bulb / for warning lights - ø 142 mm, 12 - 50 V

LED obstruction light certified in accordance with German BMVBS...

LED bulb / for warning lights - 10 - 32 cd, IP66

This range of Obstacle Lights have been designed to offer a more cost effective option for compliance to the low intensity ICAO regulations. The 10...

LED bulb / for warning lights - 10 - 32 cd, IP66

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call (800) 421-6815 for immediate assistance.T-1 ¾ Sub-Miniature Lamp, Single Chip
T-1 ¾ Sub-Miniature Lamp, Socket and...

LED bulb / for warning lights - 10 - 32 cd, IP66

ATLB3W20 is environment-friendly, energy-saving and has long service life. It can replace traditional bulbs directly and also can be used in family, hotel, stores and other...

LED bulb - 12 - 230 V | LEDX

Retro-fit LED Lamp - B15d

Only 25mm in diameter, using latest...

halogen bulb / miniature - 55 W, 12 V

H1 12V 55W Halogen Bulb

Type: 448


How to choose this product


The electric light bulb produces visible light when an electric current is applied.


Light bulbs are used not only for lighting but also for illuminated signs.


The incandescent bulb was the first type invented. The electric current heats a filament to high temperature. To prevent the filament burning, it was enclosed in a bulb filled with a gas or in which a vacuum had been created. This very inefficient technology is slowly being replaced by two new technologies: compact fluorescents and LEDs. These two systems employ fluorescence and the electroluminescence of semiconductors to produce light much more efficiently.

How to choose

Bulb choice is based on socket type and desired amount of light.

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